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7th Apr 2004, 22:59
Hi folks!

Great to see those infamous meninblack, The Stranglers have a new single out on Monday in the UK. 'Long Black Veil' has already been made BBC R2 single of the week so let's see if anymore MiB fans will come out the closet to hail the genius music of those butchered old men!

Keep ya eyes peeled for the Jonathan Woss show soon. ;)


7th Apr 2004, 23:18
I've not heard the new release yet. Is the band still the original line up, or is it a hash up of oldies and new members?


7th Apr 2004, 23:23
I still think it's not right that Status Quo have the same moniker after Lancaster and Spud left:confused:


7th Apr 2004, 23:30
3/4 of the original line up 419.

Huge Cornball left back in 1990 after he basically got fed up with JJ Burnel being a hard bastrad. JJ tried to stay friends but Hugh was more interested in larging it down the Groucho Club than mixing it with low life Stranglers fans and the band members so that was that. The two parties don't communicate and word on the street is that the status quo will remain for the foreseeable future. After Hugh left, Paul Roberts was recruited to replace him and 14 years later is still the lead singer. The guitar parts Hugh did were initially taken by John Ellis of punk band the Vibrators but he left because he too is a girlie shirt-lifting tosspiece, so now we have tough skinheaded Geordie boy Baz Warne strumming the Telecaster.

Their latest album has recieved the best reviews of any Stranglers album ever (yes, even the early stuff!) and this has largely been put down to JJ Burnel taking an active part in the songwriting again (he actually wrote many of the old hits previously sung by Hugh yanno) and Baz Warne's influence giving the band more focus and a harder edge once again. Dave Greenfield's keyboards are back up in the mix for the first time in about 15 years and Jet Black is still there being...... well, Jet Black at the grand old age of 65!


9th Apr 2004, 09:34
I like to see another boy band thread. :O

9th Apr 2004, 10:13
You on manourvres over Easter MiB? :ouch:

It would be great to see the band interviewed on Jonathan Woss on the 26th wouldn't it? Personally, I would love to see Jet Black(L) (http://www.themeninblack.co.uk/gallery/albums/userpics/Covent/normal_JetDave.jpeg) most of all. That guy is a legend. Jet Black to a policeman in 1978:

Jet: "What would you do if I called you a c*** officer?"

Policeman: "Well sir, I would have to arrest you"

Jet: "Alright then, what would you do if I said I only thought you were a c***?"

Policeman: "I couldn't do anything sir"

Jet: "Well then officer, I think you're a c***!"



9th Apr 2004, 12:39

This is an old football conversation between Liverpool's Tommy Smith and a referee.

It has been around since the mid to late 60's.

It is said that Tommy copyrighted it!

9th Apr 2004, 12:45
VFE, don't I know you? Or am I confusing you with someone else who used to go around school back in the mid-'70s calling people "Black B*****ds"?! :* :* :*

9th Apr 2004, 20:34

I am not due to play soldiers over aweekend until the end of April.

I got a copy of Jet Black's book on Ebay last week, autographed as well.


10th Apr 2004, 15:23

I managed to get Jet to sign his book at Cambridge the other week too. Not stuck it on Ebay though. :)


Had a feeling Jet might not have been the orginator of that one. Hey-ho.


What would you do if your Captain walked into the bar wearing a dress? The Stranglers wear black (hence Meninblack) and are known to be mean and moody. Shows where your mind is at doesn't it? Do you feel silly now? :p


10th Apr 2004, 16:18

You need to get down off your soapbox old boy, it's getting a bit tedious having you hijacking threads and crying "racist" like some kind of modern day Spanish Inquisitor. Can I suggest you engage brain before hitting the keyboard in future?


16th Apr 2004, 11:18
VFE - I remember Jonathan Ross once saying he didn't particularly like the Stranglers, but they certainly impressed him on his R2 show a few weeks ago.:ok:
I hope Jet gets a chance to answer back if JR makes any "largist" comments. :E

16th Apr 2004, 12:43
No no no

Huge Cornball left because the thought the Stranglers had nowhere else to go - after all, their music was becoming so mainstream, that they could have easily been played by Terry Wogan. Now, they are a shadow of what they were (although when I saw them in Shephards Bush a few weeks ago, I had a good time). The old skinnyhead on the Tele just played Cornball guitar lines note for note on the old songs and was pretty undistinguished on the new ones. JJB remains the most inspirational bass player outside of funk and thats good although his current multi thousand pound amp set up is nowhere near as abrasive as his Hiwatt 200 and 2 * 4x12 set up, although I understood he blew that up. Greenfield is better now he has cleaned up and Jet is a solid if uninspiring drummer.

Hugh always gave them a seedy edge with songs like 'School Maam ' which was amazing and I used to have a bootleg of 'em doing Peaches at about half the speed they now do it which created such incredible tension. While he was not the best guitarist in the world (and the current skinnyhead is probably all an all round better player), he had the nack of picking the right notes and knowing when silence was the best guitar line.

16th Apr 2004, 17:57
The Stranglers! The first band I saw live, at the Birmingham Odeon in 1981, on the Meninblack tour. Fantastic!

17th Apr 2004, 09:56
Yint - Some of what you say is true, but not all. Hugh did know about the use of silence was was a seedy old [email protected] but . . .

Live in the present, not the past - life is much more rewarding that way

17th Apr 2004, 11:25

Although I sense a strong waft of wind-up in your posts you do appear to be slightly behind the times old chap. The "old skinnyhead" on the Tele' is none other than Baz Warne of previous Stranglers support act 'Smalltown Heroes' and is largely credited with bringing about the resurgence in Stranglers popularity following 'Norfolk Coast'. Some of the strongest tracks on this new album are his own compositions given new life by the existing members Black, Greenfield, Burnel and Roberts. On tour the NC tracks were my favourites and were as well recieved as the older tracks, indicating the present line up is now firmly established in the minds of most.

Baz joined in 2000 after guitarist of 10 years, John Ellis, was booted. He has managed to inject a new impetus of fresh energy to the band and hardcore followers who, unlike you, didn't jump ship when the Cornwell left in 1990, have warmed to him with open arms. Plus he can mix it with a rowdy audience. The guy has talent by the bucket load and it shows but only if you bother to put your preconceived rosy-eyed memories of Cornwell to the back of your mind for a moment and accept the music on it's own merits. It is only music afterall.

On Hugh's last tour he was quite painful to watch. I cringed when, during 'School Mam', he hauled a woman on stage and proceded to mock-spank her! Talk about corny. The Stranglers as sexist tack had played itself out by the mid-eighties but by 1990 it was laughable. Hugh turns the tables these days and pretends that much of the sloganeering and trouble making was down to Burnel and against his wishes. His autobiography is due out in September which will no doubt see him twist the truth and pretend the others were all goading him along and that the only thing people are interested in these days are the riots and his time in Pentonville etc, etc....... :zzz:


18th Apr 2004, 09:37
I sense a strong waft of wind-up in your posts

Why not - it's such good sport ;)

It matter not one iota that the old skinnyhead used to be part of a Stranglers support act. The fact is that while I think he is probably a technically a better player that Cornwall, I think he is less inventive and that the Stranglers are the worse off for that. Having said that, he does cover the old stuff well.
Its the same with John Ellis - technically a better player than Hugh, but a bit of a 'girlie'.

I have not managed to get hold of a copy of Norfolk Coast, but did pick up a copy of Live and Sleazy. The new stuff on L&S is nowhere near as good as the older stuff like Down in the Sewer , but then, maybe that is me listening with a 'Rose Coloured Hearing Aid'.

Still, as you say its only music !!

BTW, what about the Cornballs attempt at acting? That was a success wasn't it


18th Apr 2004, 12:31
Yeah, haha, his acting career really took off didn't it. Just shows the way in which he percieved himself at the time doesn't it? Such a shame that someone so original and eccentric turned into a right ponce.

Watching old videos of Hugh telling audiences to "f*** off" and then watching him at Ally Pally just shows the extent to which he lost the plot. Pretty heartbreaking to be honest. The guy simply fizzled out. Unlike Jet and JJ who became invigorated by the many detractors in the press, Hugh was beaten by them. The final straw was '10' not getting them a tour of America, by all accounts. For a band who chastised celebrities who "make it" stateside, ('Big In America') Hughie didn't half sound a twit when he said missing out on a US tour was enough for him to leave the group! Then he told JJ he didn't want a song on their album which had lyrics: "Jesus Christ wasn't a Christian, he was a good ole Jewish boy" ........because it would upset all the music industry types in America? Nah, it was definately time for him to skidaddle on out.

I know of guys who have met Hugh backstage at his solo gigs and have listened to him slag off the remaining members of the group for 20 minutes at a time. Others claim to have been at a gig where he shouted at someone for going to the toilet halfway through a song! I have a great fondness for Hugh but for me the real Hugh Cornwell died a death in about 1984 when he gave the drugs up. Coincidence? :hmm: