View Full Version : They have met their Waterloo...

Ric Capucho
8th Apr 2004, 08:58
Waterloo (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/3608923.stm)


tony draper
8th Apr 2004, 09:06
Yumping Yiminee! thats a shame, one liked abba,especially the red headed lady,most chaps liked the blonde one, but not Drapes.
Don't think there will be any shortage of recording facilities though, every spottyfaced nurk that geta record in the top hundred immediatly blows half a mil on kit and builds a studio in the cellar only for it to remain silent, untill the bailifs collect it.

The electronic recording kit producing industry relies on this strange phenomenon for half their turnover

Ric Capucho
8th Apr 2004, 09:16
We are not 'most chaps', Herr D.

We also had a strong fondness for the tubby red-headed quarter of that quartet. We always thought she was the sexy one, even if she did steal the skinny blonde's food.

One of those beards was poking the redhead, and t'other t'other. We forget the exact combination of hokey-pokey, but we seethed with jealousy when we found out. We were only nine at the time, and ill-prepared for the emotional shock.

From then on, we had a falling out with redheads in general, which is why I married a blonde.


8th Apr 2004, 09:25
Yes, fully concur gents. The curvacious Red-head was the one that
lit one's candle. I mean I wouldn't have said ney to the Blondie, but if one had a choice, it would have been Anni-Frid hands down.
born in 45 she is of a somewhat similar vintage too!. Ahhh ....
THOSE were the days.

8th Apr 2004, 12:14
After years of being a hermit on the frozen wastes of that northern part Europe near where Santy has his warehouses, it appears the blondie one is trying to elbow her way back into the charts with "If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind" (http://www2.hmv.co.uk/hmvweb/displayProductDetails.do?ctx=280;-1;-1;-1&sku=171928) and she's still a looker. In fact the lard hipped red head seems to have been in the gym recently and lost a few pounds.


8th Apr 2004, 12:55
DM went to Sweden on holiday back in..uummm....1977???
(DM was...uh 14 and both Anni-Frid and Agnetha did things for me :O forget the colour of the hair...they were female!:ok: )

Visiting friends there, they gave DM and his sister an ABBA Album - "Arrival".
Friends said it was a "special" version.

Didn't think much of it.....apparently it has an extra track "Fernando" that wasn't released on albums anywhere except Oz + NZ.

One used to know all the words to every track on arrival. :ugh: :{

Could pro'lly recall them now - if the music played.....how sad is that. :rolleyes:

8th Apr 2004, 13:06
Agnetha (the Blond one) was IMHO the most sexiest female singer ever (and still is). I just could not keep my eyes off her (@ss). A perfect mix between innocence and sexy looks. Annifried attraction to me was comparable with the one of a coffee pot.

8th Apr 2004, 13:33
The red haired one, Anni-Freid, was on the TV last night.

Just to confuse everyone, she is now blonde!;)

Noah Zark.
8th Apr 2004, 21:08
Didn't see it myself, but apparently it was uttered on the T.V. this morning (U.K.) that the group had been offered 1 billion to re-form by a (very) rich eastern gentleman.
It seems that it is still very unlikely to happen. (Cries of shame, boo, hiss!) :(