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30th Jun 2001, 17:03
While walking round the streets of modern Britain, wether it's to do the shopping, head off for a nice stroll or attend board meetings in the city, I cannot but be disgusted by the abundance of mess caused by chewing gum. Not only is chewing gum bad for you, but the mess which the younger members in todays society cause with it is a disgrace.

Every single bit of pavement you walk down is covered with those disgusting small black bumps where someone has discarded some gum, with no though for anyone else. They are everywhere, costing the councils millions as they attempt to remove it; something which is extremly difficult. This is before the litter caused as the wrappers are so casually discarded on to the street too.

Why do youths' think they can get away with it? They are polluting the pavements for everyone else. But it gets worse, they also seem to find some weak personal gratification by sticking their chewed up gum to billboards, walls, phone boxes and other prominent objects on the streets.

Britain should launch a bit drive to clean our streets of it with powerful cleaning equipment, and when it's done there should be serious penalties for anyone caught polluting the streets further with it. In the UK the maximum fine for dropping litter is 1000, I wonder if anyone's even been fined 10 for causing todays worst pollution on the streets, chewing gum.

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Paul Wesson
30th Jun 2001, 17:17

This is the saddest title I have ever seen on a thread, however...

Responsibility for cleaning streets falls on District Councils in the Shires, City/Metropolitan Councils and Unitary Authorities elsewhere. Chewing gum is therefore a local, rather than a national issue.

Until late April I was Vice-Chairman of the Environment Committee and Chairman of the Waste Management Sub-committee of West Oxfordshire District Council (I am one of the Councillors who represent Carterton South, that includes RAF Brize Norton). This topic was a perennial one and so we invested in a 'gum-buster'. This is a hand held, hi-tech power jet designed to deal with gum and other sticky substances. The gum is dissolved by the blast of water/chemical. We have a man who cleans gum from our town centres, but it's not his only job. The kit is expensive, but works well. We have offered to hire it out to other local bodies who want to deal with the issue.

I would suggest that you contact the councils where you work and live and point out to their Directors of Environmental Services (or whatever they're called) what the problem is and suggest that they invest in such a piece of kit (they can contact the Engineering/Depot Manager at West Oxon District Council depot and ask her where to buy the kit and what it costs). You can do this directly or grab your local ward councillor and get him/her to do it.

Educating the youth of today is another issue that, with one exception, is not my problem.

Hope this helps.

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30th Jun 2001, 18:07
Instead of going around chewing gum, why aren't they in church? :)

Breeding Per Dementia Unto Something Jolly Big, Toodle-pip

30th Jun 2001, 18:12
Ever looked under church pews? :)

30th Jun 2001, 18:48
By George! Ice, You’ve got it! I think you’ve got it! I attended an election rally addressed by a non-stop Chewer (and they ask why support for the Alliance is so low), and that was bad, but now you tell me a chap cannot even go to a board meeting in the city (You can’t mean the City? Say it ain’t so, Ice. Not at the Hub of Empire) without treading on the stuff. Words fail. Just when we got rid of the dogs, too.

The aviation links are self-evident. I spent an hour yesterday among the great airport-infesting lip-smacking open-mouthed (you are right on that one, too) vacant-eyed slack-jawed bolus-rotating gum-chewer. This Scourge is to our time as constipation was to a Past Age.

How to Deal with the Scourge? Simple. Took me straight to the right to bear arms. Suppose I had been “carrying”? Remember Texas Red, who made that fatal slip against the Arizona Ranger with the big ir’n on his hip? And all Tex had done was shoot, or as we say, gun down, a few who offended him (Twenty men had tackled Texas Red, and as many men were dead). Harmless enough. Probably legal, too, when you consider the Retreat Rule. And yet I suppose those pinko busybody dirigiste sociology-spouting “kids”(= youthful killer)-lovers would object if one took out a few Chewers, who really are very provocative. I just know they would. The Ranger would have understood, though.

But why limit your criticisms to youth qua chewer? Why not youth in general? I meet them everywhere I go.

Finally, does any survivor of the skiffle generation know the answer to that poser from the great Lonnie Donegan: "Does your chewing-gum lose its flavour on the bed-post overnight"? Well, does it? Or must I do my own research?

30th Jun 2001, 18:58
Thankyou Paul, for a very sensible idea. I shall certainly take it up. I'm afraid I actually mis-wrote the title to the topic, I meant to say 'a root', not 'the root'. It is most certainly not 'the' root of failure and respect.

What I have tried to raise in earlier discussions is the problem of a steady slide towards a messy end. Mankind does not take big leaps in one go, but instead takes a lot of little ones. Mankind moves ahead far faster than any animal on the planet, by a lot of small changes.

What starts off with dropping gum, leaves the person thinking that they can do what they like. First drop gum, next drop litter, steadly loss of respect for others which use the streets, and we soon have a mugger on our hands.

How many criminals first crime is to do an armed robbery on a bank. Probably not many. It would start of with shoplifting, then maybe stealing a car, then a petrol station hold up, each stage and each crime getting worse and more serious. Hence dropping gum can be the first stage on a slippery slope of disrespect for others.

HugMonster, one does not expect the whole of society to spend their life in church. There are those who dedicate their lives to God, and will spend their lives in church. These people will usually have high morals, high standards of living, and will live decently.

Judy, yes there is also gum under church pews. The majority of it comes from children taken to church, where the parents do not have proper control over them. This is a failing of the parents ability to control their children. Hopefully the time they spend in church, will cause a change in their lives, and they will soon realise how they should live their lives. They will learn respect for each other, however this typel of change and learning takes time. It cannot be accomplished overnight.

So far I have not talked in detail about the role of the church in society, or the failure to follow God's teachings. I have read many of OCB's posts, and see the hostility with which they are recieved. Unfortunatly when dealing with a tiger, you cannot just ask it not to eat you, you need to use force to assert your control over it. I feel that OCB is dealing with the same problem here. He cannot remain entirly good natured, as he would be shouted down by the unruly rabble. Instead he needs to use an increased level of force in his language to assert his position, to those who don't want to listen, and seek to destroy his standings.

30th Jun 2001, 20:21
Does your chewing gum lose its flavour
On the bedpost overnight?
When yer mother sez, don't chew it
Do you swallow it in spite?
Can you catch it on yer tonsils
And heave it left and right? ech..ech..
Does your chewing gum lose its flavour
On the bedpost overnight?

Davaar, I was under the impression that the Arizona Ranger's action was legal only in the town of El Destrio, and without jurisdiction elsewhere. :)

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30th Jun 2001, 20:32

1) Get a life
2) Get a sense of humour

Bio Warrior
30th Jun 2001, 23:15
Iceo one small thing chewing gum is good for you, to quote the add "helps prevent the buildup of plaque and bacteria which can cause gingivitis" personally I don't but thats because I live at work and chewing gum while playing with bacteria is a big no no if you want to stay a healthy kitten .... if you want a real complain worthy topic Iceo try smoking next time.... we've got a TV add that says second hand smoke kills 400 people a year .... chewing gum may cause a few deaths if inhaled but really!

Be happy peoples
>hugs and purrrrs<

30th Jun 2001, 23:30
Ice - if you wish to listen to or side with ocb, that is your prerogative - but don't try and make out he is here to spread goodness and light to a bunch of unruly godforsaken hooligans.

No one listens to those who constantly shout and scream abuse - it's the tactics of the bully.

Have you not understood Kings 1:19 11-12
'And, behold, the LORD passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the LORD; but the LORD was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the LORD was not in the earthquake: And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.'

God is in the still small voice within, not in the raging roaring violence of people like ocb.

Flap Sup
1st Jul 2001, 00:01
Sorry folks, but Icehole sounds like just another wind-up to me.
I'll put him in the same category as the other non-persons: SH.. NA, SH..NA Flyboy_33 and ocb. They are simply too far out for me to belive them.

I propose a poll. Who do you think has been the most convincing wind-up until now?
I vote for ocb, although he dosnt have a sense of humor, and without that, the idea of a wind-up disappears.
SH.. NA is so far the most entertaining wind-up.

brgds FS

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1st Jul 2001, 00:37
Hugmonster, sometimes I despair of you. I really do. Why on earth would you want to change Ice in any detail? He is perfect as he is, and the last thing he needs is a sense of humour. His response to Judy T on the chewing-gum-under-the-pew heresy is a classic of mind-numbing literalness that not even Mr Pooter could rival. He must be G*rm*n. And the unpredictability ....; it is breathtaking. First the lunch, and then the gum/bank robbery nexus. I was looking forward to years of it, and I just hope you have not cut it off at source.

Pig, Old Man, you are a scholar and a gentleman. It was indeed that very same Donegan, and that same Texas Red. He was vicious and a killer though (Red, I mean; Lonnie was harmless), one must qualify, a youth of twenty four. This makes him pretty much a “kid”, or a “young man” (could I venture a “youngster”?) within the meaning of the convention, and it was shifty to start right in by calling him an outlaw. Creates prejudice. Perhaps he had an unhappy childhood. Sure, the Ranger wanted him alive or maybe dead, and it doesn’t really matter.... tum ti tum tum ti tum,... he said. Well, he might have been rehabilitated. No chance of that now, of course.

Chewing gum was streng verboten to the infant Davaar, but I have only now come to realise just how much I owe thereby to dear old Mum. Here is my Testimony. But for her, I might have taken the first step on the slippery slope. Start with the gum (I almost wrote “gun”, but that comes later, in fact it follows ineluctably), and before we know it we have Davaar the heist-man, or maybe Davaar the Runnin’ Gun. Come to think of it, I might even have run into wicked Feleena (blacker than night, Pig, you remember, were the eyes of Feleena, evil and wicked when casting her spell) at Rosa’s cantina out in the west Texas town of El Paso. I can tell you, given my admiration for Loretta Lynn (it is a combination of The Voice and The Overbite; drives me wild), I would have been a pushover for wicked Feleena, and might have lost That Which I Hold More Precious Than Life Itself (is that O K for the hotel lobby, Captain? I am on your side, you know), and I was saved only by strict abstention from the demon gum, or was it rum (Captain: there is at least one other that rhymes, but I am not even going to put it in asterisks, and anyway, I was never so much as tempted). Wow! Mind you, I was also in the Band of Hope. I wonder if Ice has ever read “Eric; or Little by Little” by Dean F W Farrar. It is a must.

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1st Jul 2001, 00:44
It's all become clear to me now!

The endless campaigns for a "decent" society, the distaste with which he deals with tiny social gaffs, and now this revelatory desire to do away with gum, just as he did on his perfect little city-state ...

Icing-on-Elric is actually Singapore's elder statesman Lee Kuan Yew!

1st Jul 2001, 00:44
Flap Sup, you know what, I think there are a lot of wind up's in pprune. Anyone who disagrees with me or the majority is a deliberate wind up.

This must be good, as all the raving poofters like HomoMonster who support this gay rights [email protected] are clearly here to as deliberate wind ups. Of course they don't actually believe all this stuff they say.

Still, windups or not,they still wind me up just like Icehole does. And better still, clearly there aren't as many chocolate speedway racer sympathisers in society as I previously thought.

1st Jul 2001, 00:49
<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">So far I have not talked in detail about the role of the church in society, or the failure to follow God's teachings. </font>

think of the delights in store for us though Davaar :)

1st Jul 2001, 00:54
Velvet: Dum spiro, spero.

1st Jul 2001, 01:36
Easier to deal with or put up with chewing gum on the pavements of England than the material on the sidewalks of Paris.

Winston Smith
1st Jul 2001, 02:26

I will have to say it again: Though your (and sometimes even ocb's) observations are quite correct in themselves, you'd be much more well received if only you cut all of that supernatural balderdash from your posts. Ostentatious chewing of said substance is in fact a disgusting, evil-smelling and disrespectful habit by which the perpetrators degrade themselves to the level of ruminants. You are also correct in your assertion that toleration of "petty" crime leads to "serious" crime.

(However, I can't help suspecting that you are in fact another wind-up.)

1st Jul 2001, 06:47
I'll say something again too, Ice. Before you start promoting religion as being a good thing, take a long, hard look at the role it has played - through radicals like you - in the promotion of human misery.

You should spend more time developing the true christian spirit within yourself rather than telling us all how good, moral and decent you are. As Davaar pointed out, the story of the pharisee could have been written about you and you clearly have no more idea than that ancient example of how a true christian should live.

Is it possible you truly believe that going to church can somehow make you a good and decent person? The arrogance of your posts suggests otherwise.

1st Jul 2001, 09:24
Before Sigapore banned chewing gum, Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew went on a state visit to Thailand. At the official banquet, the first course was lobster. Lee Kuan Yew asked Premier Chatichai what the Thais did with the lobster shells. Chatichai said they throw them away. Not in Sigapore, said Lee Kuan Yew, we don't waste anything, we grind them up and make prawn crackers out of them. The banquet progresses to fruit and Lee Kuan Yew asks what the Thais do with orange peel. We throw them away said Chatichai. Not in Singapore, we make marmelade out of them. Chatichai eventualy asks Lee Kuan Yew if he wished to have anything else. Lee Kuan Yew requested some chewing gum and after he finished chewing it, he placed it on his saucer and asked what the Thais did with used chewing gum. Chatichai aid they throw it away. Not in Singapore, we make condoms out of them and export them to Thailand. So Chatichai enquired what Singapore did with used condoms. Those we throw away answered Lee Kuan Yew. Not in Thailand, said Chatichai; we make chewing gum out of them and export it to Singapore! Lee Kuan Yew banned the sale of chewing gum thereafter.

Nil nos tremefacit
1st Jul 2001, 13:51

You can shorten 'the material on the sidewalks of Paris' to 'the French'. I agree they are difficult to put up with, but in our greater Europe we must try (actually even the French don't like the Parisians). :)

2nd Jul 2001, 17:34
Can you believe it?

4 out of 5 dentists can't stand Iceolareanic's spiritual ramblings.

But they do recommend recommend Trident Gum !

The 5th was out flying.


Tricky Woo
2nd Jul 2001, 19:13
Quite true. Chewing Gum is indeed at the root of all the evils that abound this poor planet of ours. Third World Debt? Chewing gum! Poverty? Chewing gum! Global Warming? Yes, you've guessed it, that pesky chewing gum is at the root of it all. Something should be done: call out the militia...

Well done Iceolareanic for bringing up such an important subject.

3rd Jul 2001, 08:29
Oh for heavens sake, we have litter bins for litter, pooper scoopers for dog poop and parking meters for cars so whats so difficult about setting up a few bedposts around the streets for chewing gum?

I do like that idea of the supersonic water cannons they use in Carterton but down our way they'd blow the cobble stones away. How much does a supersonic water cannon cost anyhow? Do the crown servants who make up most of the metropolis pay council tax these days? We didn't in my day when the Vickers' Nickers were still shiny, but then we couldn't afford to waste good beer money on chewing gum...

Through difficulties to the cinema

The Mistress
4th Jul 2001, 18:00
For all things hairy


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4th Jul 2001, 18:42
What have you got in your mouth?


Nothem, eh?... Lyle...??


Chewing gum on line, eh? I hope you brought enough for everybody.

Boy, is he strict ...

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5th Jul 2001, 08:39
Oh Mistress, where HAS he been sticking his bubble gum? Next time, make him spit it out first :)

Shaving works too...

Through difficulites to the cinema

5th Jul 2001, 08:46
While on the subject of removing gum from hairy places, that's not gum down the back end of us sheep, they's called "Clats" (or dingleberries in some counties) Now if humans also had to suffer the indignity of clats, you really wouldn't worry about chewing gum on the pavement. http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif

Through difficulties to the cinema