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Sultan Ismail
5th Apr 2004, 01:35
It's that time of the year again, here I am at 9.30am on a warm hazy day in the South China Sea, yet Pprune tells me it is 10.30am.

Methinks Pprune is wrong.

Has there been another clock movement in good ol' Blighty?

5th Apr 2004, 02:21
the US had its time shift today.

5th Apr 2004, 07:40
Sorry Mr Ismail, but tis you what's wrong. Check your user cp & make sure you have set the time zone correct, like. :ok:

5th Apr 2004, 08:35
Sorry AerBabe, but I disagree. The PPRuNe clock ("All times are GMT") has been displaying a time of GMT+1hr since the UK went over to BST on the 28th March 2004. It's happened in the past, and usually gets sorted after a few days.

Posted at 0835 GMT.

5th Apr 2004, 09:00
Shows how much attention I pay.
Apologies all round. :{

5th Apr 2004, 09:14
Don't cry AerBabe

All this mess happens because the Forum Software has no provision for Daylight Saving Time. The server clock has moved forward one hour (so it is indeed UTC+1), but the user settings only refer to "Standard" time-zones. I doubt anything can be done about that, apart from adding a "DST" tick-box in the software (I've seen it on similar forum software)

5th Apr 2004, 11:14
Bre901, last summer they were able to display the correct GMT time.

a is dum
5th Apr 2004, 11:18

"apart from adding a "DST" tick-box ""
What's that?
Das Silly Timesetting? :cool:

5th Apr 2004, 11:47
Ok question here, why in the 21st Century do we bother changing our clocks forward and back an hour? JUST leave them at bloody GMT and be done with it! And before you all drip on about it's for the kids walking to school that is a load of tripe, they either all get lifts from mummy or daddy utilising the way over the top BMW X-5 et al.

Seriously sensible answer please!!!!!

5th Apr 2004, 12:06
DuckDodgers, BST gives you longer to sit outside a nice pub by the canal/river in the evening before it gets dark in the summer.

PS. My children walk.

5th Apr 2004, 12:39
Well, I am west of the Greenwich meridian, and am GMT+2 here!

13th Apr 2004, 20:53
Problem now sorted - "All times are GMT". :ok:

13th Apr 2004, 21:30
Yes but remember some X5 drivers didn't/forgot/couldn't afford (delete as applicable) to tick the "Xenon headlights" option and therefore have great difficulty in driving in the dark......

14th Apr 2004, 08:07
Er, shouldn't that just be some X5 drivers have difficulty in driving.

Applies particularly to those telepathic females that drive forward whilst the head is permanently turned to the rear talking to the rug rats

Lon More
14th Apr 2004, 12:32
In pedantic mode: it's now UTC not GMT since the Frogs hi-jacked it