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5th Apr 2004, 14:17
Hi all,

Just a quick cast for opinions from cyclists on a potential purchase for the missus. She's been offered a Haro V2 mountain bike, virtually brand new (and no, it's not nicked) for 80. Can't afford more than that at the mo, so any suggestions of spending a small fortune on serious kit is out of the question.

Sounds like a good deal to me, but I've not come across this make before. Is it any good?

High Wing Drifter
5th Apr 2004, 14:58


80 for a new one seems ok to me!! No idea about the make, but they are at the lower end of the spectrum to don't expect anything too capable. Good enought for the odd ride here and there but probably not good enough for some serious off-road antics. But then I guess that is not what you have in mind.


5th Apr 2004, 15:01
I have a Claude Butler myself, which one??......well, it's green with an aluminium frame and alloy wheels! :rolleyes: :)

You can look HERE (http://www.mtbreview.com/reviews/2002_Hardtail/product_85217.shtml) for info about the Havro V2

Anthony Carn
5th Apr 2004, 16:08
It does'nt matter if it's rubbish, does it ?

The more rubbish it is, the more thigh, leg and @r$e muscle exercise she'll get. :E

After which, just be careful she does'nt cross her legs when you're d-o-o-o-o-o-o-oing it, or she'll turn yer w!lly into a used toothpaste tube. :ooh:

5th Apr 2004, 17:20
Looks Ok at the price! Just looked at the spec, only gripe might be the tyres if you are not going in for serious off road work. I would recommend fitting semi slicks if all you want is light trail duties out of it (eg canal towpaths)....that will make road cycling easier and faster (quieter too!)

5th Apr 2004, 20:07
Cheers guys,

We're not into heavy duty off-roading, so the advice sounds good.


I'll bear the advice about the 'knacker cracker' in mind.:D :ooh:

5th Apr 2004, 20:49

At about 250 rrp, the said bike falls short of what you might expect to pay for something of respectable quality for off road work.....having looked at the spec, the quoted 80 looks good.....it wouldn`t even pay for the pedals on my bike (which is middle range tackle).

If our enquirer isn`t expecting too much, he shouldn`t be disappointed.

High Wing Drifter
5th Apr 2004, 21:15
When I can find it in my heart to retire my Chas Roberts, this'll be my next toy: http://www.merlinbike.com/bikes/xlm.aspx


Shaggy Sheep Driver
5th Apr 2004, 22:03
Buy from a bike shop. They are (mostly) run by enthusiasts, and will know good from cr*p.

Bikes need to be light and strong, especially for off road. You can buy cheap but you will either throw it away when it underperforms (or breaks), or throw good money after bad trying to upgrade it to make it cut the mustard (it never will).

Buy too cheap, buy twice. I'd go to a good bike shop and take advice. I've an 'Orange' mountain bike; a bit old hat by todays standards, but still a super bike 'cause it was built right and has high quality components. It was far from my first bike, and in the past I've fallen into the trap of buying something that looks OK on paper at a low price, but was really just dustbin fodder.

Find and use a good bike shop (NOT Halfords or similar!!!). You will save money.