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Lu Zuckerman
24th Nov 2001, 06:07
First the Americans gave England tobacco. Then they gave them corn (maize). McDonalds Hamburgers and other types of fast foods followed this. Now they have exported from America to England Crappuchino


Wed Nov 21 2001 10:22:30 ET Coffee drinkers are going bananas over a brew that's made of MONKEY DUNG.

Brits are flooding exclusive US stockists with orders for the brew, called Kopi Luwak, made from coffee berries that have passed through the digestive system of Indonesian monkeys. Unlucky coffee plantation staff have to search through the dung to gather the bizarre "harvest" of coffee berries, which are said to emerge virtually intact.

Experts reckon the monkey business gives the drink a unique "earthy" taste, which has made it the most expensive and sought-after coffee in the world. It is in such short supply - just 500 lbs. of it is harvested a year - that it is virtually impossible to get hold of in Britain and has only limited availability in the States and Japan.

Experts say the brew first came to light hundreds of years ago, when explorers sampled it on the Indonesian isles of Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi.

The monkey - known as the Palm Toddy Cat - lives on a diet of alcoholic tree sap and coffee berries.

US-based food and drink critic Chris Rubin said:

"Whether it's because the intestinal juices give some special flavour or because it eats only perfectly ripe berries, the Toddy Cat's droppings produce what many say is the world's finest coffee."

Some exclusive US outlets sell Kopi Luwak for around a FIVER a cup.

US Coffee supplier Mark Mountanos has snapped up 110 lbs. of the beans.

He said: "We've had interest from all over the world because it is very hard to get hold of."

US coffee shop owner Richard Karno ordered a pound from Mark's firm - but only after he convinced him it wasn't a joke.

He said: "It's the best coffee I've ever tasted. It smells musty, but it roasts up real nice."

24th Nov 2001, 06:34
Anyone reminded of the "cappuccino" coffee served in the trenches by Blackadder's Baldrick? :D Not sure I'd want to pay that much for the priviledge of drinking something that's been through a monkey - I've already drunk far cheaper brews that I was convinced was [email protected]

24th Nov 2001, 15:14
My initial reaction to this was that it must be an urban rumour - but after a little research (but, apparently rather more than the Daily Star has done) it appears to be true.

However, the animal that performs this - er - valuable service to mankind isn't a monkey.

So much for the Daily Star.

The Luwak is a variety of civet, which is a marsupial.

tony draper
24th Nov 2001, 15:20
If someone managed to freezedry whale sh*t, tout it as a luxury food, and charge 500 quid a ounce, people would buy it because it was 500 quid a ounce, we are a strange species. :(

24th Nov 2001, 21:18
What does whale sh*t look like , as their diet is very high in liquid ( all that krill and stuff) I imagine the poo would be a little on the runny side. I am going to marine land for a kids Christmas party , I will be sure to ask the animal trainer what killer whale poop is like. I will report back in early December. I am sure the humpback and blue whales have entirely different crap. http://whale.wheelock.edu/archives/ask97/0486.html

for fasciniating info on whales digestive systems

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tony draper
24th Nov 2001, 21:26
Watch those killerwhales Mr W, or you may experience first hand what its like to be whale sh*t. :eek:

Squawk 8888
24th Nov 2001, 22:39
Given that yuppies are willing to pay a premium for "organically grown" produce that is buried in raw manure and soaked with nicotine, it's hardly surprising that they'll pay a mint for fresh-brewed monkey poop.

25th Nov 2001, 23:59
wrt Widgeons question, I believe that the manganese nodules found on the deep sea floor are formed around objects including tin cans, whale bones and whale faeces, although I would agree that toothed whales are likely to have different products compared to baleen whales

tony draper
26th Nov 2001, 00:12
Worth a few bob them nodules, if you can figure out a way of sucking them up Mr Mycroft ;)
ps, They were thought to take millions of years to form, must have been a shock to cut one open, and find a precambrian coke can in there. ;)

Per Ardua Ad Asda
27th Nov 2001, 01:03
...no doubt with "Best before the end of the Silurian" stamped on the base....

Prof. Draper, you sound like a Rock-Doc. Would those trilobites you mentioned happen to be 'Paradoxides paradoxisimus'?
(I always thought that a wonderful name for a fossil - but it did lead to some doubt as to whether the person responsible for it's naming truly knew what it was!).

tony draper
27th Nov 2001, 02:10
Not Sure Mr A,Didn't collect it with my own grubby little hands, but I do think it was a welsh trilboite,brought back for Draper by a relative, haven't layed eyes on it for years and in truth it was a bit squished, did find a great ammonite myself, remember the thrill of that.
Draper's greatest triumph was to find a peachy geode(sp) just two days after he had first read about them,picked up a rock on the beach and thought, hello ,looks and feels like one of them rocks wot Draper just read about, sure enough hollow and full of crystals, not much colour though, still got that lying about somewhere,.
With luck like that Draper knew life would be down hill from then on. ;) ;)