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2nd Apr 2004, 14:48
I am curious if you like to wear your uniforms, specially if you go or come back from work ? does women pay attention more to you guys in uniforms ? is it easier to pick women :) , remember that movie "Catch me if you can" ?? is that glamour still around ???

2nd Apr 2004, 17:56
I'm not a pilot, but I did see how that guy in Coronation street managed to bluff being a pilot, he pulled Deirdre Rashid, arguably the sexiest woman on television. She even went to jail for him, definitely must have been the uniform.

Why don't ya buy yourself a pilots shirt, a pair of black trousers, a tie, 3 no 4 bar eppaulettes, all of which can be purchased from Transair. If ya want a hat and jacket try ebay.

When these have been purshased if ya lucky enough to live near a major airport, why don't you sit at a hotel bar within the environs of airport and check it out for yourself. (why not ask travllers at check in what flight they on, when you're inebriated and when they reply, say oh what a coincidence I'm flying that plane).

If however you don't live near an airport don't be disheartened, for you can still wear uniform with pride through your local high street.

Good luck with impersonation.

Anthony Carn
2nd Apr 2004, 18:04
I feel like a stupid [email protected] in my uniform.

Mind you, maybe that's because I'm a stupid [email protected] :( :}

2nd Apr 2004, 18:45
in vino veritas

The Nr Fairy
2nd Apr 2004, 19:42
I'll be blunt.

I took the train from Newbury back home a few weeks ago, gold bars and all, having done my first ever proper commercial flight as "Captain Fairy". Fel really self-conscious - won't do it again.

2nd Apr 2004, 21:48
Capt Fairy: maybe the tutu and magic wand had something to do with it? :E

Onan the Clumsy
3rd Apr 2004, 00:01
Anthony I feel like a stupid [email protected] in my uniform. Maybe that's because it's a NURSES uniform :}

Anthony Carn
3rd Apr 2004, 04:33
Maybe that's because it's a NURSES uniform
No, the feelings when I wear my nurses uniform are very different. :E

Would you like me to expand ?

Opps ! Oh my, I'm expanding just thinking about it ! ;)