View Full Version : SPEED.....????

19th Nov 2001, 20:27
Some of you were saying the speed on the pprune has got better? :eek:

Sorry, I mean

:confused: since I've got the colour scheme gone totally wrong on my PC the speed is as "fast" as a slug! :eek:

Didn't mean to upset anybody, though! ;)

19th Nov 2001, 20:41
Same here, slow, slow, slow. :rolleyes:

21st Nov 2001, 01:20
OK, ok looks like it's better again! :)

Still not sure about the colour, though! Maybe it's a reppelent? :confused:

21st Nov 2001, 12:55
I'm still finding the speed okay but, to complicate matters, I've changed the time I logon here and there seems to be fewer folks around. Maybe that's the REAL answer?

Wile E. Coyote
21st Nov 2001, 17:50
Its running very fast today... just like that bloody Road Runner....

23rd Nov 2001, 09:08
Running at warp speed now.

Go Danny, go...