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7th Apr 2004, 12:00
Yet again, I've heard a radio DJ refering to "Major" Charles Ingram. Surely it should be "Ex Major", or "That cheating [email protected]".

Why does this convicted cheat, liar and insurance fraudster get so much television coverage?


7th Apr 2004, 12:04
Because, as always, the average British media consumer has a very short memory of both facts and history.

tony draper
7th Apr 2004, 12:34
I thought Army officers retained their Title and were allowed to call themselves by their rank even after they left the services and become window cleaners and such.

7th Apr 2004, 12:41
I believe they can. When I worked in a shop years ago, there was a retired naval officer who came in regularly. He had "Lt Cmdr" and "Ret." fore and aft (haha :rolleyes: ) of his name on his cheque book & card.

7th Apr 2004, 13:23
Persons who reach the rank of Major, Major RM, Lt Cdr RN or Sqn Ldr are entitled to utilise this on retirement. Note, many ex-RN Lt Cdrs were on the GL system so were never actually promoted BUT advanced!!

7th Apr 2004, 13:35
You seem to see a number of army captains using the rank after they have left, eg Mark Phillips, but you never seem to see RN or RAF types using their equivalent rank.

Mr Chips
7th Apr 2004, 13:46
Have to disagree Chippy (are we related?) i have met many retired Wing Commanders who use their old rank/title..

big 'tache is usually a big enough clue though!!!

Big Tudor
7th Apr 2004, 14:17
Indeed. I recall examining many ID cards with the words Wg Cdr (retd) or Gp Cpt (retd).

Wasn't Mark Phillips given some exception to allow him to retain his army rank since he was married to HRH?


I can think of many cheaters & liars that get more media coverage than old coughing boy.

7th Apr 2004, 14:18
I'll do some sniffing and check the form.

Certainly Captains and above are allowed to use the title.

7th Apr 2004, 14:53
he spent a week with that twit jade goody in "wife swap" on channel 4 so id say that brought him alot of sympathy

Noah Zark.
7th Apr 2004, 17:19
Major Swindler is also doing another t.v. 'show', something like "Celebrity Sport", or somesuch.
He has been bleating in one of the rags that all the monies earned in the shows, plus what his wife is earning (elsewhere) will hopefully keep them from going bankrupt.

Boss Raptor
7th Apr 2004, 18:01
Has come up before, I believe the holder of a full 'Queens Commission' (not short service) in whatever service is entitled to keep the title...

'Fraid that like Lords (Lord Archer) there doesn't appear to be any retrospective instrument to recind said right from unworthy individuals (scum) like Ingram or Archer who are (in my opinion anyway) unfit to hold such a title after being found guilty of a serious criminal offence :mad:

Blame the TV producers and newspaper editors who keep pandering to these vile individuals who are a disgrace on society :*

Have to say if I met either publically I would be more than willing to spit in disgust at both of these vermin :hmm:

7th Apr 2004, 20:07
Many, many years ago, a well known South-America dictator paid a visit to Italy.

While he was talking with officials, his wife (renowned for her beauty and restless past as a dancer...) was greeted in a naval dockyard by an Italian Admiral, and they made their way in a plant where workers had little sympathy with any dictator.

After hearing several times the word "p..." (in english "s..t"),she turned in anger to the Admiral and expressed some discontent.

He replied: "Sorry Senora, but you should not wonder about it.
Look at me, I didn't go to sea for years, and people still call me "Admiral"......"

8th Apr 2004, 12:19
The right to use the title taken from a rank begins with captain, it seems from my sources.

8th Apr 2004, 12:33
Mr Chips,
You're right, what I meant was that you rarely see Flight Lieutenants using their rank after retirement.

8th Apr 2004, 12:42
Flight Lieutenant

Prolly because it takes up too much space on a biz card etc.
(Also RAF not known for being so pretentious).

Ropey Pilot
8th Apr 2004, 16:04
Believe that the custom dates back to the good old days when commissions in the forces were purchased; subalterns (lieutenants and below) were not considered 'full' officers (hence the name of the rank - in 'lieu' of a proper officer) and were not entitled to keep their rank upon discharge.

Vaguely remember being told this some time ago but cannot vouch for the accuracy.

Don't know why the RAF seem to wait till Sqn Ldr to apply the same 'privilege'. Since they are merely adopting everyone else's historic customs I suppose thay can do what they want with them;)

The RAF haven't been around long enough to have customs - they merely have 'habits' :E :E :E

P.S. given that you can reach the rank of Capt after 1 year training at Sandhurst and 2 years service (if you have a degree) anyone who feels the need to use it once retired is a very insecure puppy indeed (and a prize [email protected]):uhoh:

8th Apr 2004, 17:01
Ropey - agree.

When I was a humble tradesman we did some work on the house of a retired General. He was one of the nicest people I'd ever met - brought us cups of tea, passed the time of day, gave us a big tip and was pleased with the work. We had no problem at all calling him "General" cos he thorughly deserved respect.

He recommended us to his friend in the next village who was a retd. Colonel. Likewise, very good man, very appreciative of the work, good tipper. He was a Colonel in our book.

Then we did a job for a Retd. BA Captain. Smaller job than the others with a lot less disruption. Well he was a total s__t, treated us like dirt, moaned the whole time and wanted to be addressed as Captain.

So we didn't bother, and conveniently forgot every time the old sod came out with his next whinge.

Some people garner respect by their personality and respect of others, you don't begrudge them it one bit. Others demand respect for their own ego purposes, and are all the worse because of it.

8th Apr 2004, 18:32
I thought you could only use a rank as a title after a long term tour of duty?

8th Apr 2004, 19:24
Majors and above may keep their rank after leaving the Colours.

The rank of Captain has historically been the "Bounder's Rank" - from Austen to Simon Raven's biography, "The Captain." Further, Terry Thomas' military characters held the same rank.

I would certainly be wary of anyone referring to themselves as Major and Captain is right out.


8th Apr 2004, 19:34
Returning to topic....

The only reason Ingram gets airtime is that he's got a good agent. (so he's obviously a cynical [email protected]ard).
And of course the vermin in the media will creep up the @rse of anyone """famous""":yuk: :yuk:

8th Apr 2004, 20:07
Certainly I remember from my Army days that it was only Majors and above who could use there rank as a title upon leaving the armed forces.
Captain Mark Phillips retained his simply because of his marriage to HRH.
My grandfather who rose through the ranks to Major having been at one time the Regimental Sergeant Major of the South Wales Borderers was universally known as Major Lewis until his dying day , he didn't ask to be called that but he was respected greatly in the town and it was there way of showing respect to him.