View Full Version : Jet Blast: War & Peace (merged)

6th Apr 2004, 22:03
Been eventful, hasn't it?

There's been trouble in here (spose thats usual), Private Flying (now that is the norm), Questions - Jetdriver getting a hard time.

Tempers seem to be getting a touch shorter - either that or the maveric s*it stirring element are making their presence felt.

Mods.. get yer learnin bats out and show em' whose boss.

6th Apr 2004, 22:42
Yeah, I must admit to being a bit surprised at some of the goings-on in Private Flying - it's normally reasonably civilised, but at times has resembled Jet Blast at its worst. Mixed feelings about this, mind. On one hand it livens things up a bit, on the other it is a little upsetting when threads descend into personal attacks on fellow prooners by people who should know better.

Noticed a few threads summarily (and sometimes mystifyingly) closed in JB without the usual explanations from mods. Looks like the mods are getting tooled up for the job...Baseball bats - check. Sawn-off shotguns - check.

6th Apr 2004, 22:49
On a serious note, I've just read the sticky which has appeared this evening - initial reaction was to delete this thread, but as it now may be topical, I'll leave it be if its OK with the mods (however, if its felt the timing is inappropriate, please feel free to cull it).

It does seem to have descended recently into a bit of an open season inhere.. most of the trouble seems to centre around newcomers who have perhaps not been around long enough to see how it works, the few whose mischevious side sometimes seems to get the better of them (IMHO), and the political debaters who lost their forum a while back.

Perhaps we ought to be a tad reflective for a while. I'm sure there cannot be many who would wish to see the demise of JB.


6th Apr 2004, 23:04
A good point well made Timmcat.

Can only really agree.

7th Apr 2004, 00:46
Did Cavemen try and wind each other up?

Seriously though, wise words TC!

7th Apr 2004, 05:50
Agreed. JetBlast has been shut down before now in response to those who refused to observe the rules. And even in a place like JB there must be a degree of discipline if the forum is not to descend into the pits.

If there's a problem ... just accept the decision of the mods. It's a bit like cricket that way, you just accept the umpire's decision and don't stand around arguing about it because nothing is going to change. Just cop it sweet, right or wrong.

If we make life too difficult for those who moderate this place, we'll just end up losing it and the last time that happened it was touch and go whether Danny ever opened it again or not. Next time we might not be so lucky so let's pay attention to the big tap on the shoulder we've just had.

Boss Raptor
7th Apr 2004, 08:27
Yes agreed last few months (in my opinion) JB has turned from being a fun friendly place with jovial banter to being the haunt of a (few) egotistical idiots who seem to think they are funny (and I certainly dont)...specialise in being overly contraversial and rude to deliberately raise/cause tensions of others...pick arguements wit the Mods and wish to have their name all over JB...from what I can gather a few other forums having this prob as well

My advice (and no doubt that of the Mods also) when you see one of these postings...just a few brief to the point lines will effectively cut it dead...dont bait these people as this is that their warped characters seem to desire - us veterans will remember 'The Guvnor' :cool:

Spuds McKenzie
7th Apr 2004, 11:12
On JB there's a thread which has had to date 7092 replies and which, as it is titled, is totally boring and pointless.
Now, according to the mods, this would go under

totally boring and trivial nonsense

wouldn't it, or have I missed something?

Nothing against the thread or other "nonsense" as such, but looks like a bit double standard to me.

Besides, JB always has been at the edge of slipping into anarchy (remember OCB?), and there always has been a lot of nonsense in there. Isn't this part of what makes JB unique, letting steam off, acting silly, telling jokes, being boring, being interesting in this serious world of ours?


7th Apr 2004, 13:30
Spud, I believe that particular thread adheres to rule #10 of the JBRoE "Wacky threads, jokes and zaniness always welcome."

Note, there is no rule #13!


7th Apr 2004, 13:42

I saw the mods sticky today & it's a long time coming to be honest, thought it was my imagination that the quality of some threads weren't up to scratch, too many one liner answers with attempts at humour so banal, who's laughing? Too much b*tching about how this place is policed etc etc. Too much taking off of other peoples threads, too many threads not relevant to the forum & supposedly humourous ones where I've seen more fun displayed at a funeral. :rolleyes: (says alot for Irish funerals, doesn't it ;) )

Now personally I think it would be sad to lose Jetblast, cause it's nice to come in somewhere on the forum & have a bit of a laugh & unwind in between reading the serious aviation stuff, both pilots & non pilots here enjoy it or used to enjoy it anyway. In between the tripe there's many gems of posts & threads, funny, informative, educational, it would be a tragedy to lose these. Its definitely one of the most popular forums on PPRuNe judging by the frequency of posts made on it, unlike some other parts of the forum it certainly doesn't need life breathed back in to it.

But what it does need is more quality so lets put some back in Jetblast. Also lets compliment the mods every so often, they do trojan work for no payment, would you accept their job & giving freely of your time for no reward??? They deserve our gratutide for keeping the place running & readable, not insulting threads started about them. Honestly (couldn't believe my eyes when I logged on the other day)! :rolleyes:

Jetblast is a very special area of PPRuNe, totally different from any other part of the forum, enjoyed by many, lets aim to keep it that way.



7th Apr 2004, 14:02
Perhaps a good start would be to remove the reference to the number of posts a person has made. Yes, it's nice to drink where everybody knows your name, but could quality prevail over quantity for a change?

(Yeah, I know I've made some shockers too, but it's getting beyond a joke.) :hmm:

7th Apr 2004, 14:29
More useful, surely, would be locking the likes of the TRRBATPSOIT thread or the Finsh the Sentence Thread.

If they get locked, we'll know the mods mean it, if not.......who knows?

7th Apr 2004, 14:30
Without being dumb, may I ask exactly what 'Hotel Lobby Rules' means?

(I will probably regrest asking this !!)

7th Apr 2004, 14:32
Sorry for dropping you in it folks!

I have taken heed of the Mods warning, which I am fairly certain was aimed at me in particular. The warning appeared shortly after my first new post for months, which was a joke I placed just for fun. It was removed before I got to the punchline. It was in no way offensive but apparently was a waste of bandwidth....

I have since removed ALL the topics I started except a couple in the rotorheads forum. :ouch:

Onan the Clumsy
7th Apr 2004, 14:37
Perhaps a good start would be to remove the reference to the number of posts a person has made. Perhaps I might offer myself as a trendsetter. ;)

7th Apr 2004, 14:39
I guess I am one of the gulity one-liner parties But I hope the majority are funny with only the occassional groner or downright unfunny one. I do suggest however that all those starting the "what does the world think..." threads delete them immediately; are they really that worthwhile? I guess that's just my opinion, but ins't every judgement of quality just that - opinion?


Mr Chips
7th Apr 2004, 14:40
I have just browsed around to find the definitive answer to this, I know its here somewhere....

anyway, Hotel Lobby Rule basically means...

Don't post anything that you wouldn't discuss in an open hote lobby - i.e. will it offend other people, even if you don't find it offensive.

Am I about right? I'm sure someone can give a more definitive answer.....

a is dum
7th Apr 2004, 14:40
This rule applies to "sex" subjects.
Talk/write up to the level which would be acceptable in a hotel lobby (of a reputable standard) --> where lots of people from all ages and denominations can hear /see you and do not offend them.

Apologies for bad english.

BTW, it's rule N 9 in the sticky on "JB rules :uhoh: of engagement":

"""Sex, better practiced than talked about : Hotel Lobby Rules apply to discussing it here on JB."""

Mr Chips
7th Apr 2004, 14:43
Gotto agree about the "what does the world think of..." threads. There are SOME great answers in there, but there is in most threads. Jetblast is getting a bit clogged with them!

Perhaps we should all take a step back and self moderate before our hard working Mods have to step in....

As to the number of posts.. certainly in the more technical forums, it is often useful to see if a post has come from a "newcomer" or an "old hand". Number of posts doesn't always equate to knowledge, but it can give clues....

a is dum
7th Apr 2004, 14:46
Used to be avoided with "lurker" "F.O." and Captn" status.
Maybe we should go back to that 'status'

7th Apr 2004, 14:47
BTW, it's rule N 9 in the sticky on "JB rules of engagement":

Yep, thats where I got it from. I wouldnt want to offend anyone now :O

Onan the Clumsy
7th Apr 2004, 14:52
I guess you all haven't seen the Circle Inn on Northwest Highway in Dallas :yuk:

7th Apr 2004, 15:10
Is that Dallas near Luton ?

7th Apr 2004, 15:11
Moderating is an onerous responsibility as well as an honour. Sadly one often outweighs the other.

The moderator of whom I am most in awe is Flaps as she always displays objective moderation.

I have been on the receiving end of a small number of her PMs, happily they have always been positive but it serves to remind me that an odd sense of humour and a tendency to enjoy politics and religion in threads needs to be kept in check.

Some may know that I am also a moderator on the army rumour service, a group that broke away from pprune many moons ago. On that site I have to behave myself because I wear the Mod hat. On pprune I can be a bit more open and hopefully humourous. I have avoided posting a link or mentioning it by name as those it applies to know it already and I don't see a conflict between the two but others may.

So, I would like to say that Flaps in particular is my role model for moderation and if I sometimes overstep the mark, then I offer my apologies.

7th Apr 2004, 15:16
I make it a point never to engage in sex in a hotel lobby, it's just bad manners, offensive, and can wait until the elevator doors close. :E


7th Apr 2004, 15:19
Unfortunately some think it means "keep an eye on yer luggage".:(

7th Apr 2004, 17:12
I own several hotels and have amended the lobby rules so that all my guests may discuss whatever they like "in the lobby"

Just a rebellious old bugga at heart - but still draw the line at pets, belles de jour, evangelists, drunks and Ppruners. ;)

22.00 Due to a very adverse throw of the dice one has forfeited ones extensive interests in hotels based on Bond Street, Oxford Street and Regent Street and is now relegated to a few paltry houses on Whitechapel Road and Old Kent Road. Now waiting to pass Go

7th Apr 2004, 17:30
In The Lobby Of a Moscow Hotel
Across From A Russian Orthodox Monastery: You Are Welcome to Visit The Cemetery Where Famous Russian And Soviet Composers,Artists, And Writers Are Buried Daily Except Thursday.

Cocktail Lounge, Norway:
Ladies are requested not to have Children in the bar

Hotel, Acapulco:
The Manager Has Personally Passed All The Water Served Here

7th Apr 2004, 17:33
Maybe if we instituted a 3 warning system, i.e you aer given 3 warnings for 3 months, and are given one for things thag go against the JB ROE? 1st banned 4 a day, 2nd banned for a week 3rd warning and yer out for 3 months

7th Apr 2004, 19:08
Well we had (still have?) the points system, whereby 10 was enough to see you banned. Many trod a dangerous line once a few points were accrued as a single offence could easily bump you over the top.

It was noticeable though that many who received points simply changed identities, which made a bit of a mockery of the system.

I imagine moaners whingeing about the points they had accrued made life more difficult, rather than easier, for the mods too.

Seemed like a workable system to me. As I recall I still have 9 to my name and though Turkeys are unlikely to vote for Christmas I'd be happy to see it back in full operation, despite the often robust nature of my posts.

Might be useful if points could be awarded for consistently boring posts or as a mercy killing for those who are simply in over their heads.

7th Apr 2004, 22:22
Corr Shytorque

I'm not sure you should be taking it so personally & shouldering all the responsibility. I'm sure there are many more to blame, none of us are lily white, we've all transgressed sometime or other so stop beating yourself up with a big stick.


The Nr Fairy
7th Apr 2004, 22:51
Sheesh, Coco. Nothing gets past you, does it.

tony draper
7th Apr 2004, 23:29
Whats all this shouting about!!we'll have no shouting here!! this is a local thread for local people.


8th Apr 2004, 00:03
What are people's thoughts about a requirement for making contributions (valid of course!) to the other aviation related threads? It is an aviation site after all, and the diversity of the forums does allow for this. You don't have to necessarily be associated with the aviation industry, aspire to or even just love strapping yourself into a seat as SLF to enjoy the site.

Just a thought.

8th Apr 2004, 00:29
would this be monitory contributions then Jerricho? The higher the contri's the lower the mods :E


8th Apr 2004, 00:39
Surely you wouldn't be suggesting what I think you're suggesting Ozzy? Bribery has no place around here. Blackmail on the other hand.............

8th Apr 2004, 01:06
...you get the photies then and I'll err, back yer up


8th Apr 2004, 01:20
I'm on it!

Hey T.I.M. I'm sure I could get some photo's a certain you know who. Infact, I'm sure if I got the old wedding album out, I could find one of her all tarted up! :p

Boss Raptor
8th Apr 2004, 02:29
Wny when I see a post from Coconuts do I get the 'Father Ted' theme tune ringing in my head...be careful now...yes Ted :ok:

8th Apr 2004, 02:39
Strange, I can never help thinking about Father Ted's tea lady. ;)

Huron Topp
8th Apr 2004, 03:00
Life must be pretty boring out there in Winterpeg, eh Jerricho?:E

8th Apr 2004, 07:42
Weeel... as for sex.

There is someone who posted a lengthy account of her relationship with an unknown Captain, which was literate and sexy - and she is still around JB.:ok:

The Invisible Cat
8th Apr 2004, 08:27
Drivel and whining seems to be creeping to other fora
Rumors and News (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=125646)
Questions (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=125413)
not even talking about Private Flying

8th Apr 2004, 08:51
Oh VFE I do so hope you read that Questions thread!

Poor chap didn't know what hit him.


I'll miss this. :uhoh:

Anthony Carn
8th Apr 2004, 10:45
Basically, I stumbled across PPRuNe via my job....someone at work told me of it.

One of the big reasons I come to Jet Blast is because it's NOT aviation related. I wander around the other forums occasionally and am drawn into "discussions" only once in a while.

I get a belly full of aviation at work and have low inclination to venture outside of Jet Blast too often for that reason.

Regarding the recent criticism of what goes on here, as I see it, the Moderators have a big red "Delete" button and each member has their own personal "Ignore All Posts from this Member" button.

There are a set of operating rules and the option is in place to modify those rules as circumstances or requirements change.

I fail to see why the above instruments are suddenly inadequate.

But what really finishes me off is the owner ascribed threat of complete closure of Jet Blast unless we modify our behaviour. That's not what Jet Blast is about, IMHO.

So I'm packing this in. Thanks to a great bunch of peeps for some fun times !

All the best ! :ok:

8th Apr 2004, 11:08
Losing JB would be a damned shame. But if Danny feels that this particular offshoot of his creation has become unmanageable, then such action is understandable. It's his business, after all.

I cut my teeth in the Mil forum - where I happily admit to being a guest - and moved, mostly, to JB; via the Question Time forum, now gone the way with which JB is threatened.

It seemed to me that after Question Time was removed, many of the all-too-serious, nasty, biased, bitter and twisted, politically motivated, non-aviation related bores, sought to find a new home in Jet Blast.

It would be easy to suggest that Danny simply limit the input of such bores - but then again, why should he have to go to such time and trouble? This is, again, his business enterprise, his baby, and his legal responsibility.

Far better that such bores should respond to the feedback of other posters, and modify the content of their rantings accordingly.

Do bores do such things, for the greater good of those at whom their boring is directed?

Just a thought....

Dalriadan Archangel
8th Apr 2004, 12:05

"Do bores do such things, for the greater good of those at whom their boring is directed?"

Can you answer your own question?

I have been visiting Pprune for several years as a guest and it appears on this thread that those complaining about others should be the very ones taking their own advice.

There are too many people out there trying to raise their posted number.

It is my feeling that about 50-75% of all post would be better off sent as PMs. Too many 1-2-1 conversations taking place in threads.

8th Apr 2004, 12:50
Life must be pretty boring out there in Winterpeg, eh Jerricho?

What makes you ask that?? Not bored whatsoever!!!!!

Too busy shovelling snow one day and then sandbagging against the rising water the next!

(Pigboat - Where the hell is that boat dude? :} )

8th Apr 2004, 12:55
That's my point exactly, DA.

Questions such as yours, and my now unnecessary response to it, are a classic example of a waste of bandwidth.

If you had properly read and understood the post I made, you would have realised that no response to it was necessary.

Why did you make one?

Don't answer, at least not publicly.

My apologies to the Mods.

8th Apr 2004, 13:00
Dalriadan ArchangelIt is my feeling that about 50-75% of all post would be better off sent as PMs. I did that very thing in a thread with one poster. We exchanged extremely frank PMs regarding our differences. He then posted our entire PM exchange in the thread - talk about off topic; he was immediately placed on my Ignore List.

Jerricho, rather you than me mate up there in the frozen wastes although I do see it iswarming up (http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/cities/can/pages/CAMB0244.htm) :cool:


8th Apr 2004, 13:05
Anybody out there know of a really good Mozzie repellent method?
(Hang on, did we just majorly drift this thread Ozzy? Shame on us.)

Huron Topp
8th Apr 2004, 13:16
not the mosquitos you'll have to worry about...its the black flies. Other than the strongest DEET you can find, you're on your own.

8th Apr 2004, 13:21
Vowed to keep all my posts on topic from now on Jerricho - hence my mention of the PM debacle (definitely related to a discussion of JB War & Peace), slipped in the weather report when no one was looking.

On topic: it is a shame that the behaviour of a few resulted in the scary, but required, warning from the Mods. What is more of a shame tho' is Mr AC's decision to leave these hallowed halls, come back MR AC, I need to groan at your "jokes":E

**** mossie repellent Jerricho, get yerself one of these beauties! (http://www.buychoice.com/prodDetail.cfm/42180,No%20Mosquitos,XX) :ok:


Huron Topp
8th Apr 2004, 13:52
That things no good Ozzy, he'd have to empty it every 5 minutes in Winnipeg, come summer.:{

8th Apr 2004, 14:58
JB without AC... t'would be like announcing summer had arrived without the appearance of the swallows (or are they swifts?)...coming home (or is home officially Africa?). Whatever, and so long as I have anything to say on the matter, he/they/everyone are welcome back and we are poorer for their absence...! :mad: :sad:

tony draper
8th Apr 2004, 15:57
Indeed one shall miss Mr Carns terrible puns and such, very swift with the witty comeback is Anthony, don't lerrem drive yer off AC!!

8th Apr 2004, 16:09
JB without Nom de PPRuNe will be a poorer place :(

Maybe JB needs to be backed up and started somewhere else.

Interesting on UK Patent Office site - Trade Marks - that the Jet Blast mark has not yet gone forward for full registration. Therefore it only has Common Law rights and if it becomes dormant - it's questionable that it can be retained by the current user. Glasses will be raised in Chancellery.

It's the biggest forum by far on Pprune and must contribute substantially to the stats. Stats are the start of a selling platform for banner ads.

Moderate - yes. Abandon -?

Unless of course this is all a hobby business. Then revert to the back up plan and move it somewhere else where it will encroach less upon the imagery that all pilots are deadly serious, humourless drones who cannot meander off an SOP or contemplate life other than in an aviation context - without having a cathartic loss of self esteem.

JB has a rhythm. Sometimes it's a bit tachycardic and a gentle shock can jolt an arrhythmia back to a steady pulse but it dont need shooting not yet anyway.

8th Apr 2004, 16:51
Dear Mr AC

I shall be missing your puns :ok:
Too bad it's always the best ones who are abandoning the ship first.
I'll be the last one leave !
Oops, have to work out the logic of that tonight :D :oh: :uhoh:

Nevertheless, JB is still open and even Mr airship has stopped sulking,

so Please come back, we miss you

Spuds McKenzie
8th Apr 2004, 18:09
I totally agree with Anthony.
JB used to be much worse and it is (and always has been), after all, a Forum where you can escape the Groundhog Day routine of daily (aviation) life.
I can understand that it must be a pretty tough job moderating JB, which covers, naturally, all aspects of everything there is to write about.
I'm not a regular on JB, but now and then I can't resist dropping a silly one or contribute to a thread.
Besides, as we all know, rubbish and abuse is not limited to JB only.
I also fail to see, like Anthony, why from one day to the other the means, which are available to control JB and its contributors, should not be sufficient anymore.


8th Apr 2004, 21:07
Corr Anthony

Is that not a bit OTT, ya need to develop a thicker skin than that mate. You & JB go together, it would be sad, no it would be unthinkable that you should leave, JB wouldn't be the same without you! So please reconsider, we'd love to have you back, :)


Coco :(

8th Apr 2004, 21:31
Forgive me if this idea has been mentioned before (there was an earlier post hinting at a similar scheme I believe), and it could be a pain for the mods to implement but it's a suggestion anyway:

One engineering forum I visit has a "sin-bin". If someone breaks the rules they're put in it for a length of time determined by the seriousness of the crime - sometimes a week, maybe a month if they've been a real jerk. After 3 visits to the sin-bin the offender's account is removed automatically by software.

8th Apr 2004, 21:41
I'm sorry but I must confess to being a little confused. I'm not sure what exactly is being objected too. I always thought (I've only been here a short time) that JB was a place for "other stuff".

When I first found JB Herr Drapes was chasing Tricky Woo around a desert (I think) - hardly aviation related and amusing only to those with a Monty Python sense of humour - would that now be considered "noise"?

There seems to have been a bit of trouble with elderberries montages, I only know this because I have posted on his threads and then the threads have disappeared - Oops, maybe it's me!!!:eek: I would have thought though that eldeberries montages, although nothing to do with aviation, would fit in rather well with rule 10 of the ROEWacky threads, jokes and zaniness always welcome Ok, they aren't to every ones taste, and he always wore the same polo kneck sweater, but they did amuse me.

Mods, I'm not trying to provoke any of you; I think you do sterling service under very difficult conditions - it must be like running around after dozens of naughty children, but people do seem to need JB to let off steam and the folks here do seem to "self moderate".

I'm sorry I've rambled on, this is why I don't post very often.

Finally, Mr Carn. Please reconsider, I for one will miss your puns - the good ones and the ones that make me groan.

a is dum
8th Apr 2004, 22:08

There have been a bit more than "other stuff" postings here.
Why should mods have to be 'oh-so' vigilant in case one of them posters goes into the 'unacceptable' area?.
- and lets get this straight, the classifiaction of unacceptable is very often not of Danny's making but of libel and....and... (whatever the big words are).
So what are the options?

Don't go into the pub if you know you will not agree with the landlords' rules

or............go in, and get into a fight.

But realise that the bouncers "in here" have a bit more virtual power than those "out there".
And, please........... don't start complaining about that as well.

Yours truly,

A.C. come back a give us a hand! Ahhhh no, I did not mean that Mr.Carn

8th Apr 2004, 23:42
Jeeeez folks! What's with all the breast-beating, self-flagellation, hair-shirt wearing, mea culpa shouting, everything's changed bleating?

Why can't you just take the notice as it stands, as a gypsies' warning that it would be better if you thought a little more about what you post in here than has sometimes happened in the past?

Nobody says you can't talk about controversial topics. Nobody says you can't argue your case enthusiastically with others (just don't resort to personal abuse). Nobody says you can't post humorous ditties in here. Just don't start threads that are totally and solely intended to raise your post count and are not actually funny or clever. The example given in the "Be Careful" thread was an actual case in point, but it is difficult to give full and total guidelines on what does or does not fall into this category. Therefore, as I say above, just give it a bit of thought before you post.

Finally nobody said that Danny is planning on closing Jet Blast. What was said was: "Indeed, there are those that suggest that it should even be amongst the first to go!" This is true.

I'm sure that the majority of JB-ers can take heed of a "shot across the bows" without starting to feel that they have all been hard done by. Just get on with JB-ing and enjoy it.

9th Apr 2004, 22:41
Well, Wholigan, sir, if the warning was calculated to induce a little paranoia it certainly worked!

10th Apr 2004, 05:39
Well dammit!

Anthony Carn ...don't you be going off anywhere,sir.

First Slasher and now you...:{ :{ :{ JB's original bad boys.
Who would I read and smile at such naughty mind and fingers at the keyboards?
Come on,make this old girl happy and stay put. ;)

Buster Hyman
10th Apr 2004, 08:19
Phew! I thought he'd never leave!:E :E ;)

10th Apr 2004, 18:30
Well, four days have passed since we received our 'warning', and it's gone awfully quiet in here. Perhaps it's concidence, with the Easter break, or maybe contributors have retired to reconsider their slant with JB - either way many regulars seem to have gone to ground (and in my opinion the loss of Anthony is a great blow to this forum). Oddly enough the topics still maintaining regular contribution are those which would have not traditionally been found here - those of political and religious debate - the very ones which led to the closure of the Current Affairs forum some time ago.

Lets hope we get back on track soon. I for one look forward to visiting and contributing to JB without encountering confrontation, idiocy, racism, bigotry and general all round grief.

Lifes too short. Lets enjoy it.


10th Apr 2004, 18:35
Well I'm in Norway so I can't log on as much as I would like, would cost an arm & a leg. I hope Anthony reconsiders!

Have a lovely Easter everybody! :D


21st Apr 2004, 16:06
Well, 10 days have passed now...

And anything remotely "debatable" has been confined to a single thread. (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=127167)

I fully appreciate Danny's concerns regarding liability etc. in the legitimate need to moderate "political" threads. Rarely have I seen anything which should have worried PPRuNe's insurers, as everyone is mostly talking about public figures anyway... :} When things start to degrade into personal slanging matches, most of us will tend to switch off; when someone comes out with overtly racist remarks, there will be some of us who will respond whether or not it is considered "politically incorrect"; in almost all other situations, we are grown-ups and will hopefully "give as good as we get and more", even when the subject matter is hurtful. I'm not saying that Danny should be the last bastion of "free" debate or that PPRuNe is here to offer all * bashers an open forum on which to extoll all their personal gripes without limit. JB should be all about "sensible" debate, the first safeguard to ensure its correct functioning are JB'ers, followed by the official mods. Otherwise, rename JB to something less enticing... :}

In memory of Anthony Carn... :O

21st Apr 2004, 16:22
I belong to another mailing list that has a professional requirement before one can become a member. Recently there were a post by a member advertising a Beat Bush Bash to raise funds for the Kerry Campaign. That single post gerenated so much spam it was unbelievable. The consensus was that people should self regulate and politically or similar connected threads. Believe me it will also work!!