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7th Apr 2004, 03:25
I'm not a salesman but wonder whether we have any past or present salesmen (or wimmin) who can explain this phenomenon? Are businesses really that reluctant to spend on the new media when asked?

I can't help noticing, the possible demise of Jet Blast may have sharpened one's perpetually dulled brain, that a great deal of the advertising space is unused on Pprune. Seems strange given 1000000 hits per day, half of which occur from this hallowed Isle.

I say seems strange because there are various magazines printed in the UK which cover the flying scene, all of which are chocka full of adverts, the cover price dosn't even cover the ink used so I believe. So if 30,000 copies of a mag are sold and advertisers are willing to pay x amount for the pleasure of those 30,000 views it puzzles me that 500,000 views barely seems to attract any ads at all. Now several peeps could read that magazine, but then most peeps read these pages once a day or more.

Surely the target audience is the same, hence the same advertisers? Most of the advertisers would already have a website to link to... Hell I imagine even the small ads on the back pages would cover Pprune's budget for a year.

If nothing else one would assume that large watches for those with shorter than average porcine foils would sell well.... Gadgets too, all sorts of gadgets and pillocky stuff. Aspirin might be a good one, if only the mods buying huge quantities before reading through the latest political / Bush is evil / 'Those yanks really need a good telling off from me' sort of thread...

I'm sure razorblades would sell well on the Agony Aunt forum, piss stained coveralls once used by a proper pillock on the Wannabes, GPS systems on Private Fighting, Airfix kits on the Mil Forum, replica Johnny Wilkinson tops on Dungunda, replica Harmison shirts on the Caribbean, the list is endless....

7th Apr 2004, 04:35
Bwahahahahaha ---- Chaffers I love your last paragraph! :ok:

7th Apr 2004, 11:55
Funny you should mention flight magazine advertising. I have always wondered with adverts you see from the likes of Boeing, Rayethorn etc for things like military transports, missile systems and alike.

Do people wake up one day, go down to the newsagent, but 'Flight International', read the ad and think to themselves "Hey, not a bad idea! Think I'll go and buy me one of them new AWACS thingies from page 10. The missus will love it!!"

7th Apr 2004, 12:02

You'ld be suprised what whims some people buy strange things on!
Talking of Advertising.....anyone else notice that the "25% pay rise and fewer night flights for all pilots" has disappeared. (Not that it was visible in the first place....but...well you know what I mean!)

7th Apr 2004, 12:08
(Valentine's Day morning)

"Here my darling. Happy Valentine's"

"Oh, it's perfect! Just what I have always wanted. It's wonderful. An IFF system. It will go perfectly in that Typhoon you got me for Christmas. Where ever did you find it?"

"Well, I saw this ad in Flight International. And the guy advertising one on Ebay had some bad references............."

7th Apr 2004, 12:13
See what I mean :p

7th Apr 2004, 17:44
I think you might find those ads are aimed at the decision makers who decide which systems to buy Jerricho. I'm not surprised at your interest in weapons systems given your MIL problems though. ;)

I'm surprised that Anthony Carn hasn't noticed the possibilities of ads = nads...

7th Apr 2004, 22:26
Fair point Chaffs, although I'm personally a little more interested in stealth technology which will enable me to avoid her effectively. That and anything that will allow a pre-emptive strike on her walking down the street one day.