View Full Version : I want it! I want it!

tony draper
5th Apr 2004, 14:58


Big Tudor
5th Apr 2004, 15:04
E gads drapes. Has someone been upsetting you again? :ouch:
Could do with that meself actually. Get it mounted atop the garage, that might stop the little scroats nicking bits of me fence. :E

tony draper
5th Apr 2004, 15:35
Good idea BT,but remember to show some concern for the enviorement and matters green, only load depleted uranium rounds in alternate loops.


One is becoming a tad worried that Companies such as that keep sending Drapes adverts for similar kit,just goes to show, yer buy 3 gross of anti personel mines and a couple of Mk 84's and they got yer on their mailing lists forever.


5th Apr 2004, 15:35
That would teach the rabbits a lesson..... :E

5th Apr 2004, 15:51
Hell Drapes!

I wish you had posted before the auction ended...perhaps we could have done a "lease lend "deal.

There are a few million ejits on scooters here, minus helmets, who could do with a nice sharp shock.

Shooting their mounts from underneath them somehow appeals.:D

5th Apr 2004, 15:51
Has this got to do with burning da flag? :}

5th Apr 2004, 16:12
i wonder if it would fit on a 152? Then i got my own version of a tank buster, 'cause ya know, we got to many tanks driving around on the streets these days :rolleyes:

Anthony Carn
5th Apr 2004, 16:37
I have the ideal Board of Directors in mind for a test firing. :E

Only one problem ---- not a slow or painful enough death.

Spotted any flame throwers ? :E

Bern Oulli
5th Apr 2004, 20:20
mattpilot. Your 152 is gonna stall mighty quick if you do much more than quickly tap the firingtit.

Drapes, what an absolutely splendid site. Would that we lived in such a free country!

tony draper
5th Apr 2004, 20:29
Be a few worried faces at the local rifle club if yer turned up with that.
Wouldn't like to be in the Butts either when it lets rip.


Five hours to load it and five seconds to empty it.


5th Apr 2004, 20:39
Line up the scally's (equal opportunities; alternate male and female scallys) :E


5th Apr 2004, 20:43
just goes to show, yer buy 3 gross of anti personel mines and a couple of Mk 84's and they got yer on their mailing lists forever.

I think it was proabably the 2500 gallons of Napalm you got with your club points that moved you to the top of the "good customer" list. . .

5th Apr 2004, 21:38
It's mine I tell you!!!

That'll teach 'em to try and photograph my house again!

Capn Notarious
5th Apr 2004, 22:02
I would much rather have a Barrett and not the house!
Apparrently it has a kick, biggest I ever fired was a 7.62.
Draper has prolly got a water pistol bigger than that!!!!!!!!!!!

5th Apr 2004, 22:58
you mean a Super Soaker 3000?


6th Apr 2004, 00:51
Just make sure every alternate round is a tracer... I'd want the b:mad: s to see it coming

tony draper
6th Apr 2004, 08:49
Mr Mattpilot,there is no rational or logical reason why any civilian should own a Super Soaker 3000, one is all for the right of every Englishman to bare arms but there have to be limits.


You will note of course that the right to bare arms does not apply to Scotsmen for obvious reasons.

6th Apr 2004, 08:57
Still a bit nippy for bare arms innit?

I'm still lookin for a 106mm recoiless anti-tank gun for me Landie; anybody got one in their shed?

6th Apr 2004, 10:00
No, not in my shed...but
http://members.safepages.com/[email protected]/M40A1.jpg is available.

The canadians say they have some here (http://www.forces.gc.ca/ddsal/weapons_e.htm)

Big Tudor
6th Apr 2004, 10:45
What you got against Scots baring arms then drapes. Bit too close for comfort I suppose. Hoards of hairy Flypuppys descending on Draper Towers armed to the teeth with Super Soakers, catapults & peas shooters. Need more than yer Gatling gun to repel that lot, let me tell you.:}