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Tricky Woo
27th Jun 2001, 17:41
Hail, Fellow JB-ers,

Read somewhere (Previous thread?) that many people have a strong aversion to open-mouthed, tonsil-tickling, spit-laden snogging. Others couldn't do without it. I had a brief think on the subject, and I came up with the following issues:

- Open gob versus closed gob.
- Tongue versus no tongue.
- Soggy open gob kisses versus (miraculously) dry open gob kisses.

What say you?


27th Jun 2001, 17:47
Soggier and dirtier the better...

27th Jun 2001, 17:52
What say me? Im all for sloppey tongue-wrestling as long as shes cleaned out my glob (or anyone elses) from her gob first! :)

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27th Jun 2001, 18:06
Tricky Woo,

Yea, I agree with you, that was a brief think!

Tongue hugging is like when you have a wad of Redman chewing tobacco in your mouth and you slip the old lady the tongue and to your surprise you get a wad of skoal chewing tobacco in return.
It's just like that only the opposite. LOL!

ps. Hows the mom today? Tell her hello! :)


27th Jun 2001, 19:29
Depends on who I'm kissing :)

Tongue - definately but no dribbling. Huge passion killer.

27th Jun 2001, 21:17
Open, no dribbling :)

Tongue is ok, but unfortunately I don't like open mouth and tongue with women smokers.

It's like placing your tongue into an ashtray, no doubt about it ...


Neil Harmony
2nd Jul 2001, 18:14
Does this include drinking from the furry cup? in which case whether she has a spitton on not is irelevant. (Spitton, for spitting lumps of mucous encrusted chewing tobbaco products, great fun on the veranda)
Can we discuss furry cup experiences..??

Gash Handlin
2nd Jul 2001, 22:45


NO, someon'll only put up a link to mucky photos and we'l get closed down again ;)

PS isn't it a spitOOn?

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Constable Clipcock
2nd Jul 2001, 23:34
Open, with use of tongue.

Really, I'd never thought there to be any other way of doing it.

Send Clowns
3rd Jul 2001, 00:37
Definitely (with the right young lady, she being a charming occasional visitor here) a variety of open and closed mouth, with tongue to mouth and licking and gently nibbles. All shows caring and closeness, and is very sexy.

'Me here at last on the ground, you in mid air'

3rd Jul 2001, 07:37
It all depends on the mood at the moment of the actual Kiss. Some times open with tongue and sloppy, Sometimes closed pecks and nibbles like last post from SC. And has to be with a special little lady friend of mine that is real gorgeous. (I meet her aain tonight uh) neway off to prepare and Brush me teeth LOL


Neil Harmony
3rd Jul 2001, 11:09
At lot of it depends on the width of the cake hole, the larger it is, the more drooling and salivating will occur during snogging, bit like dogs, small yappy type ones will not drool as much as large fat basttardd type dogs, exceptions to the rule are women like Julia Roberts,
Does anyone know if their is a mouth to box size ratio, I would be interested, from personal experience, most have small mouths, sorry chaps, and sore ones at that.

Studded toungues can be fun top and bottom of the "scale". alledgedly

Feeton Terrafirma
3rd Jul 2001, 13:42
Depends who I'm kissing! Often it's really sloppy, lots of wide open mouth, long wet hot tongue slobering everywhere, diving in and out, often even missing the mouth all together! But that's the dog for you.

I'm not a PPRuNe addict. (just need one more post)

Tricky Woo
3rd Jul 2001, 14:14
Feeton, that was a classic.

Neil Harmony
3rd Jul 2001, 16:24
That could get you in the she-it, especially if your skills are not up to scratch, circular movements are the best, with the occasional dive for pure fun.

Just make sure she doesent have a mustache... if not you can always give her a dirty sanchaz.

Excuse the spelling.

3rd Jul 2001, 17:21
I've met Feetons Dog......... He's Blind :) :) :)


4th Jul 2001, 06:08
That's no way to talk about your better half :)

Oh I forgot :
Open, soggy snog but not first thing in the morning due to the phenomenon of stale crusty poop-breath syndrome. And that's just the missus :)

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Tartan Gannet
4th Jul 2001, 12:56
At the risk of being thrown out of the PPrune Hotel Lobby it all depends WHICH set of her lips one is kissing. ;) ;) ;)

Tricky Woo
4th Jul 2001, 13:09

That's an important point: How does one formulate a strategy for the specific kind of kiss that applies to a particular situation? Different girlfriends require a different kind of snog, IMHO. A passionate, jaw grinding snog clearly applies early on in a relationship, but often is unsuitable later on. I never see hubbies tonsil-tickling their wives in bus shelters. What about that? Is this part of the human condition? Tongues entwined to get 'em into the sack, then chaste kisses from then on?

Mind you, snogging a girlfriend is one thing, but you've got to think carefully before you start snogging your granny. Unless you're from the Deep South, in which case it seems to be de rigeur.


Feeton Terrafirma
4th Jul 2001, 14:01
TG! I'm shocked. I never expected to see such ribald comments from a mason. I have to ask though, what difference does it make kissing the other lips?

I'm not a PPRuNe addict. (just need one more post)

Tartan Gannet
4th Jul 2001, 14:43
Feeton, like many things in life its a matter of taste I suppose. (Strangely enough I thought it was the Irish airline, any info on the versatility of their hosties?) ;)

4th Jul 2001, 15:00
i can't be the only person who, way back in the schoolyard when first heard that tongues were involved in kissing thought that it was gross! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/cool.gif

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

Feeton Terrafirma
4th Jul 2001, 17:26
TG, you didn't answer my question!

"What difference does it make kissing the other lips?"

I use the same style for both :)

Ducky, didn't you EVER sniff the gurlz bicycle seats? OH! yes I guess not then eh?

I'm not a PPRuNe addict. (just need one more post)