View Full Version : How typically British!!! Nutters!

6th Apr 2004, 15:36
What is it about the Brits and their potty world record attempts?

A good friend of mine has recently informed me he will be participating in an attempt to set a new Guiness World Record. Have a look here for the details;

Nutters! (http://www.formaldinner.co.uk)

I do however wish them luck, and look forward to seeing it as a lighthearted addition to the news sometime soon.:ooh:

simon brown
7th Apr 2004, 20:02
Its easier than getting a table in my local restaurant

7th Apr 2004, 20:46
i guess for every bite they eat they would have to take off oxygen mask?! Also, what do they plan on eating? frozen steak with mashed potatos?

7th Apr 2004, 21:05
I don't see the problem, just a little luncheon.

Discovered someone I know is the British Caravan-Reversing Champion today.