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4th Apr 2004, 22:12
Does anyone know of a free flight tracker on the web. Mrs. Bumpff and daughters/granddaughters are this minute strapped into a JAL flight to Australia via the Orient and I want to know where they are.

Sorry to be so boring and sniffy. Whatever am I going to do for a month on my own?

Replies from sympathetic girls acceptable.

Thanks in advance.

4th Apr 2004, 22:34
****~~~~~~~PARTY ON!~~~~~~~**** :ok:

4th Apr 2004, 22:36
You could try Airnav (http://www.airnavsystems.com/) . I think there may be others, but its better than nothing.

Edited for incorrect link.. sorry.

4th Apr 2004, 23:15
There was one other which was featured in the last 4-5 months which showed a shed load of flights and positions.

Come on guys ??

4th Apr 2004, 23:19
Thanks 5th amendment and Timmcat. (5th amendment: Nobody invites gentelemen over a certain age to the kind of parties one enjoyed in one's youth).

However, I've cracked a bottle of JW Black and I'm feeling better already.