View Full Version : Angels in the Cockpit

Kermit 180
20th Nov 2001, 13:15
Well, not angels, but something. Ever been flying along and something, I dont know what, tells you subconsciously to look in a certain place? And you see a potential collision with another aircraft? Your subsequent reactions save the day, and all because of a weird sensation and urge you got to do look at a certain piece of sky.

Now lets get things straight here, Im not superstisious by any means (I cant even spell it) but there's something weird in that sort of thing. Its happened many times to me over the years Ive been aviating. Perhaps instructing is sending me nuts or making me weird, developing some sort of extra sense?

Thing is, to make me feel better, is anyone else prepared to admit to such deeds by 'angels in the cockpit'?

Kermie :eek: :(

Bally Heck
20th Nov 2001, 13:24
Try the first chapter of "Fate is the Hunter" By Ernest K Gann. Quite chilling :eek: