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The Invisible Man
1st Apr 2004, 13:40
Whilst driving home from work this morning in slow moving traffic, cant help but look around at people in other cars.

I saw three guys in seperate cars having a real good pick of their noses.

After close examination of said "boogy", two flicked into passenger side, and one, ( this is gonna make me heave!) ate it!!:yuk: :yuk: :yuk:

So, the question is......

If driving and you sense a really good boogy do you....


Pick and flick out of window or onto floor,

Pick and chew,

Leave on dash or door for disposal later

Get tissue

Also does your passenger side have a least one boogy on the floor???

No lies now, my car might !!!!

As an after thought, if someone had one hanging from their nose, would you tell 'em??? ( have I spelt boogy right???)

As another after though... what are they called in your part of the world???

1st Apr 2004, 13:58
Pick and chew,

TIM. I thought you were going away on your hols.
Anyway lets get back to boogies.It would depend on how long ago I had eaten and how hungry I was.Normally there is a box of tissues in the old Discovery and I find that this is a more appropriate place to put boogies.I also use the tissues because I have never been a good boogey flicker.Its just one of the many things that I didn't learn to do properly at school.

The Invisible Cat
1st Apr 2004, 14:09
TIM my good friend

shouldn't you be busy washing the deck, ironing the sails, loading food and beverages (lots of), polishing the oars, filling up the tanks, feeding the young galley boy (just in case you start starving), etc., etc., in other words getting the boat and yourself ready,
rather than posting another yucky thread :yuk: :yuk: on Pprune.

Farewell and take care


The Invisible Man
1st Apr 2004, 14:20
T.I.C my buddy my chum,

All is ready to set sail tomorrow at the crack of 3pm. When the sun is over The Anderton Lift.

I was a scout and I still abide by the Motto.....(think I still have the uniform somewhere) Will wear it for Mrs T.I.M. on her arrival home. Wonder if it will get the same reaction if I came home to her wearing her Girl Guides uniform.......Nah..

Anyway.. back to snot.....

1st Apr 2004, 14:23
Is this after a session in the Stanley arms per chance?:ok:

The Invisible Man
1st Apr 2004, 14:28
Tis indeed Boromir,

Or going the other way..

The good old Salt Barge.:ok:

Is it possible to hijack ones own thread???

Anyway back to Snot.....

Ugh !!! (http://www.liquidfreak.com/frameset.php?url=http://www.liquidfreak.com/reviews/Other/200105/200105_Snot.html)

1st Apr 2004, 14:51
Article on radio yesterday morning that doctors have discovered that..

picking your nose and chewing it, then swallowing it, is healthy.:suspect:

Was this a day early...or not?

1st Apr 2004, 14:52
Pick. Inspect. Flick out of window.

Important safety tip: make sure you wind the window down first !

As for "pick and chew" :yuk: man, you've gotta be hungry . . .

Islander Jock
1st Apr 2004, 15:11
Or you could be like the offshore workers in a certain West African country that just pick their snotters and wipe it on the helicopter seats.:yuk:

Pilots apparently aren't allowed to complain about it either.:ugh:
What, is this some sort of cultural thing or something?:*

Should make the pr1cks go by boat.:mad:

1st Apr 2004, 15:11
I always have a good forage about for the illusive crusty nose nugget when I'm bored at the lights - couldn't give a crap - I especially like to hold the neighbouring drivers disgusted look when I'm rumbled & carry on with the nose mining!!!!

I think its a great pastime - there's nothing more satisfying than a bogey-free beak IMHO

& yes, there is usually a couple of wayward boogers on the shotgun side - although in summertime with the top down I prefer to aim them at other drivers sunroofs!

:yuk: :E


1st Apr 2004, 15:25
I remember Dave Allen (hope some of you can remember him :rolleyes: ) who was missing the top half of one of his fingers.

He did a scene about being bored in traffic jams and how would get wide eyed stares from people as he sat ther with his amputated finger drilling away.....looking like he'd rammed the whole length up the nostril. Me mum was not amused :E :ok:

Personally I do mine the hooter...but tissue or handkerchief used for disposal. Occassionally the right texture is extracted to get a perfect flicking ball but it goes out of the window!

Aileron Roll
1st Apr 2004, 15:43
Really I don't see a problem with eating it, except those really big ones that come after a night of serious drinking

1st Apr 2004, 15:56
I pick it and then add it to the big snot ball I keep in the glove compartment :}

( I deliberately avoided this thread until I had finished my dinner)

Anthony Carn
1st Apr 2004, 16:08
Great phrase re nose picking -- "Picking the lining out of his cap" :}

I used to work for an outfit where every single one of the men's loo cubicles had snot balls stuck to the walls.

Whether it was one individual or a company wide trend I dunno.

Could've done with a DNA test to identify the inconsiderate [email protected][email protected](s).

"Here, pick this when it scabs over" *biff*

[ Like that word ..... *biff* :} ]

Ian Corrigible
1st Apr 2004, 16:44
Apparently, it's healthy....!!

Top doc backs picking your nose and eating it (http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_903083.html?menu=)


1st Apr 2004, 17:53
The classic schooldays rhyme comes to mind...

The boy stood on the burning deck
Picking his nose like mad
He rolled it into little balls
And flirted it at his dad.