View Full Version : Chilling and very sad read

tony draper
5th Apr 2004, 20:49

The article is quite long and the pickies slow loading but its worth the effort.

5th Apr 2004, 20:54
didn't we just have this a few days ago?

btw drapes, how do you manage to read long stuff like that and still make a post every 5 minutes? :eek:


tony draper
5th Apr 2004, 21:05
Ooops sorry, I have never seen it before, pinched the link from another website.
Was feeling quite happy today what with me triumph on ebay and such,feel a bit down in the dumps after reading that.


5th Apr 2004, 21:11
I seem to recall that it was the Scandinavians who initially noticed an increase in background radiation and traced the leak back to the source, using existing weather patterns. Otherwise, the authorities were apparently gonna try to cover it up. :uhoh: