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28th Jun 2001, 21:47
What a f**kwit. Thanks for nearly shutting down JB Natter, nice one you plonker.

Suggest you keep your dim-head down around here for a while.

Tristar Freak
28th Jun 2001, 21:52
Is that the same NAtterjack that used to be Dash, Dash 8 pilot, Dasher and Masterplan?

Bio Warrior
28th Jun 2001, 22:00
Instead of appreciating Natterjack (something that I'm sure noone feels overly inclined towards just now)

How about we appreciate Danny for giving JB back to us again? THANK YOU SIR!!!!!

>hugs and purrrrs<

-Bio (the much happier pprune kitten)

Belief is nine tenths of understanding

28th Jun 2001, 23:22
What went on, What did I miss?

I see JB was nearly closed, what did natter do this time?

Send Clowns
28th Jun 2001, 23:26
Was it Natter? Then Slash has been flogging himself needlessly (if unenthusiastically) with birch twigs. He can take off the false sack cloth and the easy-wash ashes too. What he do this time?

'Me here at last on the ground, you in mid air'

Tricky Woo
29th Jun 2001, 00:18
While Natterjack is indeed a bit of a prat, let's not beat him up in this case for not knowing where the boundaries are. He is, after all, a newcomer to these unhallowed halls.

Let's be honest here, I've seen a lot worse, prior to the infamous 'hotel lobby' incident, posted by, er, the lot of us. Not me, obviously, as I'm such a civilised f**ker.

Greatly amused that Slasher assumed that he was about to get chucked into the sin-bin again. Can't blame him, really, 'cos he is indeed a very naughty lad.


Winston Smith
29th Jun 2001, 00:40
Hi all,

since I am a newcomer as well, would anyone mind telling me what all this "hotel lobby" talk is about - and anything else which it is vitally important to know, for that matter?

Thanks in advance.

29th Jun 2001, 00:52
Actually Tricky hon, natterjack has gone through several incarnations in Prune - from the infamous and unlamented but oh so dashing ;) - so is not new. He was certainly around during the 'Hotel Lobby' incident, under another name and so should have known better.

Winston - check out this thread - a precursor of today's incident


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Tricky Woo
29th Jun 2001, 01:26
Hi Vel,

In that case he's a complete f**kwit. Sorry for getting in the way of justice.

TW, xxx

29th Jun 2001, 11:29
Natterjack .... Natterjack ..... DASH it all, I just can't seem to remember who that is! I've been DASHing around all day trying to think who he is. Better have a whisky with a DASH of soda while I try to get the memory cells working. Vel, have you any DASHed idea who it is? And is that a dish-DASH you're wearing Vel? Anyway, hope the silly ass is banned forever so that we don't risk losing this again. Right - toodle-pip - must DASH.

29th Jun 2001, 12:03
Bloody hell, it was Natterjack then!!!!!!! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif

Wonder if he was sober...... :) :)

Still well done to Danny - sites can get sued out of existence for less than this, y'know......

Live long and Prosper.....

Stiff Lil' Fingers
29th Jun 2001, 12:40
In the words of Captain Manwaring "You stupid boy!"

A salutory tale, no doubt, about the perils of posting after 5 too many beers!

For jeopardising JB, maybe we could track him down for the next bash, place him in stocks and charge a 1 a go to chuck rotten fruit.....good way of replenishing the pprune fund coffers.


29th Jun 2001, 12:51
well, my MASTERPLAN, is to DASH off and have a few words with the Natterjackarse.

Why is it always the way that one sad loser can ruin it all for the rest of us?

I look forward to his next incarnation - a reward to the first person to reckognise him!!

Not NOW - I've got a hangover

29th Jun 2001, 12:53
So it's the hotel lobby rule again is it. If that includes a hotel lobby during a pprune bash, I guess we can still talk about sex, violence, rock n roll!

29th Jun 2001, 13:09
I seem to have missed all the fun (again)

I get the idea of hotel lobby rules, but are we talking five star hotels here, or the rat infested flea pits that hotac kindley book for us low life flt crews? :)

Stay cool, stay longer.

29th Jun 2001, 13:55
So it was nutterjack huh? Dick!

Winston Smith
29th Jun 2001, 14:24
Many thanks, Vel!

I think I get the picture.

(Remember to tell me on chat what this alternative no-holds-barred place is :) )

29th Jun 2001, 15:00

Celtic Emerald
30th Jun 2001, 02:09
Is Natterjack really the infamous Dash.

You guys can't be serious.

Is he really a law student then or is that make belief too.

Is it any wonder I've gone right off chat :rolleyes:

Emerald http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif

30th Jun 2001, 02:31
fraid so, Em (oh big hugs from Squelch by the way) - he was also Masterplan and numbers bandit etc.

Many of the things that Nat's said were not true. Not sure if he's studying law, or where, but definitely not Oxford.

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30th Jun 2001, 02:42
The posse's been lookin for that son of a dry gulch. Mount up.

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30th Jun 2001, 03:20
He [email protected] did it again????????????

Geez, when did it come to someones attention that tosspot was in fact Dash re-incarnated?

Could we please flush him out sooner next time?

Little ****


The Guvnor
30th Jun 2001, 13:00
Wow - and he even had the gall to turn up at McD's London Mini Bash! Can't remember if he made it to the LGW Bash, though.

His pic is here - http://www.derekpake.flyer.co.uk/images/0501lonbash64a.jpg - but he had 10W provide him with a 'mask'! Perhaps you could 'unmask' him now, 10W? :) ;) :)

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Nil nos tremefacit
30th Jun 2001, 17:30
His face wouldn't be masked because he's an under age drinker, would it?

30th Jun 2001, 17:42
He was the numbers bandit too?

Get a life pal.

2nd Jul 2001, 13:19

Mr natters was barred from the last Gatbash by a certain senior member of the PPRuNe community. He kept asking people for freebies...

Live long and Prosper.....

Capt Vegemite
2nd Jul 2001, 13:32
Send him out to the Colonies I say!

2nd Jul 2001, 15:36
Maybe we should write a Natterjack appreciation song. I'll start, maybe we could do two lines at a time, and pjdj can do the music!!

[sings along with me]

There once was a boy called Natterjack....
Natterjack he was a **** ....

next line someone

3rd Jul 2001, 16:08
I have to say that in my limited experience of him I thought he was alright....until I found out about some of the things he was saying about a very dear friend of mine in chat. Good riddance and bad rubbish? At least until the next incarnation in a couple of months time. Still, I suppose all of the "fun" was a worthy replacement for not having any friends.

3rd Jul 2001, 16:35
Just wondering, but what exactly was he asking for re 'freebies'? I missed all of this...

3rd Jul 2001, 20:17
Just been checking the 'bashes' archives. Natters said he was married but a few weeks later they'd split up! Not bad going for an 18 yr old. :) :)

And he's a trainee barrister/Dash-8 pilot as well??

Hmmmmm........maybe thats why he was so tired in the OBOE....workload!!!! :) :)

But apparently he's not been banned?? http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif

Anyone know any better.....??

Live long and Prosper.....

Big Red ' L '
3rd Jul 2001, 21:17
Banned from the Gatbash....? He told me he was working until 2100 then off on a hot date. Also his profile says 'Glider pilot' I could swear he told me he only had a lesson or two and not actualy holder of a licence to fly gliders.

Also curious as to what 'Freebies' he was asking for...? I am scared now as i wanted a video off Ham and gave him a David Gunson tape in return. Still havn't got the vid yet, (bring one with you to Cardif H ;) ) so does that mean i am banned from the Cardiff bash too.. :)

Celtic Emerald
3rd Jul 2001, 21:49

I've spoken quite a bit to Natterjack in chat so I can only judge from there. He might act a bit young at times but he is still only a teenager so give him a chance. Personally I feel sorry for the guy & I don't like people taking pleasure in ridiculing him. He might have misjudged by posting that link, not to mention his tall stories (I doubt he's alone in that on PPRuNe somehow) but give him a chance, he'll get a bit of sense. He hasn't killed anyone & none one us were holy Joes at that age. He has to learn to be himself & proud of it rather than continuously making himself out to be something he isn't, a trait to be pitied rather than condemned.


3rd Jul 2001, 22:04
CE, I am afraid you weren't around when the "harmless" teenager was impersonating a named company airline pilot flying Dash 8's. He would openly brag that he was still drinking and then signing on in 4 hours or so. At the time, he hadn't really been outed, what if a CAA person was online at the time? That airline would have had to answer questions that it shouldn't have had to. That could have potentially tarnished a company's reputation.
Also, he was the numbers bandit. If you think that is a harmless teenagers' prank consider the inconveniance it caused. Danny et al had to get another programme and now it is registrered members only.
Other teenagers can post in PPRuNe and Chat without having to lie or crap on, why couldn't he? These guys I know have had visits to Jet Bases, Sim centres and jump seat rides. Look what he has lost. Not such a smart innocent teenager is he?

I have not named the company that he claimed he was working for as he did enough damage.

4th Jul 2001, 02:12
CE, to an extent I would have agreed with your point had it not been for a number of his actions. Ref my last, he spread a number of rumours about a friend of mine who is on PPRuNe over chat and in person that were wholly untrue and very hurtful and took delight in her finding out, as well as rubbing her face in it every time she was in chat. That's not prattish behaviour, that is calculated and plain nastiness. Because of this I have no sympathy for him.

The path of my life is strewn with cowpats from the Devil's own Satanic HERD!

Stiff Lil' Fingers
4th Jul 2001, 14:43
Forgive my ignorance but what was the foul-up that he caused as Numbers Bandit?


4th Jul 2001, 15:23
Before we moved to the java chat room where you have to log in, chat was open to anyone who wanted to come in. Nat/Dash/Numbers Bandit used to clog up the chat room with offensive comments cut and pasted on continual repeat which would crash the chat room for as long as he was in. He would come in under various names and between chatting would clog up the chat room as the numbers bandit and then come back online to say what an idiot the NB was. We cottoned on that Dash and Dash 8 were the NB and he lay low for a month and came back as Natterjack.

The path of my life is strewn with cowpats from the Devil's own Satanic HERD!

4th Jul 2001, 15:59
Stiff lil - the numbers bandit used to come on, using any name, and enter a page of numbers, repeating 1-10 over and over and over again, until the whole screen was filled.

If you put him on ignore, then you couldn't talk privately to anyone else and usually you couldn't put him on ignore fast enough for it not to have totally disrupted any conversations. If you didn't there was no way anyone could continue any conversations. Effectively, it meant that people used to log out and come back later, or one of the admins had to boot him (if they were around) - neither a good solution and very time consuming.

His trick was to come in using a name sometimes quite well-known) and wait a couple of minutes then launch his tirade. It is the equivalent of someone suddenly starting to shout and scream meaningless words in a crowded bar or pub. Everything stops, until you can deal with the offender.

Once he was on ignore, he would sign out and sign in again as someone else - sometimes spending minutes other times all evening just at irregular intervals disrupting chat.

This was in the old chat room before we needed to sign in with passwords, so any name could be used.

Additionally, he used to come in and use names already established and then create mayhem in their name - or, sign in at the same time with a slight variation and accuse the original of being a fake. It meant you were wary of telling anyone anything confidential or information about yourself - because you couldn't rely on that person being who they signed on as.

He also used to come in as a pilot working for BM or BA etc; but usually got his facts wrong - I always loved the one where he said he was a BM pilot flying an 'A737 '. Or flying a route that didn't exist. Interesting concept don't you think :)

DASH presented himself as a 29yr married Dash 8 FO with a pregnant wife. He was not a good advert for the airline he supposedly worked for. As reddo says, at the very least, he could have caused considerable embarrassment for them if a journalist or other had signed on (especially during the period when Channel 4 made drinking a sensitive issue for airlines and pilots).

When he was finally outed and banned as DASH, he came back as another trusted Scottish FO chat room regular, and spun a whole tale of DASH really being a top London Barrister and creating the 'pilot' image as a joke.

I got to know DASH quite well last year, and at one time the numbers bandit (before launching one of his screen clogging exercises - good description kbf) he admitted to me privately he was DASH and the numbers bandit. He also indicated it was as a sort of revenge for being booted. No doubt he got tired of that 'game' and decided he wanted to be 'one of the gang' again. Additionally, the backgrounds of DASH, MasterPlan and Natterjack are identical, including his real name and location.

There was a thread about him after he left (explains quite a bit), and I'll try to dig out the URL for you if you want.

As for natterjack, he could be quite unpleasant to people in chat, to the point of being downright nasty at times (especially to some of the girls).

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4th Jul 2001, 21:50
Let me just add this. I barred this idiot from the Gatbash for many reasons, all of them unsavoury. The main reason was that he freely admitted that he had no money - that could lead to only one thing. I did in fact check him out, and co-incidence or not, his ISP's were identical. i.e. Dash and Natterjack.

Anyway,I had a mail back from him, accusing me of being a bit harsh. Perhaps I was. But with that 'evidence' I was not prepared to see him sponging off everyone - and not be able to hold his drink. Not a pretty sight. As at McD's London bash.

The last 'complaint' from him to me, was that I should not treat "the future leader of this country in this fashion". That did it! Now he is banned permanently. But I wouldn't bet on him being back in an alter ego!

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Send Clowns
4th Jul 2001, 22:11
Thanks for that, IFR, he might have ruined any bash he attended. Sounds like he is a bit underconfidant with women as well, if he feels a need to be offensive towards them. Certainly not a pilot then http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif

4th Jul 2001, 22:20
At age 18 I seem to remember a good time where life was full of girls, motorcycles, airplanes, girls, boats, etc.

To be at that age and having nothing better to do than make trouble for others and arse out self, seems a waste of some good years.

What the hell drives you NJ?

There is a world out there, go and have fun man, it is all yours if you go after it.

Men, this is no drill...

Celtic Emerald
5th Jul 2001, 00:55
Well the new chatroom didn't seem to stop him coming in, what is to prevent him registering under a new name and coming in again?

He seemed a bit lonely to me when I used to use chat, always trying to private me but sometimes when was I privating people I enlarged the private chatroom so I couldn't see the rest of the chatroom. If he had been trying to private me in the meantime he used to get very annoyed no matter how much I explained & apologised. I know his deceptions upset alot of people, even some who are very knowledgeable about aviation, & the numbers bandit was very disruptive but I warned before & was ridiculed for it that in cyber space people have to be careful who they trust & to take alot of what is said with a grain of salt.


Stiff Lil' Fingers
5th Jul 2001, 03:13
Who exactly is N.A.S with 3 posts to their name, all of which either started or contributed to threads relating to the temporary shut down of JB? N.A.S also lists his interests as 'to batter natter'.

Unlikely that this is a new member of pprune (how would they know so much unless they were an avid reader?) thus we should assume it must be someone's alter ego. If so, why didn't they post under their 'real' identity.

Call me a conspiracy theorist if you will but maybe N.A.S is Natterjack re-incarnate, fishing for what we would say about him in absentia? He's duped us before with assumed names.

Of course, if I have it all wrong then my sincerest apologies for calling your provinence into question N.A.S


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5th Jul 2001, 04:12
Stiff, The poster you are looking for (NAS) is just a few lines above you. There was no malicious intent to any of the posts and trust me when i say this, i started all this tongue in cheek against natter, as a bit of a joke.

Now its a different story as you can see from the above posts.

As i say, it was done tongue in cheek, a bit of a dig at the lad so i didn't use my real username but if you are desperate to know who then i will e-mail you and put you out of your misery.. :)

P.S. Well done InFin, the offical PPRUNE bouncer... ;)

"If your name is not down, your not coming in........"

Stiff Lil' Fingers
5th Jul 2001, 12:06
Alright N.A.S I'll give you the benefit of the doubt :) but you have to admit, it was a rather nice conspiracy theory :)

pip pip


Hersham Boy
5th Jul 2001, 13:34
IFR - I can't imagine anyone at a bash not being able to hold their drink! Jeez... who on EARTH would do something daft like fall asleep AT 3am on a settee covered in model aeroplanes or something? ;)

Sheesh - yoof of today, eh?

See you all at the Xmas do... and I'll bring my wallet. :)


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5th Jul 2001, 13:56
"The future leader of our country"

hmmmm.......suppose he can't be worse than Tony Blur!! :) :)

Live long and Prosper.....

5th Jul 2001, 16:46
IFR, Just curious, whatr were the other unsavoury reasons? Can't think of anything more unsavoury than falling asleep during a bash! :)

The path of my life is strewn with cowpats from the Devil's own Satanic HERD!

6th Jul 2001, 02:40
Invite him to the GLA bash.............

then get dubya to take piccies when my good self and a few others have a little "word" with him. :)


6th Jul 2001, 03:29
I am not too shabby with Photoshop.....
Here to help :)

reddo...feral animal!

Big Red ' L '
6th Jul 2001, 03:43
I am not to shabby with a baseball bat.......
Here to help :)

6th Jul 2001, 03:57
It's not my usual philosophy, but on reading these two, within 15 minutes, someone should tell him: Better Red than dead.

6th Jul 2001, 04:10
Geezer NJ obviously needs help.

I offer help in the form of tha 'coshers'.

That's my input to the proceedings.

Tell 'im to stay down! :)
Edited to put a smilie face in the post to 'smooth things over'!!

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