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24th Nov 2001, 15:45
How does Mr Draper find time to do all the thousands of postings? :D :cool: :rolleyes:

tony draper
24th Nov 2001, 16:07
Because he is independently weathly and has servants to do all his work.
Na na na naaa na. ;)

24th Nov 2001, 16:34

Only kiddin, Mr. D ;)

Feeton Terrafirma
24th Nov 2001, 18:57
Mr Draper,
can you please provide a few tips on becoming independently wealthy? I would like to give it a try to see how it differs from abject poverty (when I couldn't afford to get pished more than once a week)

Pls Mr Draper....???

24th Nov 2001, 20:21
Mr. Draper: Can one conclude from the above that you did find that treasure??

If so, uh I need a new Harley.
Prefer red.


Your Friend TowerDog.