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4th Apr 2004, 18:29
About 90% of my posts are complete and utter drivel and are shared with my fellow reprobates here in JB.

The majority of the remaining 10% is in Computers / Internet Issues. I've also been seen in Cabin Crew, R&N, Questions, Aircrew Notices, Agony Aunt (once) and Bashes (once, tonight actually).

Where can you be found?

4th Apr 2004, 18:57
Ze French Forum from time to time.
Computers/Internet Issues, R&N, Questions, Aircrew Notices, Tech Log, Pax & SLF, Aviation History and Nostalgia.
IIRC I had one in the Engineers and one in the Italian Forum

[edited 'cause of bad memory]

And one more today in the Mil Forum (which makes four, including moved threads)

[re-edited 'cause it's even worse than I thought :{ ]

4th Apr 2004, 18:57
Funnily enough, I have been known to air my point of view on the ATC forum (although, you know who did follow me in there once!).

fellow reprobates here in JB.

I resemble that! Although, saying 90% of is a bit harsh! I would have said 95!

4th Apr 2004, 19:00
Most of the stuff I post is drivel but I do make the occasional sensible post on Tech Log, Questions and Agony Aunt. I usually lurk on R&N, Private Flying and Wannabes as most of my questions can be found with a quich search

tony draper
4th Apr 2004, 19:20
Looked in on most of them all at one time or another,never been near the Cross dressing and gender reasignment forum yet though,also some of them are in foreign yer know.

a is dum
4th Apr 2004, 20:20
I would be too embaressed to answer that truthfully.

Agony Aunt maybe?? :rolleyes:

4th Apr 2004, 20:28
I mostly post in ATC issues, Private Flying and Jet Blast. The first because its my job and I'm so sad I'll talk about it after work, the second because I do it and the third because I'm full of sh$t!!!!:{

Jerrichos MIL
4th Apr 2004, 20:49
although, you know who did follow me in there once! I seem to remember it was twice actually. How are you dear? Enjoying the last few days of having a nice, kind, considerate MIL? Lent ends with Easter Sunday's arrival :E :E I like to chose my posting places very carefully, so far I have only posted in Jet Blast and the two in ATC Forums but I feel the time is fast approaching when I may wish to branch out a little. :E A bit more research is called for first I think. :ok: :} :E

4th Apr 2004, 20:55
There you are..........

I suggest you could probably take over the Agony Aunt section! Certainly the agony side of things!

4th Apr 2004, 22:06
D&G forums
Wannabee forums
R&N (rare)
Aircrew notices
Techlog (rare) :D
Agony Aunt
Computer forums
Private Flying (rare)
CRM forum
ATC (rare)
Mil (very rare for obvious reasons)
T&C forum (rare)
Freight dogs
Cabin Crew

I find if you wander into a forum that you aren't totally familiar with and you ask a genuine question that you've researched as best you can, you are treated well. If you carry on like a fool, then you're treated like one.

Aileron Roll
5th Apr 2004, 07:36
really I just love to dribble on on this forum, wish I had something worthwhile to say on the other ones

5th Apr 2004, 07:42
There are other forums? :confused:

5th Apr 2004, 07:45
Mostly in here, but I can occasionally be found in Rumours & News, also Airlines, Airports & Routes and on even rarer occasions in Middle East!

5th Apr 2004, 08:15
Here mostly, Mil quite often, Hysteria & Neuralgia a bit, occasionally Rotorvators. Read some of t'others.

Interesting the different "atmospheres" that come across in the various forums. Anyone else noticed that? For instance Rotorheads always seems to me to be slightly "cold". Must be the draught.:)

Anthony Carn
5th Apr 2004, 08:17
never been near the Cross dressing and gender reasignment forum yet...............
I can't find it ! :{

Nurse ! :{

.................sorry, I am the nurse today. :}

5th Apr 2004, 10:54
JB. I like to have a place where I can ramble like someone out of Monty Python without being told to take my medecine.

a is dum
5th Apr 2004, 11:06
Time to take your medicine D_H.

Nurse! :}

5th Apr 2004, 11:26
How could I forget the infamous foray into The Carribean forum.

Got into a bit of bother over that. :ouch:

Mr Chips
5th Apr 2004, 11:31
here mostly, bashes now and again. ATC cos it's my job... agony aunt a couple of times, R&N on my more serious days...

and I just had a post moved to history and nostalgia!! Its dusty in that one....

5th Apr 2004, 14:55
Passengers & SLF
occasionally Rumours & News (started a 5* thread, I did - not so common for someone from the back of the plane)
once or twice Questions, Computer, French, MidEast

Would like somewhere to discuss the airline business. Fascinating subject.

a is dum
5th Apr 2004, 15:00
How about this Forum:

Airlines, Airports & Routes
Topics about airports, routes and airline business


tony draper
5th Apr 2004, 15:09
Yer should have Limbo danced in under the door,TC they might not have caught yer.
Have posted a few times on the mil forum, now that does take nerve, even Tricky Woo didn't have the bottle to go there.


Anthony Carn
5th Apr 2004, 15:26
Hmmmm !

Easily get a bit wound up in the Mil Forum do they ?

I've often wondered if the Dunnunda lot would be good sport, too.


5th Apr 2004, 15:42
a is dum

Yes, you would have thought that was the right place.

During the enquiry about new London runways, it was almost impossible to keep a debate going on that forum. I can't remember where it wound up in the end, might have been R&N. The result was that the debate successfully predicted the government's strategy prior to the official announcement (although we might have been helped by some spinning - impossible to tell).

The people who are interested in the biz are different from the people who are interested in specific routes. Understandable.

5th Apr 2004, 19:47
Don't post much at all though I have somehow managed to amass 200+ posts.

Have been known to post on JB, SLF, Rotorheads, AH+N, Airlines-Airports, Mil, Questions, Computing Issues and Private Flying.

I have absolutely no qualifications for posting on any of the forums apart from JB, SLF and Questions.

I feel it is a real skill to word a post such that one acknowledges that one is completely out of one's depth but blessed with an ever-so slighty useful bit of information or a question which does not immediately give the impression that one is a Civil Engineer without any valid reason to ask such a question.

I've not fully mastered the above skills testified by my unwitting ability to post the last post on a significant percentage of the threads I contribute to.


17th Apr 2004, 17:44
Another one of my inquisitive posts! - I promise i'm not doing market research!

Where else do you guys post? The only other place i venture is Military Aircrew, and i don't see many of you there?

17th Apr 2004, 17:49
Used to spend too much time in Private Flying - but it isn't about flying so much anymore so, erm, don't :hmm:

17th Apr 2004, 20:34
DeepC wrote
'I feel it is a real skill to word a post such that one acknowledges that one is completely out of one's depth but blessed with an ever-so slighty useful bit of information or a question which does not immediately give the impression that one is a Civil Engineer without any valid reason to ask such a question.'

There is a difference between reporting relevant factual information that other R&N contributers might not have access to and giving an opinion. Placing external information in context comes somewhere between the two. I suppose questions rank on the same level as opinions as they imply that you are trying to form a valid opinion.

All require lots of time for editing. Apart from knowing one's limitations, no great skill is needed. I have expressed an opinion on R&N a grand total of once - there just happened to be a subject about which I felt professionally qualified to comment. Probably will never happen again.

17th Apr 2004, 23:16
Hey Coco

I'm looking at the Carrib. for hols this year, what's recommended?


18th Apr 2004, 02:08
I often have to answer hundreds of questions each day about the Aviation buisness and becomming a pilot.
But truth be told I havn't got the heart to tell someone the realities of the buisness, the way I see it, when I am face to face!

So I have been know to shatter many a dream in the Rotorheads and Wannabee forums, just for S**ts and Giggles, I love winding newbies up!

Some come so wide eyed, and think everything will just be so Rosie if they just sell everything they own, move continenet and get a shiney new CPL and expect to just waltz in to a well paid job, flying multi million dollar aircraft at the end of it, and then get all offended personally when I rain on there parade!!

However you may not know how important a resource the Rotorheads section is, it is the premier forum for Helicopter pilots around the world, I have yet to meet someone very serious about Helicopters in any part of the world who has does not read or post on it reguarly!

I used to be a bit of a Demon for the old Current affairs forum, just to winde Bubbette and Wino up, (Still convinced they are one and the same!!)

18th Apr 2004, 22:18

I know the feeling, a couple of us just got an eye bashing from people who probably have never flown a helicopter over on Rotorheads for telling someone the reality of things after we had been there and done that.

All the "Don't listen to them, Follow the dream" crowd came in and jumped down our throats.

A poor fella hiting midlife crises, thinks that by selling up shop and bringing his family to the U.S and spending everything he has on helis, his problems will somehow be solved.

Some people will only hear what they want to hear!!

20th Apr 2004, 11:28

You think Wino and Bubbette are the same person? Hahahaha!

If I went to bed with Bubbette (which I accept is rather unlikely) and woke up next to Wino, I would be mightily displeased!

Perhaps some research would be in order?