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The Guvnor
20th Nov 2001, 14:36
From today's Scotsman

Now wash your hands
ORGANISERS of the World Toilet Summit in Singapore hope to bring the taboo topic out of the water closet.

Some 200 delegates from Asia, Europe and North America are swapping ideas on design, public education and sanitation under the theme "Our toilets: the past, the present and the future."

The World Toilet Association is spreading the word with its website, www.worldtoilet.org, (http://www.worldtoilet.org,) as a nerve centre for researchers, designers, makers and vendors of a device that is mundane to many but an unknown luxury in much of the world.

"The proliferation of this movement worldwide will inevitably lead to improvements in toilet environment everywhere," Jack Sim, president of the Restroom Association of Singapore and organiser of the two-day summit, said in an opening address yesterday.

"They are heroes because of their passion." - Reuters

20th Nov 2001, 16:03
Typical Guvnor post! Always seeing the negative side, always pretending to know more than the rest of us, why doesnt he leave those who know more about crap to spout it ;) :) :)

Biggles Flies Undone
20th Nov 2001, 17:05
I thought the conference didn't start until Turdsday? :confused:

20th Nov 2001, 17:32
Conference motto - "Sh!t happens"

20th Nov 2001, 17:48
Eureka!! I've finally found a topic that moves me... :D

20th Nov 2001, 20:13
Once is happenstance - twice is coincidence - three times is enema action :D

21st Nov 2001, 01:32
I suppose the organisers are already feeling flushed with success.


21st Nov 2001, 04:44
I'm sure Mr.Crapper would be proud. although a hundred years later holes in the floor/depressions in the ground are still the norm.

Four Seven Eleven
21st Nov 2001, 06:19
Despite some pitfalls, the conference went ahead... undeterred.

21st Nov 2001, 12:37
Presumably there will be many motions under discussion!

21st Nov 2001, 12:41
Will the delegates be sitting on stools or chairs? :D

The Guvnor
21st Nov 2001, 13:33
This has turned into a typical JB thread - lots of people talking [email protected] and taking the p!ss!!

21st Nov 2001, 14:14
They should hold it in Ireland. Then they could have a toilet summit in the bog.

21st Nov 2001, 16:11
I think Oz should host the next one as they have the most different phrase for using the porcelain . ( can any one list em all ?)

21st Nov 2001, 17:35
Just remember, you are always in the sh*t-it's just the depth that varies.

22nd Nov 2001, 00:57
With nothing better to do, I followed the link to World Toilet Org and found this statement:

If you want to start a toilet association in your area, you could download our start-up kit that comprises of ...

Don't they know that Jet Blast sometimes is a toilet association that regularly downloads?

Is time for all those airborne loo stories?

Such as the feighter pilot who inadvertently chucked a lump of dry ice into a non-flushing 'elsan' type loo and was nearly killed by the fumes that erupted from the dunny.

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Lon More
22nd Nov 2001, 01:00
Just another flash in the pan, then :cool:

22nd Nov 2001, 02:37
We tried to set up a toilet association here, but the motion fell between two stools.

22nd Nov 2001, 04:26
A hot topic must be Chinese squattys vs Western sit-downs. I tried out a squatty when I was 2 years in SIN but my sh!t kept plopping and splashing my @rse all the time because of the nearness of the water to my @rsehole. This meant I had to wash my bum after the sh!t which explains why theres bloodey garden hoses everywhere near these types of thunderboxes. Squattys make sense especialy when your constipated because its a logical position to sh!t, but the distance between bumhole to water level has to be increased.

I hope this is on the summit agenda and that a special sub-Sh!t Committee will be set up to investigate it.

tony draper
22nd Nov 2001, 04:42
Have you as a man of science Mr S, calculated the optimum distance between said orifice and water suface?.
One would imagine that it cannot be increased by a to large a degree otherwise the acceleration the turd gains thru gravity will impart a larger amount of kinetic energy to aforementioned evacuation, resultng in a larger splash as the kinetic energy is transfered to the liquid resulting in the liquid achieving a greater altitude.
Ergo, one would gain nothing.
Ah! this world if full of puzzles for those with a curious mind.


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Swamp Rat
23rd Nov 2001, 22:08

For the amount of Sh!t you talk, it must be a conference that you couldn`t miss ;)

24th Nov 2001, 09:28
I wonder if the people who run this website attended the summit?

The Bumper Dumper! (http://www.bumperdumper.com)

:D :D :D

24th Nov 2001, 11:54
Bumper Dumper! What will they think of next? From the photo, it appears that the sh!te just goes on the ground (as it would if the guy merely squatted), so it appears to be a total waste of money. And the smell is obviously bad enough to fell any passing wildlife! I doubt this contraption would get any votes at the World Sh!tter Conference in Singapore. :eek:

Tell a lie - having taken a second look at the Bumper Dumper site, you obviously have to [email protected] in your undies, as the guy is demonstrating so admirably. :D Also, if I were at said Conference of [email protected], I would vote for the removal of the obviously superfluous top lid. Maybe I should write and suggest that to Uncle Booger ;)

From the site:
A great stocking stuffer and the perfect gift for that special one that has it all
Hope no-one thinks I need one! It's the last thing I want to see stuffed in my stocking.

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Ali Barber
24th Nov 2001, 16:48

What did you type in the search engine to come up with something like the bumper dumper!?