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21st Nov 2001, 21:39
My wife says that my mind is playing tricks on me, but I recall having seen on TV this "sport" at some country pubs in the Mid West. Paying customers in cowboy hats would pick up a dwarf by his pants and suspenders and toss him down a padded alley; chalk marked off in feet and inches. Anybody know in what State(s) that was? :confused:

tony draper
21st Nov 2001, 21:53
I believe this sport was invented in Australia
as their contribution to the year of world culture, along with long distance projectile vomiting. ;)

21st Nov 2001, 22:17
GlueBall -

Actually, "Dwarf Bowling" is a well recognized sport here in the "country" parts of the USA. Dwarf substituted for the bowling ball. If the dwarf is too short, the 7-10 combination is really hard to make. :D :eek: :cool: :rolleyes:

dAAvid -

21st Nov 2001, 23:21
Yes, Dwarf bowling abounds, but I never saw the tossing for distance.

Usually the dwarf is wearing the pile velcro, and is tossed towards a wall, where he/she sticks, one goes for style of toss, and height :D

22nd Nov 2001, 00:08
Thanks for update! :cool:

22nd Nov 2001, 03:36
i want to live in USA, it sounds like fun

22nd Nov 2001, 05:00
....unless you're a dwarf :D :D :D

22nd Nov 2001, 06:45
A more genteel sport is belt sander racing. I've got a Makita GTX that's never been beaten.
Of course, for the really adventurous there's chain saw juggling. :eek:

22nd Nov 2001, 09:36
See what 10 months of winter and 24 hours of darkness will do to a person! :D

Pigboat - do you have a female pet moose? ? ? :eek:

Long Live the Great White North.

from sunny Texas -

dAAvid -

22nd Nov 2001, 13:47
Less dramatic perhaps than the others, but with its very own following, is the annual Public Servants' Brief-Case Toss, season's highlight in front of the Supreme Court building in Ottawa. Doesn't compare with dwarves or chain saws, of course, but then again the contestants are, well, Public Servants.

23rd Nov 2001, 03:11
AA, both sports are American through and through. Participated in the first at a bar in CLE. Just to prove that an idle mind is the devil's playground, we drew up the ground rules for the second one evening at a whiskey tastin' out in MAF. :D

Davaar, last time in OW I watched some people "throw their stanes" as Chuck Hay would put it. Any connection?

1st Dec 2001, 18:06
News report from Tampa,Florida, per The Ottawa Citizen, December 1:


Radio broadcaster Dave the Dwarf has sued to overturn Florida's ban on dwarf tossing, saying he should be allowed to decide for himself whether to participate in the barroom contests.

Dwarf tossing is a contest in which dwarfs don harnesses and allow bar patrons to hurl them through the air onto mattresses.

Florida banned it in 1989 after lobbying from Little People of America, which said the contests were demeaning and encouraged people to treat dwarfs as objects.

David Flood, who is less than a metre tall, filed suit, challenging the ban as unconstitutional. He said it illegally singles out people with dwarfism.