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31st Mar 2004, 11:13
I am addicted to Living TVs programme Most Haunted, and Last nights episode at Craig-Y-Nos fascinated me, with all the very strange sighs and laughs that could be heard.
Does anyone else watch this ?
I am not entirely convinced by Derek Acorahs performance at times, he is a showman extroadinaire, however he sometimes comes out with some very spooky stuff which he simply could not have made up.
Having seen some of the previous threads here on Jet Blast I know I am not alone in my fascination for all things supernatural, but how many of us would really be brave enough to go spend a night in a haunted house on a ghost watch.
A discussion in Chat last night brought up the suggestion of a PPRuNe Ghost watch, perhaps we should find a haunted airfield to go to.
Has anyone done anything like that before, did anything happen ???

31st Mar 2004, 14:00
I regularly watch Most Haunted too, mainly to see Yvette Fielding freak out. Last night's Yvette quote, "f :mad: me" was a classic... and she's regularly poo'ing her pants - in her own immortal words. Entertaining stuff. Her make-up girl is even more of a wuss, getting freaked out over flashing red lights on burglar alarm motion sensors! hahaha :D

I'm a major sceptic, I don't think I could ever really believe in ghosts until I actually see one. The mediums they have on the show could have spent a few years at RADA, they put on a good act. As to how they know some of that information, I don't know. Very strange but could be explained in the show's script?

The orb's and flickering lights which show up on their night vision cameras are the strangest thing... they can't be explained. Can they?

A pprune ghost watch would be good, haven't heard of any haunted airfields though. Most of the old wartime airfields around here in East Anglia have been taken over by chicken sheds and little else remains.

A friend of mine, also a pilot, admitted to me that he once saw a ghost through his rear-view mirror, sitting in the back of his car when driving home one night. He turned around and it had gone. Very real though. Still, I'm sceptical! I want to believe but take the scientific approach... most of these things can (usually) be explained somehow. :ooh:

31st Mar 2004, 14:14
Put me in the deeply sceptical camp too. I'd want to meet a ghost and have a chat with it to be convinced.

We could hold the PPRuNe ghost watch at Sleap. Reputedly the control tower, where the cafe now is, is haunted by the ghost of a WAAF lady who was killed there when a WWII bomber crashed into the tower. I've sat there quite late into the night in a number of interminably boring committee meetings when a ghost would have been welcome light relief, but not yet seen it. Willing to give it a go though.

31st Mar 2004, 14:39
The Avro Lincoln in the museum at Cosford is said to be haunted. There are several reports of strange sights and sounds. Apparently the cleaners refuse to work in the hanger alone at night.


Don't Tell Him Pike
31st Mar 2004, 15:03
Most Haunted did a programme from RAF East Kirkby. It had the usual Fielding jitters, but some quite good ghosty activity. Here's a link


The Invisible Man
31st Mar 2004, 15:24
The South bay at Manchester Airport is supposed to be haunted by a Paratrouper who was killed during training.

If our company aircraft were not flying for a while, they were parked on South bay. Having moved an aircraft onto South bay, two very trustworthy friends swear they saw someone walk across the back galley. They both went down to check who it was, there was no-one there. Neither of them went onto an empty aircraft alone again.

I regularly walk from front to rear on an aircraft in total darkness, by row 28 I'm running like the clappers !!!

31st Mar 2004, 15:24
I've seen that program a few times .......and I find it really irritating!!!:* They go to these places to find 'paranormal activity'....and as soon as something strange happens they all run a bleedin' mile!!!!! Aren't strange things what they stayed up all night to see???!!!
And as for Derek Acorah......he'd be good in a village panto!:}

31st Mar 2004, 19:00
The building where I work is supposed to be haunted. When I work nights I'm the only person in the building...:eek:

I have yet to actually see anything and I err on the side of scepticism, but there have been one or two moments. Walking down a corridor and the hairs suddenly stand up on the back of my neck; automatic doors opening when there is no-one (that I can see) anywhere near to walk through them; and inexplicable footsteps in the next room - which is empty on investigation. All of which can easily be explained away.

The story behind our ghost is quite a good one. She is called Esther. The mother of one of the women I work with was apparently friends with Esther. During WWII, the factory was making bearings for Rolls Royce so was a reasonable target for the Luftwaffe. They had many false alarms and the workers had become blasť about air raids. One day, the sirens went off and the factory duly evacuated. Esther had just reached the shelter when she realised that she had left her handbag behind. Confident that this was just another false alarm, she went back into the building to get her bag. The bombs fell. Her body was never found - all that remained was one of her shoes and to this day she wanders the building looking for her handbag...

31st Mar 2004, 22:20
I thought the Most Haunted episode at the disused airfield was one of the best.
I had heard about the haunted aircraft at Cosford, but haven't heard any similar tales about Duxford.
Another supposed haunted airfield is up in the North East, cant remember which one though, is it Newcastle ?

Little Blue
31st Mar 2004, 23:58
Love watching Most Haunted, especially when my wife, who has a "6th sense", apparantly, tells me what is going to happen next, which is a bit bizarre when the shows aren't repeats.. !!
Anyway, I digress !!!
Like ratsarrse, the building that I work in is also, reputedly, haunted....Big stately home in the middle of a deer park, only 7 people int the building at night, and can be bloody spooky.
S'funny how some nights I can walk thru reception and not feel a thing, and yet other nights, I sense someone watching me...the hairs on me arm stand up....then again, not on me head, cos I ain;t got any up there !!
Some of the security guards refuse to walk along the top floor after doors have been seeing opening and closing for no reason !!
Would love to get Most Haunted down here....if only to get me mug on the telly !!

1st Apr 2004, 08:25
Try a google on:
Lindholme Willy

(NB It is not an affliction)

1st Apr 2004, 12:44
Gainesey there was I thinking RAF Lindholme would be a grand place for a Proon Does Most Haunted when I read to the end of the link and found that the spirit has been "sent into the light" and hasn't been seen for years. Darn! That would have been a perfect venue - we could have researched the info the spirit was needing and perhaps been able to interact!

Oh well! I think Flower has a winning idea and think it would be fun for a bunch of us to do the Most Haunted thing. We would, however, IMHO need a genuine spiritual medium or someone of that ilk with us - after all, lurking where spirits are known to roam is not always a safe thing to do! Other issue is do we just book a weekend away at a haunted b&b/inn/hotel and liaise with the management re staying up all night etc OR do we find an airfield (with basic facilities) and get permission to camp near/in hangars and fend for ourselves food-wise etc :ok:

Ralph the Bong
1st Apr 2004, 13:35
Want to see a really spooky airport? Try Tansonnaht (Siagon). Plenty of ghosts there. Especially around the old hangers which were used to store GI bodies before being shipped home.

1st Apr 2004, 13:40
When I got married and started living in our first home I felt when having a bath that there was always someone in the room with me.It was a large bathroom and always felt that what ever it was it was behind me.My wife, relatives,friends who stayed over night never sensed anything at all.They all laughed at me and told me not to be so silly.There's no such thing as a ghost.Well it felt real to me and indeed it was a bit spooky,but not in a threatening way.One day 10 years after we had bought our house I happened to mentioned it to a lady in the Bowling club.This person turned out to be an old friend of Mrs Howsen the lady who had owned the house from new in 1909.She then informed me that Mrs Howsons fathered had died after falling out of his bedroom window in 1932.His bedroom had been converted into our bathroom.Strange but true.A pity it wasn't her 18 year old daughter but she never had kids.

1st Apr 2004, 14:54
Brocken, its v.easy to arrange an overnight stay at Lindholme, as it is now a prison.

Try the old RAF Middleton St George Officers Mess which is now a hotel at Teesside Airport. Supposedly haunted by a pilot who crshed his Meteor into his own room. (Thoughful chap, saved clearing his effects out).

Don't believe in spooks, personaly.

2nd Apr 2004, 20:23
Brockenspectre ,
maybe we should post something on the bashes forum then to see who would be up for a ghost watch.
I'm certain that Cosford do allow them, however maybe others have some ideas as to where we may go, and does anyone know a good medium ?

Han Special
3rd Apr 2004, 15:08
A colleague of mine once stayed at this hotel and swears someone was sitting on his bed,he could feel the weight.no-one was there.I have stayed there too but saw nothing.He wouldn't lie though.

Have some neighbours who saw there dog in the house the day after it had been put down.They also see other ghosts in the house,they tell me.again,they wouldn't lie to me.

Either I have lots of cuckoo friends or there are ghosts.

I once slept in a hotel room where the window shutters were banging all night.was so tired I couldn't be bothered to get up to close the window fully.When I woke up and went to the loo,I went to close them and the windows were shut.I later found out the room was supposed to be haunted by a woman who jumped from the window in the 16th century.if i was hallucinating I haven't done before or since.dont know if it was a ghost but cannot explain it.