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Good Woman
22nd Nov 2001, 17:07
Go on, spill the beans and let's have some honesty - what do men prefer?

- a strong independent women or a softer type who needs more looking after?

- a woman who would make a good mother to those potential children or a woman who would make a good soulmate?

- a woman who would be a homemaker or a woman who could hold her own in the same job (eg flying)

- a glamorously made-up woman or a down to earth woman?

I could go on but let's try these ones for starters....and there's gotta be a follow-up "Women's preferences in men"

Girl Flyday
22nd Nov 2001, 17:22
Can I hasten a guess?

Well for starters... loadsa money, fantastic looks, there when you want her, sits faithfully at home when you don't, doesn't ask questions, agrees with everything you say, never says 'no' in bed...

Pretty much like me! Not. :rolleyes:

22nd Nov 2001, 17:25

- strong independent
- soulmate
- own career
- down to earth

PLUS - the most important: a good sense of humour !

Girl Flyday
22nd Nov 2001, 17:27
Hey, Tcas climb 'all of the above' is NO problem! And I seem to fit Grainger's requirements to a 'T'!

Conquering my cynical streak is taking a bit of work, though... ;)

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22nd Nov 2001, 19:06
put simply:

two tits
a hole
a heartbeat

'nuff said

22nd Nov 2001, 19:11
More curves and bumps
moisture and a willingness to please

22nd Nov 2001, 20:09
One feature that a few (but not enough :D)women have had in the past, and which would be preferable in a few more, is the ability to find me irresistible... ;)

Beyond that, provided she likes who she is, and likes who I am, it would all work out pretty well...

22nd Nov 2001, 20:11
Just someone who would talk to me..... Please


22nd Nov 2001, 21:08
Hey GF - what are you doing this weekend ? ;) :cool:

tony draper
22nd Nov 2001, 21:38
A off on switch would be handy. ;)

Girl Flyday
22nd Nov 2001, 22:22
Grainger... I'll be at the ManBash ;)

Chilli Monster
22nd Nov 2001, 22:43

And then GF will be with me - sorry mate but she's spoken for ;)


Girl Flyday
22nd Nov 2001, 22:44
Only Saturday, CM ;)

22nd Nov 2001, 22:53
Grainger, are you for real? If so, where have you been all my life? ;)

22nd Nov 2001, 22:53
What's the catch?

Girl Flyday
22nd Nov 2001, 22:55
Hey, Whirly - I saw him first! ;)

(Fight for him tomorrow night ;))

23rd Nov 2001, 00:06
Hey guys - sorry to say I'm not gonna make it to Manchester :( - have to catch you next time.

When's the next ScotBash anyway ?? (wuz in New Orleans on the 16th )

Hope you guys have a blast anyway :cool:

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Girl Flyday
23rd Nov 2001, 00:23
Dammit, Whirly - we frightened him off!

Maybe another time, eh? :D

23rd Nov 2001, 01:07
Sure thing, GF - you don't get off that easily :D

G :cool:

tony draper
23rd Nov 2001, 02:23
She would have to be able to adjust to ones lifestyle of course, not every lady enjoys being dressed by a Maid, served by the Butler,
driven around by the chauffeur, many find the castle a little overwhelming also. ;)

Oh yes she must also be skilled at errr, tying knots, doing up straps, buckles, handcuffs and such, and have strong arms, and know how to use a riding crop.

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the wizard of auz
23rd Nov 2001, 08:36
What would I look for in a woman?.....HHMMM, that would be the ability to drink a few bourbons and have a laugh, along with being happy about who they are and who their with.
looking good wouldnt hurt ( as one of us should and I'm out of that competition) and must enjoy doing stuff like traveling,bungie jumping,aerobatics,sky diving,listening to loud music,motocross......and anything else remotely fun.
and the best for last, must have an insatable sex drive.
(of course being closer than the UK would help.........Oh and wearing nurses uniforms really helps).

:D ;) :)

23rd Nov 2001, 13:59
*non-virgin! Full stop! No bloodey questions asked!

* An absolute minimum of 6.5 on the richter scale of beauty. Will consider 5.0-6.4 if she looks good sideways on her knees in the mirror

* big t!ts. (sloven sloppy ones a no-no)

* nice tight un-shaven snatch

* smooth skin (wrinkles accepted in older women provided they ARE trying to control them)

* big t!ts. Said that didnt I.

* nice @ss

* nice abdomen (1 or 2kg of love-handles ok)

* supple hands. smoother the better.

* red (or black) painted medium-length fingernails

* nice comfortable medium-pouty red or black-lipsticked lips

* voice that sounds great when it talks dirty. Must NOT be a "dumb-blonde" spaced-out type sound or inflection.

* loaths condoms

* sense of humor (but not esential)

Couldnt give a rats about her independance or personality or potential motherhood or inteligence level. Cooking and homemaker skills depends if I decide to park my balls at her place a few months. If shes good Ill stay there (after the point where the passion dies) until she finaly throws me out on my @rse after shes discovered Ive recentley started r00ting someone else.

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Girl Flyday
23rd Nov 2001, 14:54
Thank GOD I'm nothing like Slasher's ideal, then! :D

23rd Nov 2001, 15:22
Oh dear! Looks like I don't entirely conform to his requirements either!

23rd Nov 2001, 15:31
Hey, Slasher, I wondered why you never seem to get any! :D

23rd Nov 2001, 16:23
i don't match slashers requirements either
no wonder he was celibate!

Good Woman
23rd Nov 2001, 16:36
I don't fit the bill either.

tony draper
23rd Nov 2001, 21:02
Only ever met one that almost fitted that bill Mr S, she stored away nice as well, once she was deflated. ;)

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dogs body
23rd Nov 2001, 21:07
Small black face with a wry smile
Dark yellow eyes with that "shear me" look
Soft woolly white coat
sensual bleat
Manicured hooves
enjoyes outdoor 'pursuits'
loves a good dip
no jealous rams
no run of the mill flock types
welly boots not essential :D :D :D

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24th Nov 2001, 01:56
Some things are important, others just icing on the cake.

A mind of her own
Sense of humour
Interest in the world
Nice figure
Long hair
Smaller, rather than larger, bust
Long legs
Nice hands
Nice smile
Likes books
Really, really likes sex
Sense of humour
Enjoys food
Interest or involvement in aviation

brown trousers
24th Nov 2001, 02:24
....I'd just settle one time for one that has a pulse :eek:


24th Nov 2001, 03:06
Tinny, if you ever find her, I'll fight you for her! :D

24th Nov 2001, 05:53
Yeh. No wonder I dont get any. :(

Maybe my chances will improve if I lower my standards a bit. Ok I WILL accept sloppy t!ts!

24th Nov 2001, 16:07
Good looks not too important, one can always drink 'em pretty.

Need strong woman. (Me Tarzan, you Ms. Tarzan)

Sense of humor, yes.

Not involved in aviation. (Been there, done that: Not getting any because of heated argument on best x-wind landing technique :rolleyes: )

Smart and sexy. (That possible? Must be 'cause I am....) ;)

Uh, what else: No fat ones, no slobs, no lying/cheating/playing games, no emotional nut case, no tears every day, no health-nuts, no animal lovers (13 cats), no heavy make-up, no shopping freaks, no BS.

Any qualified candicatets out there? :D

Lapsus linguae
24th Nov 2001, 17:16
Slasher has got the right standards, if I may add the need to swallow, and finally a mute button, so I always can hear what is being said on TV!
Keep up the good work Slasher!

24th Nov 2001, 18:21
Hahahaha...as always Slasher - a pleasure to read your posts...it has been said above : Keep up the good work :cool:

Okay - as for my requirements...well..I think all the lovely gals of pprune have a rough idea what I'm after...only problem is, with the exception of some gorgeous ones that I have met till now (and those I will shortly) here in Oz, all you UK gals will have to visit Oz to find out EXACTLY what I'm looking for ;)

Happy hunting, gentlemen ;)

25th Nov 2001, 01:26
Huggy... I suspect that you missed Tinny's point completely. He was describing someone who not only DOES exist, but whom he's already met! I'm gunna enjoy watching from the sidelines here :-

Let battle commence! :eek: :D

To the victor goes the spoils ...or not, as the case might be... :p

Check Wheels
25th Nov 2001, 19:52
Hey dogs body - are you from New Zealand? :cool:

Kermit 180
26th Nov 2001, 15:52
For sure he must be Welsh. How do I know? He said wellies were optional, missed the cliff prference, and didnt emphasise the use of velcro gloves. :eek: :rolleyes:

Lima Xray
26th Nov 2001, 23:40
Dear father X-mas…………

 A lady on the street
 A princes in the kitchen
 A h*** in bed

How do you mean have I been nauthy this year, hmmm ?

Lima Xray
26th Nov 2001, 23:47
A mate of me, I quote:

”I they woun’d have a f**** I would not even talk to them!”
A man of very few words indeed…..he’s married now

27th Nov 2001, 04:51
General requirements:

Own teeth.

Own bank account and car. (Please send copy of bank statement and photo of car).

Must not be flatulent (send copy of servicing certificate for car).

Good at ironing.

Look like Helen Mirren, Linda Bellingham or that Welsh weather girl, Sian Lloyd (get off Draper, I saw her first). Or Lisa Tarbuck because of her character (about 42 DD I think)

No cats.

And she must be grateful for small mercies. :D

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27th Nov 2001, 15:32

You forgot that she must have a flat head so you've got somewhere to put your beer!

Tricky Woo
27th Nov 2001, 17:10
The perfect woman? She's a perfect lady on her feet, but a perfect whore on her back (or front or knees or whatever). No room for compromise on either of those points, I'm afraid.


Washing, cooking or ironing skills are irrelevent as I provide a maid/slave as part of the all inclusive 'TW package'. However, she must have a strong desire to be placed high on a pedestal and worshipped for both her inner and outer loveliness, (in that order).

...oh yes, she'd also have to be far more mentally deranged than usual in order to put up with both me, and my disfunctional life-style.


The Mistress
27th Nov 2001, 18:13
Damn Sky Cop. I almost made the grade.

Unfortunately I adore cats :)

27th Nov 2001, 19:12
Ahh, the perfect woman .... May never be found, but the fun is in trying.

A woman who could make me happy, share the good times and the bad, look good, independant, smart, as you can see my requirement list is somewhat short, but she cannot be.

She must like to fly as well, for how else would we go places? :D

So where would a yank get to see pic's of all the lovely PPRuNe Lasses?

(I've heard whirly's voice, ahh such music! :) )

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Girl Flyday
27th Nov 2001, 19:57
Hey Sky Cop - I fit the bill :D

tony draper
27th Nov 2001, 20:11
Funny that,Draper has had to interview a few people in his time and one of the questions he always asked was, "Are you a dog person or a cat type person,"
It is a little known fact that dog people and cat people, like the creatures they favour,seldom get along well.
People who are BiPetual are rare, but can be employed or married safely by either party.
So if you are a cat person avoid marrying those fond of the hound and visa versa.
This advice can save much misery in later life.
Many a good engineer continued in a life of unemployment because they gave the wrong answer to Draper. ;)

PS, If only Draper had followed his own advice 20 years ago, :(

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27th Nov 2001, 22:33
With a dog that is hot for cats, a cat that believes it's a dog (including going for walks every day) - I'm a cat/dog person ;) So they live in relative harmony.

As for perfection - difficult to live up to and surely she'd want the perfect man - which of you are that? Though one or two here come close ;)

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27th Nov 2001, 22:41
Girl Flyday,

Yummee, which one is it, Helen, Linda, Sian or Lisa?

You say you fit the bill - I hope "The Bill" fits you too.

P.s. don't forget the pictures, thanks. Love SC. :D

Edited for probably going too far. Sorry, didn't mean to cause embarrassment, only in fun. :o

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28th Nov 2001, 00:32
Slasher you made up an impressive list, but you left at least one requirement out. To wit; the ability to suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Some of these list read like an advertisement in a Personals column. Lets face it, men want what women want only in a different order of importance. One last thought, Slasher stand firm on the firm tits issue, protect your rights!!!!!!!!

bagpuss lives
28th Nov 2001, 02:21
Hmmm my preferences......

Well, to be honest I don't like putting people into little boxes - like "you are this" or "I like that" 'cause everyone on this planet of ours is different thank the Lord - very different.

That's what my first "preference" is I suppose, someone who is truly special, special by just being her - special 'cause no-one else on this planet is like her. So I suppose you could call that individuality and independance?

A down to earth woman.

As this life is so wonderfully entertaining at times, a sense of humour is simply a must, someone who doesn't take themself or life totally and ridiculously seriously.

C'mon - ya gotta laugh sometimes no matter how bad things seem -a smile can cure an awful lot of heartache when it finally arrives :D

Of course there has to be that physical thing when you first see someone too - that little burning flutter inside that you can't quite explain. The aching desire. The passion and the lust. Goes without saying doesn't it surely?

I love talking, about life, love, the world, what you;ve been doing today, anything at all :) I love the feeling you get when you totally and utterly trust someone with your innermost thoughts and fears and dreams and they trust you totally too.

So you can snuggle on the couch with a bottle of wine and talk and laugh the night away - until it's time for bed of course ;)

So someone who is honest and open, someone who can open their soul to me and vice versa.

I like women who are classed as "strong" a lot - but I also like to fuss over the one I love, and pamper and spoil too. So someone who isn't so strong they're an Island - if you know what I mean?

On a personal level someone who can cope with MY untameable sexual appetite would be nice. Someone who is sexually confident - a woman who knows what she likes and likes a lot of it very very often ;)

Older women - mmmmmmmmmmm nice ;)

Loads more but this is in danger of becoming a rather serious post and as I'm very recently singled, the tears may well if I continue :D

So -

A person with a huuuge sense of humour.
An independant person.
An individual with her own hopes, dreams and desires.
A down to Earth woman.
Attractive and feminine.
A soul mate in every sense of the phrase.
A spontaneous and extremely frequent (oooer!!!) lover.
As I'm mid-twenties - don't need to mention the older woman bit ;)

28th Nov 2001, 04:53

I guess I'd have to say a women who is independant, educated so that long debates may be endured over beers/wine/dinners etc, confident - I can't put up with women who aren't able to speak their mind - and able to walk into a room and hold an audience.

Now onto the more physical features. Every girl I've been with, bar two, have been blonde. I have a weakness for them, but I would find a brunette with an English accent absolutely irresistible - I would not be able to say no. I guess the main problem with that is trying to get her to say yes :D She would have to have about a B to C cup not too big, but not too small, lovely legs and a great complection so that i can look at her without copious amounts of makeup.

"...they all want it. The trick is convincing them that they want it from you."

See, I'm not too fussy. Just heaven help me if a women put the same ideals on me :rolleyes:

28th Nov 2001, 13:16
At my age, the only criteria I have is "breathing". Willing to consider anyone currently or recently in that category.

(desperate : more than just a word - a way of life)

the wizard of auz
28th Nov 2001, 15:23
So tell me, Velvet my dear, how close to some of us get?
P.S. I would love to be Fred Flinstone right now :D ;) :)

dogs body
30th Nov 2001, 11:03
And wots wrong with sheep then????
Don't argue
Don't complain
Don't need expensive (or any) clothes
Healthy organic lifestyle
And what's more if you have a falling out no expensive divorces, just a slap up Sunday roast,with mint sauce, of course.
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

30th Nov 2001, 11:14
for those who aren't into sheep, you can always obtain your own perfect partner from www.realhamster.com (http://www.realhamster.com) ;)

No comment
30th Nov 2001, 14:20
As long as women wear knee-high boots, i'm fine!

Windy Militant
30th Nov 2001, 18:27
A pulse heh! fussy lot ain't ya.

I used to kiss my last girlfried from the top of her head to the tag on her toe!

Apologies to Emo Phillips for that one! :rolleyes:

1st Dec 2001, 11:47
I've found my perfect woman, and she's susie921

only thing I'd like to change about her is to move her 4000 miles closer to me :(

2nd Dec 2001, 02:15
Hmmm, what do I want in a woman?

- someone who can see my qualities and appreciate them (and of course I do the same vv)
- someone who can have a good time but not be totally rampantly wild. However must also know how and when to be serious and calm
- someone I feel I can trust totally - even if she is on the other side of the world at a male models' conference
- good looks is a preference but I find that "interior beauty" always ends up shining through anyway
- enjoys travel and experiencing different cultures/languages. Has to be at least able to put up with my passion for aviation! (wouldn't be too hard to find on this board)

That's about it... A bit serious I know but it's something I feel strongly about. No one-night-stands for me!

Pity I've yet to meet one who satisfies all the above requirements... :(

Tom the Tenor
2nd Dec 2001, 02:45
A variation on an earlier theme: A tart in the bedroom, a slave in the kitchen and lastly an angel to one's friends!! How we laughed over that final one some years ago with a friend who has, sadly, since passed on. :(

Nice website you have there, ADL.

tony draper
2nd Dec 2001, 04:13
I have a Kiwi friend who told me he prefered making love standing up, the LLama cost him a fortune. ;)

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2nd Dec 2001, 15:11
I used to have quite a short list, attractive intelligent open minded etc, now it's sufficent that she speaks to me and likes me.
I'm thinking of reducing that further. She doesn't need to speak to me. The last one is compulsory but difficult to achieve.

I've lost all notions that men do the choosing. We just make ourselves available on the market.

Kaptin M
2nd Dec 2001, 16:40
I'm still waiting to find one (female) who comes from the same (intellectual) stock as (we) men!
I'm now convinced that if you aren't blonde, you dye your hair to a darker shade!!

Now that i've got your attention......for Keristsake forget about this Womens' Lib bs!! It makes you ALL look like dykes - which is probably the intention of the dykes who started it!!
Please be the soft, feminine, wet objects of our passion that we fanticise about -we men DON'T want some butch bitch that can bench press 300lbs in her levi-blue shorts, sporting a short, back-and-sides haircut!

Feminine is in, butch is out!!

4th Dec 2001, 00:13
I see we've now reached 69 replies- reminds me of something! :D :rolleyes: Ooops!
Edited because I can't spell 'Ooops'! Dooh!

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