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31st Mar 2004, 19:17
Well they are history now.

Cracking weather (if a little cloudy when it mattered) and thanks DamienB, he and I got onto the base as part of the Press party to view the disbandment ceremony. (cheers mate, good luck for tomorrow).



Harrier in the 800NAS special scheme.




The c/o issuing the order for the Squadron to shut down engines for the last time.

The final dismount

Traditional Jolly Japes at the end of flying

799NAS aircraft painted in an Admirals Barge colour scheme, but maybe not for long.

Aileron Roll
1st Apr 2004, 05:26
Excellent pic's !

Well Done !

5th Apr 2004, 10:21
Cracking pics - shame about the reasons behind the day's events.

PS: re the "barge" - Fleet Air Arm's Admirals' barges used to be painted green and white - I remember the Sea Herons and Wessex 5s from the early 70s - why blue this time? Nice paint job, though! Hope this aircraft is "retained" by the FAA somewhere - FAA Museum? Could be named "Bliar's Folly". Comments on a signed bar chit.

PPS: 899 it is (not 799)!!

5th Apr 2004, 11:54
899s display jet is painted to portray the peacetime livery of the SHAR FRS 1 prior to it's journey down south in 1982. However, the slight snag was that the actual blue could no longer be obtained for the jet, however, in an effort to piss AOC 1 Gp off they painted it anyway........Note the Jag force are NOT being allowed to paint their display jet, looks like the Saint is a no no.......

5th Apr 2004, 12:41
Pre-1982 the FRS.1s were extra dark sea grey over white, not blue over white.

Way I heard it was that as EDSG isn't used any more and no stocks could be found, they contacted the FAA Museum to see what else they could do and the blue/white admiral's barge scheme was suggested (as per the blue/white Hunter T.8 that used to be in this scheme).

If it was really meant to be an FRS.1 scheme they'd have put the roundels on the side of the intakes... painted the rear face of the outrigger to match the topsides... and used EDSG!

WE Branch Fanatic
28th Aug 2004, 15:28
There are lots of pics on the RN website - particularly in the picture gallery....

Please also see the Sea Jet thread. (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=98152)