View Full Version : About Madrid again!!

5th Apr 2004, 12:40
As you know Alcaeda put a bomb in the AVE ( High speed train ). They are not going to give us a break. I was taking that train on friday to Sevilla. It is a bit scary!!
Also on Saturday night 5 alcaeda menbers blow up them self before they were cought by the police. One of the police man died "GEO" (Special police), he was 42 and he had two kids. Other 11 were hurt. ( they were reponsable about 11M)
I dont know how I feel about that they have blow up them selfs because now spanish police is not to get any information from them (also one of them died) but at the same time Im so happy than they are dead now. They are not going to be able to hurt anyone more.

I think that all alcaeda menbers should get together in the country side and blow up by them self.