View Full Version : Do birds fly in IMC?

19th Nov 2001, 23:53
There must be an ornithologist out there that can answer this one.

Do they fly VFR on top? What happens if they are flying along, and there's low cloud below current altitude? Is CFIT a problem?

compressor stall
20th Nov 2001, 04:48
There was a long thread about 6 months ago dealing with this very topic...try a search...the server load is too high now to let me try.

Think it was either in JetBlast or Tech Log


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20th Nov 2001, 06:10
Dunno about in IMC - I've certainly seen them VFR on top. Dunno why I couldn't pick them up on TCAS, though, as they were squawking at the time... :D OK, sorry, I know - old joke! :rolleyes:

20th Nov 2001, 08:34
Hmm, HugMonster, you do have a sense of humor..?

Aye, I think the long thread on IFR birds concluded that they indeed do fly in the clouds.

Forgot the details, birdstrikes when IMC or something like that.null

Uh, oh. Now I screwed up the posting, hit the bold button and the text got higlighted then it says (B)null(/B)??

(Is there a PPRuNe page with instructions or a help menu for us middle age aviators that does not have clue what Instant UBB code means. Or HTML and all that other stuff.)

Dave Incognito
20th Nov 2001, 12:02
The other thread is at:

Plenty of interesting insights from our bird loving friends.

20th Nov 2001, 13:40
I opened this thread coz I thought it'd be about sheilas...
<closes door on thread>
<walks off muttering and shaking head>
<wonders about the unfairness of it all>

20th Nov 2001, 23:02
Dave Incog... thanks, the thread was every bit as brilliant as I'd hoped to provoke myself! Now my work mates are wondering what I'm grinning about. ho hum, back to earth duties... :-)

21st Nov 2001, 06:26
Have a look at this:

Bird Strike! (http://aviation-safety.net/pictures/incidents/20010402-0.html)

Enough to make you go weak at the knees! :eek:

21st Nov 2001, 09:27
Apparently, ornithological experts have proved that migrating birds fly through cloud with their beaks open in order to gather moisture.

21st Nov 2001, 21:07

bet that spoiled the capt's dinner.

was the inboard le on that left wing like that in flight? sure to test a/c and pilot....



Whipping Boy's SATCO
22nd Nov 2001, 00:25
To answer the question: Only when they have a valid instrument rating.