View Full Version : Anyone with youngsters

Flying Farmer
3rd Apr 2004, 19:35
Now I have your attention

Any parents with youngsters got the game Bop-it :ok:

Care to disclose your solo high score?

Mine 225 :} sad git aren't I

Care to better it

Flying F

3rd Apr 2004, 22:57
Brill game ! not letting on about my score though !:p

3rd Apr 2004, 23:02
Sorry, it's Saturday night and me and the missus are are off to play Boff-it. No time to take part in a survey.....and it's not as good played solo....:E

3rd Apr 2004, 23:20
Excellent game.
Fun to try playing solo with two of you at the same time. :ouch:

Can't tell you my high score, don't understand the 'beats':cool: