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wat tyler
1st Jul 2001, 22:13
I have an MPEG of a bloke apparently going through the engine of a jet on the deck of a carrier. I have been informed that he survived, but if any of you could confirm this I'd be very grateful.

I could email it to people if there's enough interest.

2nd Jul 2001, 00:42
I've been reliably informed that that the kind of incident described above, happens at least once a year on the US Navy carriers.

And the average age of the crew on the deck is 19!

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2nd Jul 2001, 01:17
If you try to avoid the media dramatisation(you're not a jouralist are you?), the bloke did not actually 'go through the engine', as that would be rather messy. Your various slightly barbeque'd body parts would be left just big enough to make friends with an amoeba.

He got sucked into the inlet, and stopped there. Yes he did survive, was interviewed afterwards and made the news at the time.

2nd Jul 2001, 01:22
Hooray for the revival of Paul Hardcastle's song nininininineteen. ;)

2nd Jul 2001, 09:04
I've seen the clip. You see the flash of the engine surge which saved him. Block the airflow in the intake and the engine surge blows you back out again.

We had a guy sucked into a Conway at Bloody Awful Airways years ago. Although he lost a hand, some fingers on the other hand and became deaf, he survived. His headset knackered the first stage and the resulting surge blew him back out of the intake causing further injury when he hit the ground...

On the same site there is an interesting clip of a truck driving behind a 747 on ground runs. The truck is blown 50 yards sideways then across a breakwater into the harbour. A good illustration of "Jet Blast" doing its worst.

Can't post a link though, because there are pictures of naked body parts on the same site and we don't want to get closed down again, do we?

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Hersham Boy
2nd Jul 2001, 11:15
You could email it to the addy on my profile though, Blacksheep?



gas path
2nd Jul 2001, 12:37
That wouldn't be DB by any chance?

2nd Jul 2001, 17:27

That famous clip is true, the guy survived, however the "Surge" and flash you see are his tools and crainal going thru the engine itself, once that happened the crew shutdown on the spot, and the very lucky gentleman was then able to climb out of the intake.

Number one engine fodded, was replaced, the deck crewman was back on duty 2 weeks later after counseling.


Send Clowns
2nd Jul 2001, 22:19
And rebriefing, one would hope, RW-1?

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Big Red ' L '
2nd Jul 2001, 22:41
Blacksheep and Wat Tyler Would you mind posting me the links/mpeg please. Ta..

2nd Jul 2001, 23:28
Blacksheep-what surge is that?
I've never heard of it.
Another thing-I've seen the clip but it sounds like a nice site..d'ya mind mailing it to me?


3rd Jul 2001, 01:40

Somewhat. :)

(We see it from the Naval safety center on a large screen, the clip itself is not as clear IMO)

Also, Major Point here: the footage is infrared, there were NO lights on outside, the deck was black which is why the lights have a halo effect to them, like looking at lights with NVG's or similar) In those no moon nights you can't see too far at all, and it only takes one moment of hesitation to get too close to the intakes when checking the cat shuttle.

We had someone working inside the boom of an H-3 one night, and a 18 landed hard, a sidewinder came off the starboard wing and went forward, bounced twice and went through that tailboom beofre burying itself into some GSE.

Our buddy had to be pulled out of the heli and taken to sickbay, trembling (and humbling) experioence to be in a dark tailboom and have this missile go through it 5-7 feet in front of you .... :)


3rd Jul 2001, 02:36
BlackSheep I'd like to have the link emailed too me to please! :)

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429 CJ
3rd Jul 2001, 02:44
Blacksheep, might I be bold enough to ask you for the link also via email? If you could do that, it would be very much appreciated, thanks! :)

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3rd Jul 2001, 04:03
Guess what, I'd like to have the link emailed too me too please


3rd Jul 2001, 09:22
e-mails are on the way to those who asked. The messages contain spy ware that will cause your hard drives to crash if you even think of looking at any of the rude bits on that site.

The man going into the jet engine is among the sick clips. The 'Jet Blast' incident is one of the cool clips.

Enjoy. And a final warning NO PEEPING or the hard drive gets it!

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429 CJ
3rd Jul 2001, 14:01
Thanks for that Blacksheep. :)

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4th Jul 2001, 01:22
Me me me me please

Send Clowns
4th Jul 2001, 02:05
Any chance of a link being emailed down this way, old chap?

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4th Jul 2001, 04:37
BlackSheep, Thanks mate!! I'm following the monkeys advice while browsing the link so as not to fall foal of your warning!! :)

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Damn I forgot jetblast disables IMG Tags!! :rolleyes:

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Biscuit Chucker
4th Jul 2001, 05:33
Could I have a gander @ that link too please?! Not too late am I?

4th Jul 2001, 06:12
I can't e-mail everyone indefinitely. You could try checking out my profile and sending me an e-mail. Then all I have to do is click on 'reply'...

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