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23rd Nov 2001, 06:38
Step 1) Think of a number between 1 & 9
Step 2) Multiply that number by 9
Step 3) Add the two digits of this number together and then subtract 5
Step 4) If A=1, B=2 and so on, assign a letter to the number you have
Step 5) Think of a country that starts with this letter
Step 6) Taking the second letter of this country think of an animal which starts with it
Step 7) Think of its colour

Got all that

The answer that you all have got is under the subject Mind reading? Answer

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25th Nov 2001, 04:24
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tony draper
25th Nov 2001, 05:00
No its not!. :confused:

tony draper
25th Nov 2001, 05:02
OOPs Sorry yes it is, didn't read the colour one right,you got the colour, not the animal. ;)

25th Nov 2001, 06:17
Since you will always end up with 4, it limits it just slightly...

Anyway, I got a black-and-white Ostrich from Dominica! :D

25th Nov 2001, 07:02
How hard was it for you to come up with a country other than Denmark Hug?? ;)

25th Nov 2001, 07:16
Not very - Djibouti, Dubai and Deutschland came to mind as well... :)

tony draper
25th Nov 2001, 16:04
Draper ended up with Sweden and wolf??? :confused: not Ephalump.