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4th Apr 2004, 22:17
Scran is on secret assignment this week.

1...Questions posted on Monday, Sydney time. Answers whenever I feel like it.

2...2 points for each correct lyrics answer - one for title, one for artist. 1 point for trivia and SOTW except that some trivia questions may ask for additional info, worth extra points.

3...There is no rule 3.

4...The judges decision is final.

5...During the first 24 hours only one post per player containing as many answers as you like. Additional posts will be ignored and edited posts will be disqualified.

6...After 24 hours there are no restrictions on posts (free for all).

1...You can dance ev'ry dance with the guy who gives you the eye.
Save The Last Dance For Me - Ascend Charlie
The Drifters - Cooda

2...The eastern world it is explodin'.
Eve Of Destruction - Ascend Charlie
Barry McGuire - Cooda

3...Holly came from Miami Fla.
Take A Walk On The Wild Side/Lou Reed - Kopbhoy

4...Here's to us one more toast.
When All Is Said And Done/ABBA - walesjr.

5...Here's a little song I wrote.
Don't Worry, Be Happy - Ascend Charlie
Bobby McFerrin - Cooda

6...I know it's late, I know you're weary.
We've Got Tonight/Bob Seger - Kopbhoy

7...I was alright for awhile.
Crying/Roy Orbison - Kopbhoy

8...You gave yourself up to the mystery.
Cup Of Kindness/Emmylou Harris

9...It's right that I should care about you.
Because/Dave Clarke Five

10..Well Saturday night at eight o'clock.
Saturday Night At The Movies/The Drifters - Cooda

11..Where are those happy days, they seem so hard to find.
SOS/ABBA - Scran

12..You can see it in a clear blue sky.
God Gave Me Everything - walesjr.
Mick Jagger

13..There's a hard moon risin' on the streets tonight.
The Fire Inside/Bob Seger - Slim20

14..Gotta make a move to a town that's right for me.
Funky Town/Stars on 45 - DoctorA300

15..I got to know how to throney, like phoney moroney.
Land Of A Thousand Dances/Wilson Pickett - Reynolds

Song Of The Week
Cold Missouri Waters/ James Keelaghan
The song is based on the true events surrounding a forest fire in the State of Wyoming.

1...What is the name of the person narrating the story? (as opposed to the singer)

2...What was the narrrator's occupation?
Crew chief at the jump base.

3...What does every word on his medical chart say?

4...When do the events in the song take place?
August '49.

5...What type of aircraft do they use?

6...How many smoke jumpers dropped on the fire?

7...How were the men ordered to fight the fire?
Sidehill, from below.

8...What did the fire do?
Crowned, jumped the valley.

9...What colour had the sky turned?

10..How far were they from safety?
200 yards.

11..How far behind was death?
50 yards.

12..What did the men do?
Ran for the rocks above.

13..What did the narrator do?
Laid face down and prayed.

14..When he rose, what had the world been reduced to?

15..How many of the men survived?

16..Bonus question worth 2 points.
Where in Wyoming did the fire occur?
Mann Gulch.

1...What were Tweeter and the Monkey Man hard up for?
Cash - Slim20

2...What establishment was at the end of Lonely Street?
Heartbreak Hotel - Kopbhoy

3...Who will go down with the ship?
Dido - Kopbhoy

4...What home was down the street that losers use?
Home of the blues (Home Of The Blues/Johnny Cash)

5...What colour shoes did Emmylou want?
White - Slim20

6...Poor poor pitiful her was waiting for what train?
The Double E - Ascend Charlie

7...What is the price of admission to Joanie's tree museum?
$1.50 (a dollar and a half) - Kopbhoy

8...There was a time in this fair land when what didn't run?
The railroad - Slim20

9...Who's learning to fly, but ain't got no wings?
Tom Petty - Kopbhoy

10..Who's clocks held 9:15 for hours?
Norah Jones' - AeroSpark

11..Ritchie had a girl. What was her name?
Donna - Slim20

12..What song were they singing the day the music died?
Bonus point, name the date.
American Pie - Ascend Charlie
Feb 3rd 1959 - Slim20

13..According to Ian Tyson, which number should you never hit?
17 (Summer Wages/Ian Tyson)

14..According to Gordie, what time did a main hatchway cave in?
7 pm - Scran

15..How many's a crowd on Mick's cloud?
Two - Reynolds

4th Apr 2004, 23:11

3 - Walk on the wild side - Lou Reed
6 - We've got tonight - Bob Seger
7 - Crying - Roy Orbison


2 - Heartbreak Hotel
3 - Dido? (White Flag?)
7 - A dollar and a half
9 - Tom Petty

4th Apr 2004, 23:12
1. Under The boardwalk - The Drifters?
2. Heartbreak Hotel
7. $1.50
9. Tom Petty
15. two

Ascend Charlie
5th Apr 2004, 00:20
1. Save the last dance for me
2. Eve of destruction
5. Don't worry, be happy
10 Saturday night at the movies
6. The Double E? My Linda Ronstadt tape of Poor Poor Pitiful Me isn't all that clear. Or mebbe its me ears...
12 Bye bye Miss American Pie. The date was when Buddy Holly's plane speared in.

5th Apr 2004, 00:54
Hey pb

I know these have gone but I gotta shake off the cobwebs somehow.

1. Save the last Dance for me - The Drifters
2. Eve of Destruction - Barry Maguire
3. Walk on the Wild Side - Lou Reed
5. Don't Worry, Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin
6. We've Got Tonight - Bob Segar and the Silver Bullet Job
7. Crying - Roy Orbison
10. Saturday Night at the Movies - The Drifters
11. Those were the days - Mary ?

Times up

5th Apr 2004, 06:06
10. Nora Jones

5th Apr 2004, 11:47
7. A dollar and a half
12. This'll be the day that I die

5th Apr 2004, 19:23

2 Eve of destruction - Barry McGuire
3 Walk on the Wild Side - Lou Reed
5 Don't worry be happy - Bobby McFerrin
6 Something sung by Ronan Keating??? (just shoot me if it isn't!)
7 Crying - Roy Orbison
13 Fire Inside - Bob Seger


1 Cash
2 Heartbreak Hotel
3 Dido
5 White
6 Double E
7 $1.50
8 Railroad?
10 Norah Jones
11 Donna
12 This'll be the day that i die - 3 February 1959 Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper

6th Apr 2004, 02:44
Partial scores:

Ascend Charlie..............5 (The ears are still pretty good AC) ;)
Cooda.........................5 (Know what ya mean Cooda.)

Lots of stuff left. Anyone who knows the song of the week could ace the quiz. JH, you out there?

6th Apr 2004, 08:46
14. Funky town, Stars on 45

6th Apr 2004, 10:56
Good Quiz Piggy!!:ok:

Lyrics 11 - SOS, ABBA

Trivia 14 - At 7pm a main hatchway caved in.

Can you do next week as well? Don't get back from Secret Assignment until late Monday Night.......:hmm: :E :ok:

6th Apr 2004, 21:26
Updated scores:

Kopbhoy 10
Slim20 7
Cooda 5
Ascend Charlie 5
Scran 3
DoctorA300 2
AeroSpark 1
Reynolds 1

Ok scran, no problem for next week.

6th Apr 2004, 23:43
15. Land of 1000 Dances - Bill Haley/Wilson Pickett/etc....
1. Dodge
2. crew chief at the jump base
3. Death
4. Aug '49
5. C-47
6. 15
7. from below
8. jumped the valley
9. red
10. 200 yds
11. 50 yds
12. ran for the rocks
13. lay face down
14. ashes
15. 2
16. Mann Gulch

7th Apr 2004, 00:50
4. When all is said and done-ABBA
12.God gave me everything_Lenny Kravitz
15.Land of a Thousand Dances. Blues Brothers

7th Apr 2004, 04:36
More updated scores

Reynolds 20
Kopbhoy 10
Slim20 7
Cooda 5
Ascend Charlie 5
Scran 3
walesjr 3
DoctorA300 2
AeroSpark 1

Congrats for aceing the SOTW Reynolds. :ok:
Keelaghan wrote another true song about the sinking of the MV Captain Torres. The ship was on her way into here for a load of iron ore when she foundered in a storm with the loss of all hands.

Walesjr, re lyrics 12. I've got another performer. Can't find Lenny Kravitz for that one.

Not much left gang.

Lyrics 8 (Think lady c&w artist who's daddy used to fly Marine 1)
Lyrics 9 (Quintet not as popular as the Beatles)

Trivia 4 (early hit for a c&w singer deceased last fall)
Trivia 13 (Any blackjack players out there)


9th Apr 2004, 03:51
That's it for this week gang. See ya Sunday evening UK time (Monday morning Sydney time)

Final scores
Reynolds 20
Kopbhoy 10
Slim20 7
Cooda 5
Ascend Charlie 5
Scran 3
Walesjr 3
DoctorA300 2
AeroSpark 1

Jolly Hockeysticks
9th Apr 2004, 11:13
Hi piggy, scran et al

Yep I'm still around. Checking the site now and then.

Things are calming down a bit, so I'm considering starting up the quizzes again in a few weeks time.

Keep up the good work guys.