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tony draper
21st Nov 2001, 16:50
Something strange going on today, Draper was being dragged around park by small hound early this morning, as per.
Something glinting in the grass caught Drapers eye, small cold coloured Kruggerand sized disk, Draper stoops picks same up, fingers trembling, alas a brass disc.
This disc has a face stamped on it, you probably know it well, sort of stylized round human face with rounded O for a mouth, surrounded by stylised round sun disc, seen this before but have no idea what it is or if it has a proper name.
Anyway Draper flings disk away in disapointment, later thsis morning Draper is toveying down to shops again being dragged by small hound, when in a garden he passes, something again catches his eye, a piece of garden furniture, you know tubular steel plastic sort of chair, Bugg*r me, on back of chair is self same face only this time about a foot across, clucking at the coincidence small hound and self return to Draper Towers.
This is where it gets spooky, Draper goes into rarely used junk room, looking for a specific book, loads of books in bookcases Draper inherits from late uncle, many of which Draper hasn't even looked at yet, pulls out book at random, and yes you guessed, self same face staring back at him from dust cover.
Now as you know Draper regards himself as a man of science, and has little truck with this ghouly and ghosty nonsense, but this begins to worry Draper, are the old gods trying to tell Draper something, impart some urgent piece of information vital for Drapers well being.
Anyway, Draper was wondering if any of the ladies ,or gents for that matter are skilled at such things as reading tea leaves (or bags one supposes now), the tarrot, or divining the future from the entrails of beasts and other such arcane skills, can help one.
What is the meaning of this inexplicable series of events,? what is the signifigance of that particular face? what lottery numbers correspond to that face,? what does it all mean?. HELP :eek:

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21st Nov 2001, 16:59
Bl00dy hell drapes, I wouldn't like to be in your shoes :eek: :eek: :eek:

What was the title of the book ?

21st Nov 2001, 17:07
If this guy is still alive I would avoid meeting him at all costs.
BTW if you look in the mirror and see this face you are in real trouble.

tony draper
21st Nov 2001, 17:18
Its a none fiction work about a couple who moved to Greece just after the war written in the sixties from the look of it,so I suppose that symbol has something to do with Greece.
Hmmm, thats a thought,perhaps it means Draper will have to guard his arse for the next few weeks. :eek:

21st Nov 2001, 17:45
It's just God being a little bored with all the other beings in the universe, Tony, and he's picking on you for personal amusement.
Just do what I do, look up at the sky, hold your hands high, and shout, "VERY BLOODY FUNNY, NOW ****** OFF!!"
The dog barking madly at half-formed shadows moving in the dark corners of the room also helps if you're in the right mood.

21st Nov 2001, 17:56
Hmmmmm ... THREE warnings within the space of one day. It appears to me, Mr. Draper, that you are in serious trouble. You have clearly angered the Sun God in some awful way and he is coming to get you.

This is what you must do to avert the wrath of the All Powerful One. First, you must assemble the following items:-

A red silk scarf
A box of Redheads matches
A beetroot
A red rose, fully opened
A piece of red tissue paper
A red candle

Three minutes before sunrise on the third day after you experienced these omens, you must stand in your garden facing east with all of the above items ready to hand.

Wrap the silk scarf around your head and tie securely making sure the knot is close to your left ear.

Wrap the beetroot in the tissue paper then use the matches to light the candle. Place the rose between your teeth and, holding the wrapped beetroot in your right hand and the lighted candle in your left, face the sun as it rises and repeat the following three times ...

By this globe, this wick and rose
Flame of red beneath my nose
Lift this curse and set me free
Rise and shine, so mote it be.

You will observe that the sun makes its appearance more or less on your command which indicates that you have been forgiven your transgression. However, should this not happen, stronger measures are indicated ...

You must then untie your scarf and place it on the ground. Place the wrapped beetroot in the centre with the rose to the left and the candle to the right. Scatter all the matches except one onto the assembled ingredients. Strike the last match, drop onto the pile along with the cardboard box and step back smartly as the whole lot bursts into flames.

Walk back to house, shaking head and muttering, "I can't believe I was taken in by this sh..t.!"


tony draper
21st Nov 2001, 18:13
Damm, its dificult to reach the keyboard fron inside this chalk pentacle.
As I said Draper is a man of science, he was hoping for some more constructive advice, ie the name of this symbol, so one could thru a cunningly worked mathematical manipulation convert it into numbers one could enter on ones lottery ticket.
Although there may be something in this mumbo jumbo, I believe Draper mentioned in a earlier thread, one had cause to invoke the name of Wotan thrice, and subsequently had four numbers on the lottery.
It seems to Draper that whatever the overall plan is for this universe, and whatever it was created for, Draper was meant by fate to be immensley rich, within said universe, Draper feels this most deeply, it is what amounts to a religious conviction, unusual for a atheist such as Draper.
Ah well, one has purchased ones lottery ticket for tonight, which was the sole reason small hound and self went to shops in the first place.
Small hound had completely different reason for being in park, but thats the deal we have, we do what he wants for 98%of the time and Draper is master for the other 2%, believe me thats a pretty good deal to get out of a Jack Russel.

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21st Nov 2001, 19:06
tony - you'll know the exorcism spell is working when your head starts turning through 360 degrees - accompanied by that awful graunching noise ..... Yeeuuuuuchhh !

21st Nov 2001, 23:23
No need to be spooked, just one of those synchronicity thingys. I find them always to have been benign/amusing...they often come in clusters, so be on the lookout.

I had my own example just the other day when I encountered three references to the Northern lights in the space of a couple of hours.(one of which was on PPrune)

tony draper
21st Nov 2001, 23:40
Had a book out of the library once about coincidence, some absolutly spooky ones have been verified as true.
One lady worked in a small office by herself, her boss was away in another town.
At lunch time she lockd up the office and walked into town on a personel errand, as she is passing a public telephone box about half a mile from the office she hears the phone ring, so she go's in picks up the phone and answers it, (people do that in the UK).
It is her boss on the other end and he asks her to get a file ut the cabinet and read him some information, she tries to explain, but he doesn't belive she's not in the office,
He had rang his office but misdialed and got the phone box just as the lady was walking past.
Spooky what?. :eek:

22nd Nov 2001, 00:20
draper, that happened to me whilst at Uni. At the end of one term, my g/f and I were walking through the village from my digs to hers, and passing a phone box, the phone inside was ringing. I picked it up. A voice said "Is Sally there?"

I said to the g/f - "It's for you". She freaked, and refused to take it, saying it couldn't be her. I got back on the phone.

"Do you mean Sally West?"
"Yes" (in tones saying 'Who is this mental retard I've managed to get?'
I said to g/f:-
"It is for you!"
It was her landlady, telling her that her parents had arrived to pick her up - had misdialled, and got the phone box instead, just as we passed it.

22nd Nov 2001, 00:35
Has it occurred to no one but me that this could be the curse of D***y F**e, sage of this parish, and martyr to wasted bandwidth?

22nd Nov 2001, 00:44
I think you may be spot on there, U_R - it has occurred to nobody but you! :D

tony draper
22nd Nov 2001, 00:51
The only strange thing in that vein that ever happened to me was after me old mother died, like most mothers then she used to sing away to herself as she worked in the kitchen when I was a small lad.
Her particular song sounded like some old Irish folk song, and involved the words,(If I were a blackbird, I'd whistle and sing)I remember that bit, now I hadn't heard her sing this for must be forty years nor had I ever heard it on the radio.
About a week after the old ladies funeral I was walking thru one of those DIY supermarkets of all places when that song started playing on the background music speakers ,first time I'd heard it for forty years, made the hair on the back of my neck stand up I can tell you.

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22nd Nov 2001, 00:57
draper, is your mum now haunting supermarkets for a living? :eek:

Lon More
22nd Nov 2001, 02:10
Please stay way, way away from me!!

tony draper
22nd Nov 2001, 02:17
If you are privy to some information on these serious matters, Mr More, Draper would be very greatful if you could be more forthcoming,oops thats amost a pun.
One assumes you have some expertise in matters supernatural.

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Per Ardua Ad Asda
25th Nov 2001, 17:01
Mr. Draper

I'm not following you around, BTW - just in case it might look that way..) ...can't help noticing that you have a thread on Coins [and now find a coin thingy the park], someone asks why your posts have a sad [bemused] face and you raise the subject of Greece in the title of the book-of-the-same-coin.

Prof. Sigmund suggests zat it iss ein subkonscious manifestation of ein troubled psyche. You feel guilty zat your posts neffer haffa zmile on zere faze. Zis, koupled mit der fact zat you vere deprived of Farzings as a child has led you to konsider emigrating to Greece vere ze cost of livink ist much cheaper. I suggest zat you do not try to eke out an existence there as a Schpotter, though. Zis could have dire conseqvences. Keep taking ze Pils mein freund.


tony draper
25th Nov 2001, 17:17
Ha! Draper is no Freudian, the man was a complete fraud, looked upon fondly by such people as luvies,artists,social workers and the like.
The man is not even worth Drapers distain. ;)

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25th Nov 2001, 19:51
I know some people seem more prone to coincidence/synchronicity than others - or maybe it is just that they are more open to it! Draper, the music playing in the supermarket was probably your mother just reminding you of the food choices she would make and urging you NOT to pick up the second wine box or keg of beer of something!! There was a trendy series of books in the USA a few years back, called The Celestine Prophecy, which focussed on synchronicity and how we should be open to it and follow what happens...not sure if I go with that but guess that is cos I don't appear to encounter any so I am sulking until it does!! :D