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6th Apr 2004, 12:44
Okay, I'm sorry I couldn't resist it, I mean bl**dy hell, evey time I log on these days there's a new thread asking PPRuNers what they think about someone's little corner of the earth. I mean next we'll have a thread 'what do PPRuNers think of Afghanistan, Ajerbagan (don't know how to spell it sorry!) & every other 'stan'.

We're going to do a run down of every country in the world at this rate. What's this geography week, nationalist week, why all this obsession with where you live & what people think of it, so what! I mean these threads are in danger of overrunning the forum so I just couldn't resist the sarcasm, sorry! Now how about some original threads eh otherwise maybe a geography/travel forum would be a good idea? :rolleyes:


6th Apr 2004, 12:53

Glad you raised the subject.

Am thinking of taking a cycling holiday in Afganistan and Azerbaijan, staying at Youth Hostels and small hotels. What would you suggest as an itinerary?:E

6th Apr 2004, 12:55
Oh no, gone & dug me own grave, I have! :uhoh:


BTW mate your profile doesn't fit 'youth hostels/cycling'. You on a wind up mate? ;)

6th Apr 2004, 12:57
Well, the Stan that used to run the newsagent was a miserable bugga.:(

6th Apr 2004, 12:58
That'll teach ya!!!:p

Anthony Carn
6th Apr 2004, 16:07
If we're going to do this properly, we need to start at the beginning and work out if any countries are before Afghanistan, alphabetically.

Anyone ? (no, I don't mean Anyone, the country, I mean...........anyone.)

6th Apr 2004, 16:10
What does the World think of the World?

It remains better than the next best option.

6th Apr 2004, 16:12
UN member list (http://www.un.org/Overview/unmember.html)

6th Apr 2004, 19:25

Who's gone & given my brilliant masterpiece of a thread only a rating of one. This just isn't on, this just isn't on! :mad: ;)


7th Apr 2004, 00:32
The only snippet that comes to mind is when Mahatma Gandhi was asked what he thought of western civilisation. He replied that he thought it would be a very good idea.

Never been to Afghanistan or Azerbaijan. Been to Aldershot, though.

7th Apr 2004, 05:16
From the UN list above,

It seems most countries at war during WW2 joined on 24th Oct 1945 except Australia, they joined on 1st Nov
Anybody know why???:confused:

7th Apr 2004, 06:47
You mean this one?
I'm not optimistic...........
Come back in twenty years, with your Xray, analysis, echographies, scanners...........
Will look what remains as natural ressources, try doing something.............if we can still breath.