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3rd Apr 2004, 17:13
Has anyone got a really nice piece of computer toy/gadget?

I'm allways looking for new toys

It's OK-don't be shy, feel free to boast


3rd Apr 2004, 20:50
The g/f is an Ann Summers agent.......She's got lots of toys

3rd Apr 2004, 21:06
my latest phone is also a PDA and synchs with outlook, can email from the phone, view & send videos...& stuff...not really that fancy but is keeping me amused. Looks like I'm putting a breifcase to my ear though it's that big. :(

3rd Apr 2004, 22:07
Neuston MC-500 Virtuoso (http://www.neuston.com/en/mc500.asp) :)

3rd Apr 2004, 22:10
Hey, cracking gadget that, ORAC. I read the website and I still don't have a clue what it is for. I must buy one immediately :ok:

Oggin Aviator
3rd Apr 2004, 23:33
A big gadget and one I dont own, but looks fun:

Moller Skycar (http://www.moller.com/skycar/)

4th Apr 2004, 08:25
Powerbook G4, iPod, iPaq (getting a bit dated that one), Sony T610, Canon Ixus.....and got my eye on a Sony DSC-T1 digicam for purchase on an upcoming HKG trip.

But I find that the gadget that impresses some people the most is one of these....... (http://www.montblanc.com/html/popup.php3?category=282&nshtml=1)

None of the above
4th Apr 2004, 09:58
Evesham have just released a Pocket PC with integrated GPS and moving map display.
Claimed to be the first 'ready to go' system of its kind.
Would love one, but due to 'ongoing financial constraints' (ie:
permanently skint) I think at about 450 it will remain on the wish list. Click here:http://www.lowestonweb.com/Products/displayInfoMain.asp?e=A152ACBE-AF02-4221-AF21-09EF44720757&c=30B1708A-49CC-4504-998D-3F7B7E18017D&td=1

Have a Garmin Etrex which I bought in the US on me hols last year. At the equivalent of 80 it was a bargain. Here on 'Treasure Island' they sell for 120.

4th Apr 2004, 10:02
IPOD by far the best MP3 around (and all the nice little add-ons you can buy for it!!)


4th Apr 2004, 11:10
IPOD by far the best MP3 around (and all the nice little add-ons you can buy for it!!) Do these nice little add-ons include the (non-user replaceable) battery that runs out just after the warranty expires??? :*

4th Apr 2004, 16:35
I've heard these rumours about battery life, i've had my IPOD for about 8 months and havent noticed a dip in battery performance.......yet!

But I also read in those gadget mags (T3)that the battery can be replaced (40-60) by apple or you can extend your warranty for less than that.

much like mobile phones, laptop batteries,everything has a shelf life and no doubt in 6-18 months something will come out to supercede it and then i'll buy that!

Then i'll just use my ipod thru mains electricy plugged into my Hi-Fi or thru the ciggie lighter in my motor.

I still think its the dogs bollox!!


Paul Wilson
4th Apr 2004, 23:21
More to the pint in about 6 months time, all those dodgy mobile phone stalls on the local markets, will have a new sign
"iPod battery's replaced 10"

note to spelling police: comma misplaced on purpose

4th Apr 2004, 23:44
12" iBook
Tungsten T3 PDA.
Garmin Legend GPS.
They're the latest gadgets. :D
Checkers has got the Kane gear GPS to go with his T3.

5th Apr 2004, 00:00
A watch that tells you how fast you are going!!!!!


5th Apr 2004, 00:03
Buddy of mine has just decked his house out with X10 stuff. Effin great. Dim the lights, turn on the kettle, fire up the stereo...all at the touch of a button on a remote control. I'm getting mine next week!

5th Apr 2004, 10:23
I love gadgets :
Parker Duofold - very exclusive and writes beautifully
Tungsten T3 - synched with iPod (iTravel always impresses) - synched with iMac 17"
Garmen eTrex
Bose home theatre system

Mr Chips
5th Apr 2004, 10:36
Dim the lights, turn on the kettle, fire up the stereo...all at the touch of a button on a remote control. I'm getting mine next week!

Why Jerricho? Has Mrs J left you or something????

5th Apr 2004, 10:44
I acquired a 20Gb iPod recently and I'm in love with the thing. I can't remember the last time I got such a thrill from just opening the packaging (OK, I can remember - it was unwrapping the Millenium Falcon one Christmas). It is a thing of beauty.

thru the ciggie lighter

I didn't know you could get a cigar lighter adapter. Have to look out for one of those.

5th Apr 2004, 12:33
Surprised nobody has mentioned the "Bond" camera.

Sits inside a Zippo lighter case and can be left for up to a week to take pictures at programmed times!!:}

Ric Capucho
5th Apr 2004, 12:52
My prestige gadgets, in no particular order...

Apple iMac 17" G4
Canon Digital Ixus V3
Borg 100ED f/6.4 refractor telescope
Tele Vue Panoptic 24mm
Tele Vue Nagler T6 13mm
Tele Vue Nagler T6 9mm
Tele Vue 3-6mm Nagler Zoom eyepiece
Salomon Snowboard

...and my wish list...

Salomon Scream Pilot race - carving skis
KEF Instant Theatre - unobtrusive home cinema system
VW Touareg V8 Sport


Flying Duck
5th Apr 2004, 17:54
Ahhh gadgets - I love gadgets .....

Ipod 40GB (and creature speakers) :ok:
Sony Ericsson T610 :ok:
Tungsten T3 :ok:
iMac 17" G4 :ok:
Minolta DiMAGE Xt :ok:
VERY empty bank account :{

Wish list

5th Apr 2004, 22:46
Chippy - Nah mate......she's chained to the sink!

6th Apr 2004, 00:28
That's a lot of Naglers!

But not the big Type 5 31mm?

6th Apr 2004, 01:35
Have been looking for a really geeky watch of late. Almost bought a Casio Databank purely for nostalgia reasons, trouble is they're exactly the same as when I was a wee sprog...

Found a watch with a USB cable and 64meg HD, which is a bit cool but not really geeky. They're selling palm based watches in the states, pretty cheap too but not out over here yet...

Does anyone have a really geeky watch they'd recommend?

6th Apr 2004, 01:40
I've got a parsley mincer (manual), a Porkert meat mincer (with a handle and three different mincing blades), and a slicer (hand operated) that slices only runner beans ... batteries not included. Wonderful things they are ....