View Full Version : Smoked salmon/Cured salmon(lox)

3rd Apr 2004, 18:36
Ok, try to buy only wild salmon, farmed might be a bit dicey these days.

Slice thinly if not already nicely sliced for you.
On a bagel with cream cheese is very nice.

To take it up a notch....

Buy or make some fresh pasta (available most everywhere these days) - tagliatelli will do. If fresh, three/four minutes in salted, boiling water will be enough.
Make or buy a white sauce - bechamel will work.
Get a whole bunch of parsley (a lot) and cut finely - add to simmering sauce.
Take many slices of salmon, cut in smaller slices similar in size to the tagliatelli and add to simmering sauce a couple of minutes before the end. Add a generous amount of black pepper. Pour over lightly drained pasta. Serve right away. A nice dry white wine goes well.

That's my dinner sorted.

3rd Apr 2004, 19:44
Salmon fillet on a plank of cedar wood, fired up on the grill outside. Salt and pepper. Bl00dy brillaint.


Boss Raptor
3rd Apr 2004, 20:36
smoked salmon, baked beans, worcester sauce...on toast

3rd Apr 2004, 20:51

Rolling You haven't poped in to my local bistro per chance? The sauce you describe is heavenly!! I've only ever came across one place that serves it and that's the bistro down the road from me. Feckin fantastic! :ok:

4th Apr 2004, 00:33
Mind if I nip over to join you, RT?