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3rd Apr 2004, 09:32
Isn't it time to have a Sticky generates that tells everyone and his brother that getting an in-flight cockpit visit is impossible these days. Have seen about three this week, and countless others since joining. Perhaps a forum titled Bleedingly Obvious Questions or somesuch.

Optimus Prime
3rd Apr 2004, 13:26
Many Pilots enjoy a flight deck visit especially on the night IBZ

3rd Apr 2004, 16:02
It's a real shame they are no longer possible.

I had some great times on the flight deck, and given that I will never do it as a job now, it's sad it can't happen any more.

I think some pilots, if they are prepared to break the rules, will allow them.

3rd Apr 2004, 16:05
Did you guys actually read the original post or did you just skim through and pick out what you thought were the key words?

3rd Apr 2004, 16:07
Good point!

I misread your post totally! Sorry.

3rd Apr 2004, 16:10
Ah, no worries. We are in JetBlast after all. All we need now is someone to come along and correct our grammar and we'll be away. ;)

3rd Apr 2004, 17:43
DAT, for future reference; the correct expression is nurries.
Please do keep that in mind. :rolleyes:

Anthony Carn
3rd Apr 2004, 18:05
Who's DAT ? :confused:

Or should I say "Whodat?"

Only enjoyed visits from totty.

Then it was too much of a distraction.

Otherwise, glad I can now say "no" without seeming impolite.

"Where are we ?"

"What's that do ?"

"Does it take long to become a pilot ?"

"Ooh, what a lot of knobs and dials !"

"Do you ever get fed up of the job !"

"How do you remember what everything does ?"

"Are you just doing the one flight and getting off ?"

Yackety, yackety, yackety..........whilst we're trying to monitor ATC in the other ear.

3rd Apr 2004, 18:10
Only enjoyed visits from totty.
totty, totty, who the hell is totty? :confused:

BTW Anthony, I never asked dead end questions like that!!!


I could tell people how to do it but then I'd ave to kill em ;)


Anthony Carn
3rd Apr 2004, 18:16
totty, totty, who the hell is totty? http://cgi.peak.org/~jeremy/retort.cgi?British=totty

One of the few clean sites my Google "totty" turned up. :ooh:

I'm just disappearing for a while.................:E

Shaggy Sheep Driver
3rd Apr 2004, 18:19
AC - I was lucky enough to get a Concorde jump seat ride from pushback at Manchester to brakes on at CDG, including 60,000 feet and mach 2.02 over the western aproaches. When the 'flight deck visits' were taking place there was an endless series of just such questions. Most common statement was "oooh, there isn't much room", and most common question was "how do you understand all those dials" (Concorde is rather well endowed with dials and switchery, and cockpit is a tad 'cosy').

These were being fielded by a supernumery captain standing in at the back of the cockpit (the 2 pilots and the FE were far too busy). Eventually, in answer to the 100th asking of the latter question, he said "I sit at home under the stairs and practice with the gas meter":)


3rd Apr 2004, 21:48
I hate you:mad:
but I did have a "Front Seat" 90 mins in a Hawk:ok:

3rd Apr 2004, 22:41
I visit the cockpit about 10 to 15 times a day. It's my ambition to reduce this frequency ...;)

Shaggy Sheep Driver
3rd Apr 2004, 23:52
Chiglet - tough call. Obviously the Conc flight is now unrepeatable and even though I was still a passenger I'll treasure it for ever. Front seat in a Hawk offers the possibilty of flying the aeroplane, and it looks muchos fun to fly. Did you?? I'd just love to:D :D :D