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Arm out the window
21st Nov 2001, 08:24
Gainesy, I think it was, has started up a thread on the Mil forum along these lines...

"Why didn't they call it the..."
Fairey Floss
Shorts Ighted
Fokker Nidiot


Very funny, I thought, and why don't we have one on jet blast too - so here it is.

Travelling Toolbox
21st Nov 2001, 09:32
Maybe only those familiar with Australian made cars will get this one, but here goes.....


21st Nov 2001, 16:28
Hi Arm, yep t'was me.

Austin Taciuos
Morris Dancer
Ford Ore sedan

22nd Nov 2001, 13:39
One for the white goods then ...

Kelvinator Often


Sony Day


Canon Friday

22nd Nov 2001, 20:37
Nissan Dorma

Opel Froot

Citroen Presse (sorry, can't find accents)

Lancia Boil

Kia Doorlock

God, I must be bored.

23rd Nov 2001, 04:50
U_R, I was in a taxi in Paris once, with a 2CV behind us trying to pass. Now, anyone who has ever owned a 2CV (as I have) knows that they are truly wonderful cars - they never ever go wrong, basically because there is nothing to go wrong. However, you do need to plan at least a fortnight in advance if you want to overtake anyone.

After a few fruitless tries, this 2CV got past us and hared up the road as fast as he could (not very :D).

The taxi driver turned round to us, in the manner of Parisian taxi drivers not looking where he was going, and with a grin on his face said:-

"Citr÷en pressÚ"

Accents, btw, are in the character generator. Start/Programs/Accessories on my machine.

Ella Valet
23rd Nov 2001, 20:05
Auster Alien

23rd Nov 2001, 20:18
Beech Bum
Austin Thewood
Morris Less
Rover Theshore
Britten-Norman Conquest (some court case involved with Cessna here! :D)

23rd Nov 2001, 20:51
Dassault untdapepper :)

TAF Oscar
23rd Nov 2001, 23:29
MIG Amilegurtz
Douglas Owisky
Mustang Miyatup

Sabena Nagon

Opel S
Audi L
Honda Ramp

Arm out the window
24th Nov 2001, 06:12
Mig Well
Sopwith Atowel
Albatros Bleedinalbatros
Grumman Roundthemountain
Gloster Virginity
Waco Sleepyhead
Bell Tup

24th Nov 2001, 09:46
Pol Pot Pourri.

24th Nov 2001, 11:26
Mosquito hell outa here!