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28th Jun 2001, 18:23
As much as I love the 'Walking with Dinosoaurs' type series, one thing bothers me.....

....how do we know the Dinosuars behaved like this.

I saw the 'making of...' doc and they were animating the Plieosuar. The Palientologist frankly admitted that 'we've no idea how it folded it's wings on the ground'. They could not work this out from the fossilzed skeltal remains, nor animating this on the computer. In the end, they had to have one of the Animators dress up and mess about until they found a 'realistic' way of doing this.

My point is that this series (and the ilk) are just speculation. None of us were around 65 million years ago (settle down at the back! :rolleyes: ), yet this stuff is paraded as scientific fact!!

What do other PPRuNer's think????

....if they think at all!!!!! :) :)

Live long and Prosper.....

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28th Jun 2001, 18:28
We are not allowed to think, or have an opinion. The only way is the way of the moderator. The only thoughts we think are those that are of the moderator. The moderator is God in this forum. He decideds how the dinosaurs walked, we all line up to believe and follow him. His word is more than law, it is life.

Do not ask us for our thoughts again. They were banned yesterday. We are muppets and robots who've just had their programs deleted. We now await re-programming in the 'new way' the 'moderators way'.

F..k this, I'm off to kill myself.

Biggles Flies Undone
28th Jun 2001, 18:30
Mmmmmm know what you mean, Swash......

Can't recall exactly what I was doing after 0200Z at the GatBash - and any comments by other PPRuNers are simply speculation :)

Send Clowns
28th Jun 2001, 21:26
There has been some criticism of this, but I think in the end unfair.

The material is, on an immediate basis, presented as fact. This is essential for the presentation that has been chosen - it would become stilted and dull if the narrator kept saying '...it is thought that...' and '...scientists believe...' and this would have been completely inappropriate for the presentation of a narrative.

However the makers always did admit that much of what was shown was speculation, and of course it was basically obvious, as you noticed. However large amounts was very well-informed speculation, and I (as a geology graduate, so having studied vertibrate palaeobiology) think the series was extremly well-made and interestring. Sit back and enjoy, knowing that your watching a clever bloke's best guess.

'Me here at last on the ground, you in mid air'