View Full Version : Anyone know why.....?

21st Nov 2001, 18:03
...Rock Guitarists always pull funny faces when they play...? :eek:

...Windows always says 'are you sure?', when you've just spent 10 mins selecting files for deletion...? :mad:

...we always have meetings to discuss what we will say at the next meeting...? :rolleyes:

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tony draper
21st Nov 2001, 18:57
Perhaps thats the guitarists normal face,and they contort their featues when not playing guitar. ;)

Life of TrollyDollyLover
21st Nov 2001, 19:31
Does anybody know why Draper always has a sad face on all of his posts.

Surly it should be of a Sun God...

Wha Ha Ha Ha Harrrrrrr (Monsters Laugh) :eek:

tony draper
21st Nov 2001, 20:50
Draper never concidered that face sad, its a bemused face, as Drapers own is most of the time. :( , this is a sad face.

22nd Nov 2001, 05:42
Yeh well does anyone know why:

* M-m-max Headroom disappeared af-af-after the 80s?

* Eumir Deodato (2001 S.O. fame) never wrote anything more?

* Slade (I Said Momma Where All Crazee Now) never broke up and simply stopped playing?

* Brad Pitt picked Jennifer Aniston?

22nd Nov 2001, 06:08
And why does Draper always address Draper as Draper... very disturbing.

tony draper
22nd Nov 2001, 06:24
Because Draper is called Draper, if one had a splendid name such as Slasher, one would call oneself Slasher. ;)

22nd Nov 2001, 07:52

Max Headroom disappeared with the 80's because he was a product of that unspeakable decade, along with Devo, insurance bonds, shoulder pads, interest in the America's Cup, and Margaret Thatcher. It's just a great pity one of the worst products of the 80's, music videos, didn't disappear with them.

As for Deodato, I could have sworn that somewhere in my archives, should I sweep away the dust and cobwebs, I would find at least four Deodato LP's, but my memory must be failing me. Rats! :(

You'd kick Jennifer out of bed, btw?
:eek: :eek:

Travelling Toolbox
22nd Nov 2001, 08:35
That's okay Bino, all four are safely with me in my collection :D

I'll pull out my catalogue and get their titles when I knock off. :)

22nd Nov 2001, 17:27
Geez Slash, talk about a violent flashback to the days of my favourite flouro 'Go Go' fringed t-shirt :eek:
It's all this talk about Mmmmax Headroomheadroomheadroom :D :D :D

GG xo

23rd Nov 2001, 06:04
Bino nah I wouldnt kick her out of bed. Just that if I had Pitts looks and manner Idve hunted for something a bit more sluttey-lookin like Lisa Kudrow or Rees Wetherspoon. That JA gets $1.2 mill each Friends episode may have something to do with it?

23rd Nov 2001, 07:02
$1.2 million? For a mediocre actress in a tired sitcom? Is that obscene or am I the one with the twisted view of the world?

:confused: :confused: