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8th Apr 2004, 13:29
smokers only

Yes I know it is bad for you, I have tried and tried but my mind set is not quite right at present.

Anyhow having got thoroughly pi$$ed off at the tax incurred here in the UK when purchasing the deadly weed I decided to try out one of these on-line half price cigarette outlets.

Filled out the on-line form, coughed up £55.00 last Thursday.

This Tuesday a strange package arrived wrapped in plain brown paper purporting to be from my previously unknown sister, Helena Candoo, living somewhere in St Miguel, Spain.

Inside were two cartons of lovely Marlboro - if you take off the postage (7 Euros) they cost me £50 compared to the nearly £100 here.

Fantastic - they do work (i.e. light up and have the desired effect), they are cheap, they arrived very quickly, and as an added bonus I cannot understand the health warning (in Portugese). They cost the vendor 23.50 Euros each so he is still making a nice little profit. (also he claims 50% of his profits go to a charity - cannot remember the name).

Am I legal? Anyone else doing this and been caught?

Experiences/comments welcome.

8th Apr 2004, 13:42
Legal? I doubt it.

You could compare it to bringing in 50,000€ from switzerland to sweden and expect it not to be taxed... :sad:

I´ve never had somebody "mail" me cigarettes, I have allthough had friends bring me cigarettes from tax free shops. I also buy a few cartons of cigarettes when I go on vacation somewhere (for ex. Greece, 1 pack Marlboro 2.20€).

Cigarettes here in Austria aren´t very expencive compared to other european countries, 1 pack Marlboro 3.40€.


8th Apr 2004, 13:45
I had thought of buying my addiction - Café Crèmes online too. In France at least, the law is quite clear. I can quite legally go across to San Remo in Italy, buy upto 4 cartons of cigarettes (or 1/2 that of my cigarillos) and drive back into France with them entirely legally provided they are for my personal consumption. (Café Crèmes are just as expensive in Italy however :{ ). However, because the French government through its' state operating company Seita is the sole legal supplier of tobacco products in France, buying any tobacco products online from outside of France (makes no difference if it's another EU country) and having these delivered is completely illegal. So much for the EU's "free movement of goods and people" ideal. About the same for the EU's stance on monopolies...

8th Apr 2004, 15:41
It is from a shop - tax paid in country of origin and shipped by a third party so in my humble opinion should be OK considering the free trade issues.

BUT - secretary in my office had ciggies stopped on route and a nasty threatening letter from Her Majesty's Customs saying it was not legal.

Where does it stop can I ship in my petrol from the States at a reasonable couple of bucks a gallon compared to the over $7 we pay here - wanna start a consortium?

I'm sure there are restrictions but interesting as we seem to allow "foreigners" to take advantage of our generous health and benefit schemes amongst other things.