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Le Pen
24th Nov 2001, 19:45
Hello all,

Mrs. LP was 40 two weeks ago and I think she is having a crisis (I will be 40 next year and already I'm having symptoms - shortness of breath etc.).

Right upto the last moment she was calm and collected, then, the night before..... Well, I can't begin to tell you what it was like. Suffice to say she cried herself to sleep! And now I cant even talk to her!

OK then ladies and girls out there.... What can you tell me to help her get over this??? If youve been through it, about to go through it or will be there in 20 years, I would love to hear any advice or thoughts.

Thanks in advance

Le Pen

24th Nov 2001, 21:17
Le Pen,

As someone who is set to hit the big 4 0 next December, I would say to Mrs.LP that this is where the fun begins!

As for you, well, you could keep telling her how beautiful and sexy she is, and how much you love her, because you obviously do.

It is a bit scary for a woman to reach that age, but I think that women are staying younger these days than ever before. sounds like Mrs. LP needs a bloody good night out with the girls......

My words may not help a lot, but my intentions are sincere.

:) :) :)

24th Nov 2001, 21:25
Le Pen, look at her with unadulterated lust/desire. Book a weekend away with her and do your best mate. Go for it. :)

25th Nov 2001, 15:04
"do your best mate...."

I reckon the wife might take a dim view of that ... and your best mate might be a bit surprised too :eek:

Joking aside, LP, I can assure you it doesn't hurt a bit. Check out the thread Forty Years (http://www.pprune.org/cgibin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=4&t=004784) from last August...

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25th Nov 2001, 15:09

Trade her for 2 twenty year old girls.

You have your right to a mid-life crises, right? She will understand.

25th Nov 2001, 18:31

Your sensitivity is simply astounding.
One can only assume it is your culture that makes you such a menk. :mad:

25th Nov 2001, 20:22
From a woman who's been there, it's not scary, it's great. You can have as much fun as before, and the confidence to really enjoy it. I had a HUGE party for my 40th, and then just sorta carried on, and on, and on. Once she realises this...maybe you'd better keep a lookout that she doesn't go get herself a toy boy. :D

Making sure women are scared of reaching 40 is a male conspiracy girls!

25th Nov 2001, 21:14
I have been debating with myself whether to contribute to this thread and decided I should. I turned 40 a couple of years ago and as always was delighted to have another birthday! Now and again I feel surprised to be so old in years as I definitely don't feel it (and, no, I am not someone pretending she is younger than she is!).

Part of the problem here, Le Pen, seems to stem from your own attitude. First, the title of this thread is "Old Wife" ... EXCUUUUUUUUSE ME? My mother who died recently at the age of 88 (from cancer, not old age) still delighted in being an Ancient Brit - never really appeared "old". So quit speaking of your wife as old. Second...you admit to experiencing physical symptoms of panic at the thought of yourself turning 40. What is the big deal? Maybe both of you just need to decide which mutual dream (holiday or skill-learning or experience) you haven't done yet and plan to do it ... maybe you could both go to a country hotel with facilities (health farm, golf course, horse-riding or anything that amuses y'all). I think you guys should rejoice that you have your health, you have each other and you are likely to live another 40 years so get planning what you are going to do with that time!! :D

25th Nov 2001, 22:46

"My culture makes me such a menk?"

Aye, you mean lack of culture surely?

What is the matter with you? No sense of humor at all?

Does one have to plaster up a collection of smileys to show you this is a joke?

How long have you been hanging out in JetBlast?
Do you take all the stuff you read at face value, then get angry because you don't understand that folks are blowing hot air?
Aye, I rest my case, you watch your blood-pressure :D :D :D :D :D

(Happy now? Many smileys...That means, relax take a deep breath, chil...)

tony draper
25th Nov 2001, 23:30
Bah!, you can keep them skinny young bints that adorn the magazine covers now, Draper always found older women much more attractive.
Ladies don't develop that certain glow until they are least 36, the naughty sparkle in the eyes appears at forty, along with that dirty throaty laugh.
The great beauties of the last half century are all over forty now, and still leave the new lot standing.
Can't think of a single one that comes near to say Sofia Loren or Liz Taylor in they're forties, perhaps Sigornie Weaver(sp)and she's over forty now.

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26th Nov 2001, 03:24
Aye Mr. Draper, I can see the point about older womanfolk.
I must admit that most of my wifes as well as my sister and mother have been older than me.

On the other hand, uh I would not use Liz Taylor as an example of how they "mature".

The deep throaty laugh, as you surely know, comes from too much gin and cigarettes. When that state is combined with deep seated lust, yes, then the rumbling laugh is indeed a turn-on.

26th Nov 2001, 04:08
perhaps marge could help you with this problem
when she turns up again :)

26th Nov 2001, 10:04
Le Pen

Please reassure Mrs Le Pen.

My own partner is 31, gorgeous, and a pilot to boot. I have reached the ripe old age of 46.

So, you can tell her ....

Hang on, that's not right.

No, don't tell her after all!

26th Nov 2001, 13:59

Regarding my lack of sense of hunour?
As an almost Scouse person. I do in fact have a sense of humour.....
But sometimes I am serious about things.
To me, Mrs. Le Pen's feelings matter a great deal.....
So grin your face off matey, I couldnt give a toss what you think of me. :D :D :D

the wizard of auz
26th Nov 2001, 16:46
Can one of you oldies please tell me, what the hell is a Menk? ;)
first one to tell me I am, gets a free poke in the eye.

gravity victim
26th Nov 2001, 16:56
It is well known that the best ten years of a woman's life are between 29 and 30 ;)

So, if Mrs le Pen thinks about it, she is probably nowhere near 40 and can relax.

26th Nov 2001, 19:31
A menk..........its a pillock, a ****...you know?

Its a scouse term


Biggles Flies Undone
26th Nov 2001, 19:45
Women are wonderful. All of them :) Every age group has its attractions, but I have to say that (speaking from experience born of age) ladies in their 40’s have a wonderful combination of experience, common sense and a certain knowledge of what they really want.

Le Pen – you should tell your lady to relax and enjoy. ( After all – Le Pen is mightier than Le Sword ;) )

(really can't get the hang of the UBB code thingy - must be my age ;) )

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26th Nov 2001, 19:47
Okay, okay Biggles - you can stop creeping to Flaps now! :D :rolleyes:

26th Nov 2001, 19:54
Of course the other thing about older women is they are also grateful.

And yes this is a joke.

Biggles Flies Undone
26th Nov 2001, 20:02
As it happens, Huggy, I know several lady PPRuNers in that age range and they are all wonderful :D ( Although I do have one special favourite ;) )

26th Nov 2001, 21:04
Can't help but agree on your first post BFU!

And remember, you're only as old as the woman you feel........

Augustus Finknottle
28th Nov 2001, 14:33
I'm with Tower Dog - trade her in for two 20 year olds - just stay away from cart tarts. You never know what you might catch. :eek:

Tech Chick - Anyone that has to live in Liverpool would need a sense of humour. :D

29th Nov 2001, 17:05
Le Pen...

Ditch the bitch!!!

Having read some of your previous posts its obvious that you love her. If she cant cope with it dump her.... That ought to make her see sense.


Tricky Woo
29th Nov 2001, 17:48
Le Pen,

There's a lot to be said for simply shagging your wife senseless at least twice a day. Does wonders for a woman's self-esteem, I think you'll find.

I hope that helps.

On a separate subject: that TechChick sounds a bit on the volatile side, even for an 'almost' Scouser. Why the 'almost', anyway? Is it the opposite of a 'near miss' which is really a 'near hit'. Confusing, that. Is she almost not a scouser, and really, really proud of it? I know I would be.

It could explain her 'almost' sense of humour.

These sorts of logical puzzles can keep me amused for hours.


29th Nov 2001, 19:03
Theres nothing wrong with scousers, ask Danny. :D

Tricky Woo
29th Nov 2001, 19:40

That answers my question: you're 'almost' not a Scouser, or you'd never say that.

As for that Danny Fyne; read the blue writing on the top-left of my post, just under my name.


30th Nov 2001, 01:04
Well I reckon that Whirlybird is on the right track .... mind U she would be she comes from Wales which has more than its fair share of luvverly ladies.

Nah, just seen an 82 year old lady on the telly who looked very elegant and about 50 and still enjoyed an active 'life'.

40 is a breeze, tell her not to even think about it, life is just beginning at that age, not only do you know what you want, you know what to do with it when you get there.

Bio Warrior
1st Dec 2001, 14:21
Well I never Penn I never realized Mrs Penn was anywhere close to 40 she certainly doesn't look anywhere near that old from the pic of her I've seen. Tell Mrs Penn from me that I hope I look as good, and that I have as nice a husband and children, when I arrive at that birthday

- Bio Kitten

Le Pen
1st Dec 2001, 14:36
Thanks to all who have replied :D .

Mrs LP is the most wonderful woman I have EVER met.

Looking after 3 kids while I'm swanning off all over the world Takes something special. There are times when, in effect, she's a single mum!

Reddo, Techchick, Whirly, brockenspectre, Bio infact all of you who have replied. There isn't a day that goes by with out me telling her how much I love her (thanks to BA's phones, mostly!).

Anyway, she has recovered from her crisis and has come out the other side stronger, smarter (if thats possable) and sexier than ever before!

Thanks again to you all.

Brilliant advice as always Reddo
:D :D :D

Love you all

Le Pen

1st Dec 2001, 20:06

You ARE a sad old git!!!

Still, well said :D

Guess she's worth keeping ;)

BTW Do you work for BA? Do I know you?