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29th Jun 2001, 03:02
Madame Tussaud's have great pleasure in announcing the new Alice Springs Waxwork Museum.
This wonderful all-glass structure, ideally positioned to gather maximum sunlight, is free to go in and once inside you'll marvel at some of the unique wax models obviously made with such care and attention to detail. You'll see lifelike historical figures such as Cardinal Wolsely, with that famous eye-brow that seemed to drip down his sagging cheek and next to him King John, sealing the Magna Carta with his nose. Further on Nelson's remaining arm trickles artistically down his left sleeve and Rembrandt's chin dangles near his knees on a thin sliver of flesh coloured wax.

One of the oldest exhibits is a large, well-lit tableaux in the centre of the main hall depicting Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family. 12 small lumps of knobbly wax glistening in the Sun's rays like a dozen cottage loaves on a bakers tray, the whole on a bed of scattered ermine and red velvet. In the east hall you'll shudder at the grotesque exhibits which seen to live and breathe in the Chamber of Horrors, Clive James, Kylie Minogue, Rolf Harris and the largest exhibit 'the Trial of Ned Kelly' - 9 small mounds of beeswax, 8 with wigs and 1 with a black biscuit tin. The museum is open throughout the summer and Bank Holidays.

29th Jun 2001, 03:15
Hmm, cottage loaves,
Does Alice actually have a spring?
What's the admission charge?

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29th Jun 2001, 05:16
lol mycroft. Must have been a good night to think that one up...I like your train of thought.

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