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5th Apr 2004, 23:06
The year is 2020. The world aircraft industry looks like this.

Boeing successfully launched the 7E7 in the first decade of the new century. Prices of the 747 were slashed following the introduction of the A380, although it stayed in production until 2015. Boeing decided that its priority was not to replace the Jumbo but to concentrate on the replacement for the 737, the 7C7. This first flew commercially in 2015 and technically is a great improvement on its precedecessor. However, financially it has not been a great success, limiting Boeing's options for future development. The civil aircraft division is no longer at the core of the company's business.

Airbus was also successful in launching the A380, both technically and commercially. Immediately after the launch, Airbus set up programmes to update the 330/340 and replace the 320. The 330/340 thus remained competitive against the 7E7/777. The 320's replacement, the 325, beat the 7C7 to market by a couple of years. After initial enthusiasm, however, the plane is discounting in a crowded market. Still, Airbus is now clearly number 1 and has the ability to choose its next move.

Canadair and Embraer have both been successful in the growing regional jet market. Both used this success to launch into the crowded '737' segment. Although production costs have fallen, four airframes is at least one too many. No-one is making any money in this sector and there is talk about strategic alliances or maybe a merger....

Apart from a Russian aircraft that sells mainly there, in China and in developing countries, aircraft have fallen into a few categories:
1-aisle 4-in-a-row ie regional
1-aisle 6-in-a-row ie 737 etc
2 aisle in two sizes ie 7E7/777 and 330/340
4 aisle - 380
But how will Airbus shake the tree?

edited to note that both 7C7 and A325 can cross the Atlantic (at least in business jet format)

5th Apr 2004, 23:20
Where did you get that info from? Or is your own thoughts?


5th Apr 2004, 23:22
just my bull2h1t to start a discussion and fisticuffs.

Onan the Clumsy
6th Apr 2004, 03:40
But wait...since the introduction of he Avro Newcastle in 2019, the world of commercial aviation has been turned completely upside down. No need for Sky Marshalls on a aeroplane with 4 turrets and no problem with excess baggage with a bomb bay capable of hauling 18000lbs.

Early trials highlighted some shortcommings in the sound insulation, but that has since been mitigaed by the feathering of two of the eight Rolls Royce engines in cruise.

H2S, Gee and Oboe are standard navigation equipment on the fleet and the safety of terminal operations have ben enhanced by the addition of an ingenious little box that taps into a radio beam sent out by the destination airport.

With its dramatic modern styling, sporting three fins and a greenhouse cockpit, the Avro Newcastle is surely poised to be a customer favourite for years to come.

6th Apr 2004, 04:05

6th Apr 2004, 05:45
the Avro Newcastle is surely poised to be a customer favourite for years to come.

The Newcastle's designer, a Mr T Draper, has been hailed as the 3rd Wright Brother, the Father of The Second Century of Flight. His radical ideas on security, business plans, corporate strategy and recruitment revolutionised modern day flight.

6th Apr 2004, 06:27
And then in 2020 a resurected Supermarine developed and installed the card/coin operated teleportation phone-type boxes in BT Red - spread all over the world and turned airports into under utilized parking lots. Airbus became Airbust and Boeing became famous for a Red Barn. Scores of aviation people had to resort to setting up flying museums of A390s and B787s in their spare time.

Anthony Carn
6th Apr 2004, 07:49
2020 -- Newsflash !

Incurable computer virus affects airliners worldwide.

Chronic dearth of pilots who can operate and fly an airliner without on-board computers.

Commercial aviation ceases pending complete re-training of an entire generation.

..........if they can find any instructors.


6th Apr 2004, 10:33
Just goes to prove that a thousand Anthony Carns typing away at a thousand computers will eventually make a serious point.

Ascend Charlie
6th Apr 2004, 10:34
The Bell helicopter company proudly announced their latest effort, the Bell 221, yet another version of the 66-year old Iroquois design.
The CEO, Mr Eugene Rosenblatt III, said that it was named after the flying chatacteristics, by having a 2:1 vibration that is the famous trademark of Bell.

Worldcopter, the amalgamation of Eurocopter, Sikorsky, Boeing, Kaman, and every other helicopter manufacturer in the world except Bell, announced that their latest machine, the EC 665, has just exceeded Mach 1 in the hover and is looking forward to breaking Concorde's time from Stanstead Heath to Romp-in-Puddle.:8

6th Apr 2004, 10:37
Ascend Charlie
Who is market leader - you didn't say.

Anthony Carn
6th Apr 2004, 10:52
Just goes to prove that a thousand Anthony Carns typing away at a thousand computers will eventually make a serious point.
Oh no !

That's twice in a few weeks I've been accused of talking sense !

I really am slipping ! :(