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8th Apr 2004, 07:48
This is the sort of obvious question that you'd think would be easy to find out using Google but not so! (I've tried.)

Can anyone tell me the significance of the name 'Mylcraine' as painted on OFMC's Spitfire G-ASJV/MH424?

I know that the current marks depict the machine flown by Henry 'Pat' Lardner-Burke of 222 Squadron RAF and that the name Mylcraine comes from when he flew it as ZD-B but beyond that I've drawn a blank.

A friend has tried contacting OFMC to find out but got no answer.

Thanks for any clues.

Flying Lawyer
8th Apr 2004, 09:10
MH434 was the personal aircraft of South African fighter ace Flt Lt Henry Lardner-Burke DFC (1916-1970) - seven and a half kills, three damaged, retiring as a Wing Commander.
He had his wife's name 'Mylcraine' painted on the aircraft.

8th Apr 2004, 10:33
Thanks very much for that - I'd assumed that Mylcraine was a surname, it didn't occur to me that this might not have been the case.

Mystery solved.

Flying Lawyer
8th Apr 2004, 12:26
On reflection, perhaps I should have waited for CamelPilot, our illustrious Moderator, to answer.
I happen to know he was enjoying a guided tour of MH434 at the OFMC this morning. ;)

8th Apr 2004, 19:49
Not at all FL. You have, as usual, put it more succinctly than I -and I did ask the question and received the answer exactly as you have given.

It was a delight to have the aeroplane to ourselves as it were, and to be treated with such attention was wonderful. It made the events of the past few days slip into the background for a while as my grandson and I had an aviation day together.

And this is my grandson enjoying MH434