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Capt PPRuNe
28th Jun 2001, 02:46
Once again, I have received enough complaints about the content of some of the threads on this forum. How thick do you have to be to be able to undestand that this is an aviation forum not a sex site or pervs hang out!

If you want to discuss your sexual fantasies or fetishes go to one of the hundreds of thousands of sex sites that there are out there to get your thrills. If you are so desperate to post about your sexual desires or inadequacies then bugger off and find somewhere else.

This forum is available for discussions about many things but there is a small core of you who obviously feel the need to parade your sexual appetites repeatedly on this forum and I have had enough. I am the one that has to deal with the complaints from parents who are worried that their children are frequenting this forum and reading some of the more explicit threads when it is their desire that their children do not have access to theis kind of content.

Forget the 'hotel lobby' rule which some of you are so inadequately able to comprehend. If you want to discuss your sexual appetites in uncensored detail go somewhere else. Consider that what you can post here is would be acceptable for publication in a tabloid type newspaper or a 'Private Eye' type magazine. If you have a problem with that... tough! I don't even want to enter into discussion about it any more. The 'core' know who they are and I will not put up with having to deal with the complaints anymore just because you can't be bothered loggin on to your favourite porn site.

PPRuNe is primarily a professional pilots website and everyone else is welcome as long as they can comprehend that this forum in particular will not be used for a small group to air their sexual fantasies or whatever.

I am sure there are going to be some of you who can't resist whingeing about 'free speech' or what a prude I am for putting this block on but you don't have to put up with the consequences of your actions and I do, so go elsewhere or start your own version of Jet Blast somewhere else. Don't even think of advertising it on here either. Go and do your own hard work and get it recognised elsewhere.

I'll reopen the forum when I've had a chance to calm down. :mad:

Capt PPRuNe
aka Danny Fyne
The Professional Pilots RUmour NEtwork

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28th Jun 2001, 22:25
Relax, relax......ok that's better. Well, start thinking of some good memories now. Next session we'll start working on crisis-management. This is all written in positive attitude towards you and no harm intended.

Kaptin M
29th Jun 2001, 01:56
Got to agree TOTALLY with you, Danny!!


"No wait, wife dear, I just want to read this OTHER thread - it's absolutely disGRACEFUL, and then I'll complain to the site owner."

"But husband, you've ALREADY been there for 3 hours!!"

Kaptin M
29th Jun 2001, 03:35
There is something more I wish to throw into the public forum on, this latest closure of Jet Blast.

If, as Slasher has stated in another thread, the complaints are from parents who have "found" their child reading JB, whose fault is that? Are these the same parents who blame the shop owner for openly displaying his goods, which the child has been shoplifting? Or is it the proprietor of the bottle shop that has sold alcohol to the kid with the forged id?
Accept the responsibility of being RESPONSIBLE parents, and don't try to shift the blame onto someone who is NOT directly involved in the day-to-day upbringing of your charge. Simple solution if YOU - the parent, can't control your child's computer habits...get rid of the computer altogether!

PPRuNe is also comprised of Rumours and News, Aircrew Notices, Technical, Questions, Wannabees, Rotorheads, Military, Dunnunda and Godzone (Danny's PERSONAL favourite), etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Get the picture - forums to cover ALL aspects of flying, because after all, as Danny has noted, this IS a pilots' forum.

It could NOT be clearer from the wording, that Jet Blast contains stuff OTHER than ALL of the above, and the BIG RED WORDS give fair notice as to what one should expect. So it is only going to be a prude who opens the Jet Blast forum, and then feigns "shock, horror, gasp".

Perhaps something further could be added to the warning already there, along the lines of:
"Not all subjects in this forum are aviation related" for the REALLY thick-headed ones.
Or perhaps a set of "ACCEPT/DECLINE" conditions, before entry.

Land rights for gay whales - Jet Blast for REAL pilots!!

Wee Weasley Welshman
29th Jun 2001, 04:57
Hmm, Kaptin M. Whilst JB has its place on PPRuNe which all the Admins and Moderators enjoy from time to time I cannot but take issue on your overall point.

PPRuNe is an AVIATION forum. Some of the ridiculous strongly sexual postings on JB had only the most tenuous link with aviation.

The particular post that included a direct link to a picture of femal genitlia was the straw that broke (temporarily) Danny's back.

*I* for one do *not* wish to be heavily associated with a website that puts visitors 2 clicks away from hard prorn. When a large chunk of those visitors are MINORS on the Wannabes forum this wish gains momentum.

Personally I do not understand why some people feel the need to use PPRuNe to discuss and extended their sexual activities. I'm far too busy chasing and nailing real world cabin crew to be bothered to sit down and discuss/post info on sexual activity... often I'm just too knackered...

But JB is back now. Hopefully Dannys action will serve just the right amount of contrition on the guilty persons...

Nos Star.


Secret Squirrel
29th Jun 2001, 04:57
Got to agree with the Kaptin, Danny but it is your show and you call the shots.

However, Pilots are just like any other body of professional people: some are religious; some are brash; some impolite; some liberal; and most like to talk about sex. It's a fact of life that it features big in our professional lives.

Take firemen or doctors for instance: noble, hard working (when the former work!) pillars of society. Yet those that know any also know that they have their vices and the former indeed has a high divorce rate; the latter fare not much better. For this, some people on this forum will judge them. I'm sure they often get together and talk about shaven havens or the unusual places that they've done 'it'. It's human nature and all a bit of fun; we talk about the things that entertain us.

I think you are being a bit harsh on us, Danny when you say that we are turning your website into a porn site. Firstly, all of the salubrious threads stay in JB where there is a clear warning to those who would venture in. If the kids can read the threads they can read the warning, although it's like a red rag to a bull with kids! Secondly, it's all pretty tame stuff and just sex for crying out loud! Not even any pictures!

I would just like to say that if it is parents who are complaining, they have got some nerve. As Kaptin said, if they can't control their kids internet habits, then they should deprive them of access.

It's very typical these days for parents to blame evryone else for their kid's difunctionality. It's never their fault; the fact that these days they palm them off in front of the TV or buy them a computer in order to distract them and get them out of their hair, instead of spending quality time with them doing things together, doesn't really register as the root of the problem. It's far easier to have the cheek to then blame said media for corrupting their kids.

What bugs me about all of this is that it seems that pilots have to talk bloody aeroplanes or politics, or repress their feelings because 'someone's repressed kids' might be watching. I don't want to go to a porn site to talk dirty with a bunch of perverts who I don't even know; I want to be able to talk about anything with many of my pprune sparring buddies and that includes shaven havens. On a personal level I talk about these things with my mates, I don't go to a Soho sex shop and start talking to a stranger about it!

Still, you can tell by the last flush that much of the fun went out of JB and now it's going to get even more worthless. I appreciate your position, Danny and as ever you will not catch me starting these sorts of threads because I don't want to be banned; but you might catch me contributing to threads already posted. However, I do think that in the interests of saving JB you should seek legal opinion as to just how much these so called model parents have a right to complain. Maybe you're a prude yourself and you agree, I don't know. I doubt it though, I just think that you have let them get to you and you are playing Devil's Advocate in order to stop the ridiculous e-mails coming.

Very funny, Scotty. Now beam up my clothes!

Wee Weasley Welshman
29th Jun 2001, 05:08
Secret Squirrel - Professional Pilors RUmour NEtwork. Why the HELL should we cater visitors sexual online needs?

Do not try to blame the parents for letting their children visit PPRuNe when the Wannabes forum in the 2nd largest part of this site AND we ellicit young people to use our site as do dozens of other aviation related groups such a the Air Training Corps and BALPA.

Answer a direct question for me - in what way was a direct link to a picture of female genitalia justified on this site?


ps not a prude or a nutcase, merely a hot blooded 26yr old male heterosexual (with plenty of recent sex thanks) questioning why some people people feel the need to use these pages to illustrate their largely unremarkable sex lives...?

Secret Squirrel
29th Jun 2001, 05:18
Oh Yawn WWW. I think most of us spend our downroute time trying to nail down CC but somehow they're a bit thin on the ground when you're sitting at home in front of a computer, don't you think. I'd like to resist the temptation to say that you make it look too obvious that you are new to commercial aviation, but there, I've said it now.

Do you really think Pilot's have nothing else to talk about but aviation? There are 41 sepearate exclusively aviation related forums on this website (not including the airline specific ones) and Jet Blast. It may well be that JB was never really intended to be a free for all but it is indicative of a certain 'niche', if I may call it that, that it has evolved into one. Of course, the fact that it is also a haven for religious bigots is not a subject that you have any need to address is it? Parents obviously find that acceptable and therefore you too.

What a drag!

Very funny, Scotty. Now beam up my clothes!

29th Jun 2001, 05:23
Maybe Danny was mistaken and it was just a full face picture of the poster?

After all, there are a few of us here...

Not to mention a couple of chaps whose real names are Richard Head...

Through difficulties to the cinema

Kaptin M
29th Jun 2001, 06:54
Oh please - PPRuNe also has a Computer/Internet issues forum...I'm not much into that, and there are plenty of THOSE around, so why does PPRuNe sport that?...an Agony Aunt forum, which - from my inoccasional venture into there - has even LESS relativity to aviation than the computer forum, and is more akin to a "tongue-in-cheek" Dorothy Dix.

Because we try NOT to be boring - and THE biggest complaint from non-aviation people is, "All you pilots EVER talk about is flying!", which bores the living hell out of them after about 3 or 4 hours straight - we have Jet Blast...well I thought that was the ORIGINAL idea in the early days, when ALL we had was "Rumours" and "Jet Blast", and JB was mainly 1989 Aussie stuff. I've still got some early transcripts here!

Eventually, and I do stand to be corrected, Jet Blast evolved into the smutty jokes/fictional/fantasy forum that it is today - somewhere where we try to find some COMMON GROUND when we have had enough of flying (for a short while), and as it says "let off some steam". Some of us might want to discuss nastursian cultivation, breeding of blue budgerigars, or feeding habits of Arctic foxes - and I'm sure there'll be some replies. BUT the common ground is flying and sex (in that order), and if SOME people believe EVERYTHING they read (esp. in Jet Blast)then there are a lot more suckers in this world than I thought!

WWW, agreed - whoever posted that went beyond the bounds of what the vast majority realise is acceptable.

29th Jun 2001, 08:06
Check out the NAS thread.

Wee Weasley Welshman
29th Jun 2001, 10:43
Secret Squirrel - you didn't answer my question.

Are you tired?

In what way will another couple of thousand 'commerical' hours change my postings?

Jetblast has its place - I've enjoyed it for more years than you. We do not censor 99.999% of material here but links to explicit porn are simply not on hence Dannys drastic action to make that point.



29th Jun 2001, 12:40
A suggestion to the managment:

Why not nominate certain PPrUNer's as unofficial moderators with the power to delete offensive posts on JetBlast?

After all, PPrUNe management are often off flying.....

Would this work?

PS: Presume Natters has been banned......???

Live long and Prosper.....

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29th Jun 2001, 13:20
Don't understand what the fuss is about what is wrong with a bit of healthy porn. Can provide relief in certain cases.

It is usually the people with their holier than thou attitudes that cause most of the problems. If you do not like it then don't look. But because of curiousity people have a tendancy to look where they shouldn't and then justify this action by preaching some form of gospel.

Hotel Lobby ethics who thought that one up People should have the right to express their opinion when and where there like.

29th Jun 2001, 13:34
Nah. Direct links to explicit porn pics are a bit over the top Eng (and the reason why "[img]" capability is disabled here). I remember the last JB pow-pow with the heirarchy on the matter and we all agreed we wouldnt do it.

Ive a hunch the link was posted by someone who simpley wanted to derail that particular thread.

Radar Departure2
29th Jun 2001, 13:41
Oh for God's sake, here we go again.

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">Hotel Lobby ethics who thought that one up People should have the right to express their opinion when and where there like.</font>

Simplistic nonsense. No doubt, Engineer, you would support my right to call you a pederast on national television.

In this case the one who "thought it up" is the one who initiated this site, who gave birth to it, who puts all the work into it, who fields complaints and threats of legal action from all and sundry, and therefore MAKES THE RULES. This ain't a democracy, sunshine, it's a privately owned site.

Very rarely in life are things so simple. Can't you see it doesn't matter whether any of you agree or not? If The Man doesn't like it, that's the way it is. If you don't like it, p*ss off! Easy!!!

Hey, I think it's a lot more fun with smut too, but so f*cking what?



29th Jun 2001, 14:31
You can call me anything you want but the chance of you calling me lover of young boys on national television are zero. Maybe you habour a secret desire to out yourself of this perference on TV because to do something like that here would defile all the changing rules that are set.

All this back slapping and good show comradeship can be nauseous and cloud the issues. Life can be simple or complex that discision is yours.

If Mr Pprune want to flex his muscles after getting up early and doing two sectors so be it.If it is a privately onwed site then kick the people off who cause the hassle using a bit more decorum then expressed by some people!

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Secret Squirrel
29th Jun 2001, 15:30

Never said that posting pornographic links was acceptable. Personally I don't bother to click on them anyway but I guess that's beside the point. I thought that this had been banned and certainly never did it myself. If it was only this that had been complained about I would have kept my mouth shut.

I'm just a little bewildered by this Anglo Saxon obsession with all things sexual. Yet violence and religious bigotry is acceptable. For instance it is perfectly acceptable for a fifteen year old to see bllod and guts on the TV screen, indeed some of the best playstation games involve some measure of 'killing' your oponent(s) or beating them within an inch of their lives; but Oh lordy, woe betide the TV station that shows a nipple before the watershed! Give me a break.

Things may have changed but I was always led to believe that in the Scandinavian countries programmes with or of a sexual nature have always been acceptable for 'children' to view. However, you won't see them watching the Mutant Ninja Turtles anymore and that is the right approach, IMHO.

Sex is sex is sex and without it we would all become extinct.

The reference to your limited experience was a cheap shot, I know and I apologise (yes I was tired). It was really not intended to be as condescending as it sounded; merely an ilustration of a typical attitude sported by many a new airline pilot who is suddenly surrounded by women of all shapes and sizes. I'm married to a teacher and the great thing there is that she has other things to talk about than aviation or work, either hers or mine. As far as I can ascertain their views on us and ours on them become more professionally based as time goes on. You may have seen that satirical stages of an Air Hostess about how their views change as time goes by, well I believe it's true of pilots too. Anyway, I take it back.

Radar departure is right, though, it's Mr Pprune's site and he makes the rules. No sex please, we're British.

Very funny, Scotty. Now beam up my clothes!

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29th Jun 2001, 21:02
Some folks might see a certain irony in a site named the Professional Pilots Rumour Network, when it also has registered users who are anything other than professional pilots. No, I'm not slagging off at ATCOs or LAMEs or effays, or even the owners of this site. All I'm saying is that, if you allow the place to expand beyond Professional Pilots, you get into the realm of the unknown, so to speak.

As a professional pilot myself (well, sometimes!), I reckon I've got a right to expect other professional pilots to behave in a certain way. And, by and large, I've seen that. I'm not saying that all of us have a well developed sense of right and wrong but those who do are undoubtedly in the majority. The same is certainly true of Wannabees, ATCOs, LAMEs and effays.

The fact that PPRuNe has been opened up to folks other than professional pilots does, however, make it vunerable to abuse by those who don't play nicely. I'm not sure that I like the idea of being punished along with them, for THEIR transgressions. I wasn't in a position to prevent the person making the post in question, so why should I be made to suffer the loss of access to JB?

I'm really not criticising Danny here, even though that's what it sounds like. I want to make the point that I believe there's a better way. And I think this idea has been floated before. Anyway...

Why not turn JB into a sort of "key club", just like the private airline-only forums on this site? I'm sure we'd all gladly go thru an enrollment process, agree not to hold Danny or any of the Admins or Moderators liable, etc. etc. This would be enough of a safeguard to keep the lawyers off Danny's back and yet allow us a bit more freedom.

I do not, under any circumstance, see a need for links to porn sites on Pprune. Likewise for extremist and/or cult sites. I don't see any need for such references here. If we can all agree to this, or something along these lines, it makes our life easier and also makes Danny's life easier. Win-win?

So... whaddyareckon?

Dispela olgeta samting i pekpek bilong bulmakau!

Hagbard the Amateur
29th Jun 2001, 21:31
Speaking as a non pilot but someone with a strong but non-anorak interest in aviation, I have enjoyed this site since 1998 (sorry Danny, I still don't know why my registration isn't listed, I've forgotten the month myself.) I've started maybe two threads since my time logging on and my posts you can see for yourself. I don't post much because I only want to write when I have something of the utmost relevance to say (maybe I've broken that rule once or twice ;))
I respect the primary professional importance of this site and have learned a library of information by passively reading threads from the mil mates all the way to Dunnunda. I also have laughed my socks off at some genuine informative humour.
I do however percieve over the years that Jet Blast has become a little more basic in its humour. Sure, we all have the right to free speech but within the right medium and context. There must be enough anecdote amongst you real pilots out there to reject the need for ambling neanderthal threads talking about basically nothing. Sorry for my candour. I like this site and see Danny's problem.

I would like the right to continue reading, learning and laughing here despite my lack of professional status, at least within your field. Shield out the nutters but please don't exclude the genuine interested.

All the best,


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Capt PPRuNe
29th Jun 2001, 21:51
Just to keep it simple for those who seem to have difficulty comprehending this:

No one has said that you can't have topics that involve sex but if you are so thick as to be unable to differentiate between what is acceptable discussion and explicit then you are not welcome here. An IQ of a level that has the ability to discern between what is acceptable comment and what is explicit and graphic detail is what is required here. If you don't 'get it' then go elsewhere.

As those of you who followed or partook in the thread that caused the latest problem should be able to see is that one thing leads to another and Slashers explicit posting led to someone with obvious lower than normal intelligence posting a link to an explicit porn site. I don't want to have to police this forum but if you are unable to figure out how to behave on here then do me a favour... bog off!


Capt PPRuNe
aka Danny Fyne
The Professional Pilots RUmour NEtwork

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Mac the Knife
29th Jun 2001, 23:18
Well Danny, I'm sorry that my tongue in cheek comment on Slash's original post fuelled the brouhaha. It was meant as just a wry remark to the effect that that Slasher's supposedly so sinful little dream was pretty mild compared to the things some folk get up to. I honestly didn't expect that anyone would REALLY come out with explicit bizarre & hardcore stuff which obviously has no place on PPRuNE. In retrospect, I should have realised how this might incite others to excess and I apologise.

Think I'd best avoid sex in future.

30th Jun 2001, 00:56

Why should it be someone's inalienable right to say what they want, where and when they want?

You argue that if people don't want to listen, watch or click on a link to a porn site they don't have to. Presumably (I know, I know. Presumptions are dodgy but I think I'm getting your drift) you would suggest that the prudes can walk away, exercise their freedom of choice.

If that's so you could always do just that. Go find another forum where you are free to expound your own theories, air your fetishes or whatever floats your boat.

Argue all you like. You ain't going to get anywhere on this forum. It's owned by one person and what they want, goes whether we like it or not.

I like to think that if ever I disagreed as strongly as you do I'd have the good grace to go quietly.

Big Red ' L '
30th Jun 2001, 11:28
Even simpler this. Danny doesn't want porn on the site, so there will be no porn on the site. How thick are you if you don't agree with that..?


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30th Jun 2001, 12:21
You are the product of your own comment <font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">Why should it be someone's inalienable right to say what they want, where and when they want?</font>and in stating what you demonstrated the same right that you object to.

Yes, you like most people that read text presume and interpret what you want to read. Which may lead to jingoistic comments.
But like most people you should be forgiven for any incorrect assumptions made.

The simplistic approach to Mr Pprunes dilemma, as I stated, for his private site, is to kick the people off the site or charge a fee for people to join. That way you command the selective audience you crave for. But do not punish the rest(schoolclass law)for the action of the few!

As for your last statement Your tunnelled view of the subject shows an unwillingness to accept that one person can present another side of the debate without expressing an opinion! But what you express gives the opportunity for BRL to banner is view of a persons mental agility

Have a nice weekend

30th Jun 2001, 18:03
Engineer and some others seem to be missing the point. Firstly, this is not a site (despite the name) purely for pilots, but for anyone with an interest in aviation. Which is what makes it so special and part of the attraction, as it does not have the narrow spectrum of view of other similar sites. To restrict it to only pilots or aviation personnel would possibly keep out some of the trouble makers, but don't tell me pilots never cause problems in here. A mention of D&G here to prove a point :)

Secondly, it is run by a very small group of people who mostly do it in their spare time. It has an enviable reputation in the industry and is used by thousands of people to learn about aviation, to swop information and to be entertained and informed.

Yes, there is a case for making this forum (JB) private, but it may well be too much administration - someone has to do it. Additionally, to charge for membership would also entail far more work and admin - someone would have to set up the payment scheme, run it etc.

At the moment, it works (except for the odd occasion), we are responsible for what happened - each of us who posted, read or didn't openly condemn it. Therefore, we must accept the consequences.

This is a public arena, and as such no-one has a right to state anything they want, just because they have the luxury of relative anonymity. As has been said if you want to act outside the very few fair rules here, then go set up a website and see if you can rival this one.

Other than that, accept that Danny et al do a fantastic job and allow us to say, within reasonable bounds, what we want. Even those who are not strictly speaking aviation related.

How do you explain to a caterpillar that it can become a butterfly, and will, regardless of its current belief system.

Kaptin M
30th Jun 2001, 18:55
Velvet my sweet, please don't assume to presume..............Capt PPRuNe aka Danny said "PPRuNe is primarily a professional pilots website and everyone else is welcome as long as ..
Primarily this IS a site for PROFESSIONAL PILOTS.

Now, we ALL know that professional pilots are multi-talented people, who are ABLE to discuss topics, other than aviation, quite fluidly. Being liberal-minded individuals, professional pilots are also able to expand or withdraw the boundaries, to tailor-fit the conversation currrently under discussion...a requirement of our job!!

The laws of Jet Blast are simple (KISS).....relate it to aviation (one way or another) and it's acceptable.
Post straight porn, and it's NOT acceptable - probably because we've seen it before!!

Capt. Horatio Slappy !!
30th Jun 2001, 19:06
How dare someone suggest that I am too incompetent to locate my own hardcore pornography by posting it in every nook and cranny. I'll have you know that I am in fact highly skilled in ferreting out free porn sites !!
I agree entirely with Capt. PPRuNe, porn has it's place.....but not on PPRuNe !!
If I want it I'll find it myself! ( Always have lol )

"BULLAWAYO !!!" ( Pardon me ! )

30th Jun 2001, 21:38
Kaptin M - kiss and hugs - I said 'not purely' this is different to 'primarily'.

Would you really want this bulletin board to be solely for pilots to post here, and only aviation related topics. I'm told that some of the other bulletin boards which do tend towards this type of site are not nearly so well frequented, nor so interesting.

It would be quite easy to attain - just close it to all those who cannot prove they are 'professional pilots', and keep out any other aviation related personnel and those who have any interest in the aviation world including non-professional pilots.

Still I'm sure if you try really hard Kaptin M - you'll manage to get rid of those elements who are unable to follow your simple laws of only posting stuff linked in one way or another to aviation.

Celtic Emerald
30th Jun 2001, 22:10
Ah Kaptin M

Yar pulling our leg now besides even if it was so it wouldn't be long before all the aviation jokes/stories dried up but then again I know you've NEVER been GUILTY of starting a thread which has strayed off this straight & narrow path in JB http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/confused.gif

But to have you happy I promise to stick an oul plane into every post I make even if it's only a paper one and it bears no relevance to the post whatsoever.

Now there amn't I being all nice & accomodating :)


Ps: You've never caled me "My Sweet" & it being me birthday tomorrow & all (sulk) http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

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Final 3 Greens
1st Jul 2001, 23:55
Hard porn links are well out of order.

I am not a prude and I enjoy JB thoroughly, but Danny did the right thing, 100%.


Tartan Gannet
2nd Jul 2001, 13:33
As most of you will be aware I am certainly NOT a prude! I do however agree with Danny 100% on his action and statement.

Now Im not a Pilot, but an ancilliary worker in the Avionics Industry who found this website when looking for sensible and technically sound comments on the Concorde accident at CDG. I then discovered JB and the rest is history.

Its too simple for words, Danny and others founded this site, they make the rules. If people dont like it they can Foxtrot Oscar, its NOT a Democracy. So why all the long drawn out arguments. There is no First Amendment on PPrune. Danny rules OK?

There is a place for everything and if you want any type of sexual forum or prono site, some so explicit and unusual as to take your breath away, then the WWW is full of them. Jet Blast is not to my mind the place for this. So lets stick to religion, politics, law and order, sport, even Mornington Crescent etc,etc, as far as the laws on defamation permit and as happens some very heated debates will take place, but leave graphic descriptions of sexual acts, genitalia, etc and so-forth to those Fora freely available elsewhere on the Internet where people can discuss such matters to their heart's content with pictures, movies and even sounds if they wish.

Capt Vegemite
2nd Jul 2001, 14:33
Not on a dial up network you cant TG.

gravity victim
2nd Jul 2001, 20:08
If this has already been suggested, forgive me - but if there is a potential problem with kids wandering into JB, and being scarred for life by Slasher's latest musings on certain aspect of the human condition or whatever - it would be no great hardship for Ppruners to log into JB with their password, as we do when posting.

PPRuNe Dispatcher
2nd Jul 2001, 22:53
We will not turn JB into a forum which requires a username and password to enter due to the administration required.

The solution is simple. You all pretty much know what is and isn't allowed so just use some common sense and we'll all be happy!

--PPRuNe Dispatcher

3rd Jul 2001, 10:57
Gravity V the hoo-har was about natterjack posting a link to an expicit porn pic on the "Fetishes" thread. I thought it was because the OCBs and other trumpet-blasting moralists of JB complained about it and I thought I was in the sh!t. As it turned out I wasnt, nor was Danny upset with the thread until natterjack screwed it up.
Pity the username/password suggestion has been refused. It wouldve been a very practical and workable solution.

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Tartan Gannet
3rd Jul 2001, 11:07
I actually agree with Slasher that a controlled access password and username system such as used by Yahoo Groups would at least shoot down the "my kids might accidentally come across some sexually explicit material I dont want them to read" argument. I still feel that such material is better posted to those sex websites etc where it is both expected and accommodated. BTW my objections to such are aesthetic NOT tied into any "OCB" type of religious moralisation. In the right place porn and sexually explicit material is fair enough and there is plenty of it on the Internet.

3rd Jul 2001, 11:31
My ref to you was not meant to be derogatory TG. And it looks like I owe you an apology for lumping you together with OCB. Ive already made a correction to the post.

I did mention somewhere else about kids accessing JB on the Not again! (http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/Forum4/HTML/004467.html) thread.

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4th Jul 2001, 19:55
Capt PPRuNe,

There is one small problem here. People are joining PPRuNe at the rate of...well, you know that better than I do. Jet Blast has a warning not to enter if you are easily offended. When you do enter you encounter a mish-mash of jokes, politics, sex, prejudice etc etc etc. Now, we regulars may know where to draw the line, especially after you've so often made it clear, but if I was a new PPRuNer I might easily think that anything goes. If you don't want this to keep happening, maybe a brief set of guidelines with the warning is in order. It may be obvious to you where to draw the line, but that doesn't make it universally obvious.


To fly is human, to hover, divine.

4th Jul 2001, 22:31
I keep having this question going through my mind. Would Natterjack have posted this porn site if the "Fetishes" thread had been started in the first place? Was it an open door to feed the frenzy of a young adult who thought he was keeping up his manhood with the Big Boys?

I met Natterjack at the London mini-bash. He didn't look more than 16 y/o. (of course they all look younger to me :) )
So...you throw in this young adult, with already raging hormones, and he follows suit. Surprise, surprise...I'm not.

If telling kids "Don't do this!" or you "Can't do this!" is going to curtail their access, it only heightens their curiosity more. They "will" find a way to by-pass authority.

I've disagreed and agreed with some contents of OCB, but i've given fair due to Slasher as well. I define them as opposing ends who push the limits to the "extreme". Which, in my opinion, allows the rest of us to find the middle balance. ;)

Slasher has contributed thought provoking comments from time to time. However, I have to be honest by saying, no one has been kicked out of an OCB thread for posting porn.

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5th Jul 2001, 05:26
Point taken Judy T. But as I and others have pointed out, there is a conflict between the warning outside JB and what Capt PPrune wants. A kid will read the warning but will he find Dannys posts about porn?
Yep my "Fetishes" was more a test of finding the current edge of the hotel lobby envelope. I expected the HL to complain and the thread deleted within a day or two. It wasnt. I think most posters knew just how far to take it without driving it over the cliff. It wasnt until that bloodey prat natterjack posted a porn link that the JB Purge started.
I dont know why sex is singled out as a no-no when the other 2 vices (politics and religion) are allowed unbridled entry and explicit posting. I personaly find politics to be downright filthey and disgusting, and what politicians are and do would make even the greatest porn star puke. Politics is nothing but lies, deceit, greed, hypocrasy and a lust for power, usualy at the expense of the honest and the poor. But it IS Jet Blast so I dont complain.
As you know Judy Im an atheist. Now Im certainley NOT trying to insult you here hon, I believe religions to be fantasys and ancient superstitions. But we get OCB and a few others in here spouting crap that could warp young minds into thinking christianity is about constantley finding fault in others, and the inferral that rhetoric alone can justify christianitys past injustices. Is that what kids should see? Ill take a swipe at the OCB types but Id never demand removal of him or religious threads. Its supposed to be JB. Religion, politics and sex are fair game. So is name-calling too.
Also, any sexual-related thread I start bears a header that indicates its nature. I called it "Fetishes" and not "what do you think?" or "Do I have a problem with hands?" or some other that is misleading. This gives a signal to people who do not wish to read such matter not to click on the thread.
I disagree that kids internet-use cant be controled. It can be if this new-age crap of raising kids is ignored as I mentioned in another post somewhere.

However I do respect YOUR views Judy, and yes I will bear your contention in mind.

5th Jul 2001, 07:14
I wish you knuckleheads would keep me out of this. (not you Judy) I had nothing to do with the thread.

For the record I believe in love, respect and dignity for others and not the guilt fed animal lust we see in our society today. It causes shame and the abuse of kids and dehumanization of adults and, and, and, endlessly. Consider twenty years from now where we, as a society, will be concerning this and be realistic.

Anyone who has been in a respectful relationship, one in which real love is present, knows what a real sex life is like. Everyone else is just being short changed because they don't open their hearts and instead duck out for some pathetic animal lust, which is in all our faithless hearts if left undisciplined.

Enough said, I'm not part of the problem, Tartan and Slasher so both of you, be a "man" for a change and leave me out of it.


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10th Jul 2001, 07:30
I love PPrune-it's so addictive-yet cheaper than crack! I'm no prude either, but the site has a host-literally.

Slasher, you said you tested the envelope. I wouldn't go to my mother-in-law's and piss into a plant just to see the reaction. "Uh, sorry Connie, just testing the limits!"

I enjoy the site- I learn alot. But if I want to read porn, even "soft" porn, I'll go elsewhere. I don't think it belongs-even in Jetblast.

10th Jul 2001, 15:10
Im shocked....I was wandering around JB looking for the usual mindless utterings and crap to alleviate an otherwise mindless & crap night, and I came across JudyTTexas's post.....It actually makes sense and is extremely well put.....congrats JTT, excellent :eek: :confused: :eek: :confused: :eek: