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26th Jun 2001, 21:45
I noticed in the staff car park a few days ago B737 FLY...

Must invest in one of these....
Anyone got any others ? And how much ?
Anyone care to own up to purchasing P1 LOT !!

[email protected]

26th Jun 2001, 22:25
How about P18LOT yours for 5,000.00

26th Jun 2001, 22:55
P1 LOT was sold not too long ago. I think that it went for around 30,000.

Also for any RotorHeads, the plates R22 2POB and R44 4POB have been availiable

26th Jun 2001, 23:40
saw a ferrari the other day with the reg "ATC 1"

10W not telling us something??? :)

pax domina
26th Jun 2001, 23:41
Here in the land of the vanity plate, I recently spotted JET MECH on the back of an outrageously huge and full of chrome dually pick-up which was driving up Tradeport Drive on the maintenance/cargo rodent/BizJet side of MCO. (Told this to the pilot I had been on my way to pick up, who replied, "You'd want people to know you're a jet mechanic?!")

A bit off topic, but a few years back I "turned in" the bloke who had [email protected] to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Copied pages out of the OED and everything. They're none to bright up there in Tallhassee. Acutally, they're none to bright anywhere in this sandabar/swamp . . .

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27th Jun 2001, 01:35
Used to be one at EGNF many moons ago SKY 80Y on a Porsche

27th Jun 2001, 01:53

"P155 MRS"

a short while back but I don't think it was intended to upset the wife.

27th Jun 2001, 03:05
Seen in Dallas.


27th Jun 2001, 14:58
The old man bought P1 FLY and P2 FLY a few years back from the DVLA....
Only 250 each...good investment if P1 LOT went for 30,000 !!!!!

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Jed A1
27th Jun 2001, 20:49
Roy Chubby Brown has / had PEN 15.

Might be relevant to somebody in aviation!

27th Jun 2001, 20:54


But not on my blazer http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif


28th Jun 2001, 00:35
Info - P1LOT sold for 65000+
K1NGS sold for 230000+ !!!!!!

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28th Jun 2001, 21:47
How much does a generic registration cost in the UK, does it vary according to the value of the vehicle it is on?

Transition Layer
29th Jun 2001, 11:43
In NSW (Australia) a new type of numberplate came out a few years back which opened up heaps of new combinations.

Some of them include -


Bit of a toss if you ask me.

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The Guvnor
29th Jun 2001, 12:53
Sir Freddie Laker had FLY1 - given to him by the family of Lord Brabazon.

29th Jun 2001, 13:19
My boss in the RAF had RAF64
Anyone know where BOE 737 might be? I suppose its too much to expect BOE737-800 !!

29th Jun 2001, 14:27
I bought my plate from the DVLA some time ago for 250, which was just about the cheapest they sold (80 of that is the transfer fee). Nowadays the best ones are always kept back for sale by auction (I think there's one coming up fairly shortly). I waited years for S4RAH to come round - it made 25,000! I wonder if anyone's got S1ASH?

29th Jun 2001, 18:33
Got two plates from Halfords for 18.

29th Jun 2001, 18:46
I've got personalised plates, I just changed my name to W637 XMB!

29th Jun 2001, 20:35
I saw P1 VFR on a PPL's car at Biggin recently.

30th Jun 2001, 04:54
Saw P19 FLY in the CAA car park at Gatwick

Dave Incognito
30th Jun 2001, 06:32
A mate recently got AVI8ON for his 21st (I believe AVI8IN was already taken).


Last year on an ever so special national radio segment in Australia called "Tight-arse Tuesday", someone was dobbed in trying to get his friends to call him Arpee. Turns out his rego was RPI843.

Have a good one, Dave.

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1st Jul 2001, 00:05
Out of curiosity, but why doesn't the UK authority allow a mix of any letters & numbers on number plates, within the maximum characters allowed?

Obviously I'm excluding those combinations that many would feel are objectionable, but that still doesn't explain the current mandatory letter/number contrivances to make words.

Down and Welded
1st Jul 2001, 00:52
Western Australia permits 3 alpha plus 3 numeric and up to nine alpha (you can get a damn good word or words with THAT!

The following would be possible (haven't seen them)...

FLY-747 (-737, -320, -172, etc.)
(and many more)

I've got SILVERFOX languishing in the WA Transport Dept. vaults, awaiting my return (someday). When you move interstate you can't take your personalised plates!

A Very Civil Pilot
1st Jul 2001, 01:46
Someone in STN has P1 AUK

Seen in NZ was AV18TOR

As the UK licencing system only alows 3 letters together, and aviation is full of 3 letter codes and abbreviations, we should be able to make a persomalised plate out of anything

Stop Stop Stop
1st Jul 2001, 01:52
The guy you are referring to actually has the registration P2 AUK (he is a first officer) and much to his embarrasment, his father owns P1 AUK for when the time comes.

However, he no longer works for the airline in question, so if you see this in the LGW car park it will mean absolutely zip!!

1st Jul 2001, 02:34
saw this one and loved it..


DC Meatloaf
1st Jul 2001, 09:06
It's not a vanity plate, but here in Virgina, for an extra $20 or so at registration time you can get a plate with a nifty little drawing of an SR-71 streaking through the clouds. The extra $$ supports the future Dulles extension to the National Air and Space Museum.

Pretty kewl.

Lap? Kok? - Chek!
1st Jul 2001, 13:47
How about 4MYEGO for a cathay captain
or 6UL DV8 for Captain Over ?

1st Jul 2001, 16:23
Here are some from godzone...
(we are only allowed a combination of up to 6 letters or numbers with no spaces)

ZKPBY (owned by a member of the catalina syndicate)

These I have seen during my many hours commuting between prospective employers...I'm sure there are more out there.

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eyes turned skywards:
for there you have been and there you long to return"

Leonardo da Vinci

SuperSonic theHedgehog
2nd Jul 2001, 04:00

N-E(3)-1-4-A-B-J ?

somebodys got to have it somewhere

2nd Jul 2001, 04:14
Probably Slasher!

SuperSonic theHedgehog
2nd Jul 2001, 04:18
who's slasher?

2nd Jul 2001, 08:44
i still think that UB6IB9 would be a nice one ;)

oh and i think i have seen a plate with PIC or something like that on it (and yes it was at an airport) :)

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

2nd Jul 2001, 17:25
I once spotted one with the acronym 'PAPI' on it...... ;)

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Turbulent Eddy
3rd Jul 2001, 13:26
I do believe I also saw that one Hottie http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/cool.gif

*Fzzzt*-"oh bugger,has anyone got a spare fuse for the crapometer?"

3rd Jul 2001, 16:40
I know 2 people with aviation plates

A5 PBY & A747 CAP - no prizes for guessing the connection

20th Jul 2001, 05:52
i saw one that said NA1L ME
i though i was dirty
but they people i told said that maybe it belonged to a builder
i guess i just have a dirty mind :D

the strange thing was that we were in a car when i was telling them about this numberplate and just after i told them about it we passed that car!!!

20th Jul 2001, 09:25
Frequent visitors to OU parking lot (car park, I know I SOLD OUT!!!)
and the local DPE has

20th Jul 2001, 11:49
I wonder who owns the flash black sports car seen near wittering recently with the reg


20th Jul 2001, 14:11
In RSA we have only got a few places to get personalised plates, have seen FLY747-GP as well as FLYING-GP (GP is the province) and a few other goodies around.

itchy kitchin
20th Jul 2001, 16:37
The chap who runs the flying school i was at in california had a superbike with the reg: VNE.

20th Jul 2001, 16:49
Hmm. I knew there was a disadvantage to owning older cars, and now I've found it:

I can't put anything beginning with "P1..." on my car coz it's too old :(

Oh well, I'll just have to spend the money on flying instead :D


(UK law is, basically, that the number has to look like a "real" number, and that it's not allowed to make a car look newer than it really is. Plates beginning P then a number, therefore, can't go on any car pre-1997ish)

21st Jul 2001, 10:22
Pretty cool for this female friend of mine...... "jetgirl" :cool:

John Eacott
21st Jul 2001, 16:27
Reminds me of an e mail I got last month, re a licence plate held by a woman in one of the American states,

3M TA3

Took 6 months for the plates to be withdrawn, when someone woke up to what they read in a rear view mirror :D

OTOH, my plates on my 4WD have been 'COPTER' for 10 years. Unfortunately 'HELI' is owned by a local multi millionaire, who had it on a limo, now doesn't use it, but doesn't want to part with it :(

tony draper
21st Jul 2001, 16:37
Notaviation related but there was a guy used to drive around the Newcastle area with the reg, WAR666, don't think he was a baptist somehow. ;)

21st Jul 2001, 17:16
A friend of mine in Dallas Tx. used to have LJET1 on his car. What did he fly? Challengers of course!

Rgds Bex :)

Tartan Gannet
22nd Jul 2001, 21:31
Reading, Berkshire, 9.30pm Saturday 21st July , location Oxford Road near Singapore Chinese Take Away. Large Dark Blue BMW (top of range) with Reg No P11OT looking of course like PILOT when eyeballed. Now was this a PPruner, indeed was it the gentleman who came into said take-away and was standing at the counter as I collected my meal (special for two) and left? If so then you have eyballed Tartan Gannet, (heavy built bloke with a beard and gold rimmed glasses, black shirt and jeans, brown sandals.) Anyone else recognise this vehicle and its owner?

23rd Jul 2001, 12:06
If you are ever in Auckland and see a beautifully restored 1984 Nissan Patrol SWB or a rather hacked and supermarket trolley bashed Mitsi Mirage; with either 777 SIA or SIA 777 (I can never remember which is which) then you have me or the missus.

I know it's naff - but at 100 quid a pop I couldn't resist.


Bobby Johnson
23rd Jul 2001, 20:42
Anyone want M12 BBJ

Airborne Hamster
25th Jul 2001, 20:40
Jed A1,

Just saw your post of a month ago concerning PEN15.Saw this on a Mercedes in the carpark at Donington in about 1989! In those days it must have cost an absolute fortune.Don't know if it was Roy Chubby Brown's then though.

Cyclic Hotline
25th Jul 2001, 22:29
A long, long time ago, one of my neighbours had BAC111 on his MGB.

Is it still around? :)

Travelling Toolbox
26th Jul 2001, 09:06
Sorry not aviation related, but a long time ago in Sydney there was a sexy pink Italian sports car with the rego "KEPT".

Around this neck of the woods I've seen "4 WORK" and "4 PLAY" the former a station wagon, the latter a 4X4. Another Urban Assault Vehicle tickled me the other day with "MRS ANGRY" proudly displayed front and back. Wouldn't like to park my shopping trolley near her! :p

26th Jul 2001, 09:16
Chief instructor at my flying club: FLYGRL