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The Guvnor
16th Nov 2001, 15:07
From today's Scotsman:

Executive wastes money, says Go
Iain Dey

NO-FRILLS airline Go pointed the finger at the Scottish executive yesterday, cheekily claiming that £250,000 of taxpayers’ money was being wasted on travel every year.

The airline, which used to be part of British Airways, said ministers and officials were passing up huge savings by failing to use low-fares carriers for regular travel, and opting for traditional, all-in airlines instead.

Go’s Scottish manager, Yvonne Work, said: "On the basis of the month from 11 September and assuming that many of the journeys will be to London we estimate that the difference could be over £20,000 - every month."

She added: "Although the Scottish executive has negotiated special deals with the traditional carriers there is still a huge gap in price."

The cheeky announcement, which came as Jim Wallace faced up to First Minister’s questions, followed a written question from MSP Kenny MacAskill, which asked how many executive ministers and officials had flown with budget carriers since 11 September.

In response, finance minister Angus Mackay was forced to admit that of the 739 flights made in the month following 11 September, only five were with low-cost carriers.

A spokesman for Mackay said yesterday that the out-of-town airports used by budget carriers incurred extra cost and inconvenience and as the fares are generally non-refundable, it did not fit in with the rapidly changing plans of ministers.

Go refuted the claims its routes were inflexible and fares non-refundable, pointing to its "fully flexible fare" option, which Work said "can be changed at no extra cost or hassle and is fully refundable".

But a fully flexible fare is not the £10 each way London-Edinburgh service the airline is currently advertising, but a package costing £135. Work added: "These fares are lower than the government fares negotiated with the traditional carriers."

16th Nov 2001, 20:36

Had a good holiday? We "missed" your threads and posts; thought for a minute you were off to be "King of the other ARF(ghanistan)"

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16th Nov 2001, 23:03
Think how much extra money they could have saved using Scotlands only airline erm.....Caledonian Wings? :D :p :D

17th Nov 2001, 21:22
Think of the money we could have saved if the farce of a Scottish Parliment never existed. How much money has there new building cost now?

Never mind these very important burocrats are worth all their salaries and expenses just to rubber stamp everything that comes out of London.

:) :) :)

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18th Nov 2001, 22:50

There's a L1011 manual for the soon to be official Scottish flag carrier for sale on eBay.
L1011 manual (http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1663842420) :D

19th Nov 2001, 00:00
Hey Pitotheat,
Right on the nose old chap - spot on!
Youre the man!
More postings like his please.


19th Nov 2001, 23:47
Never mind these very important burocrats are worth all their salaries and expenses just to rubber stamp everything that comes out of London.

Lets just stop the rubber stamping. The Tossers in London have only ever ripped us off anyway. Let's declare full independance and keep all our oil money.
Then we won't need to fly at all to London.

The Guvnor
20th Nov 2001, 00:14
Sirwa69 - I'm with you on that one! The lads and lassies from the SNP are ready to roll and we'll declare UDI and get rid of all these Sassenach scroungers.

BTW, I tried your frozen haggisonastick idea and I'm afraid it just doesn't work. Only piping hot haggis does it for me (by sheer coincidence, just finished my supper of haggis, neeps and tatties) - and my dog really goes for the 'skins'! :D :D :D

Any other ideas?

Send Clowns
20th Nov 2001, 01:25
Sirwa, could you please rip me off? I could do with you giving me billions of pounds. :D Could we really get rid of Scotland, than all the to**ers who are leading this country down the drain can go back to the frozen North whence they came.

(And by the way under international law most of the oil is English.)

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20th Nov 2001, 01:55
Billons of pounds? Must've missed that.

Be a good chap then Clowns and send me my share....

Frozen North? :rolleyes: Can't you come up with a more original insult than that ?

So the oil's English then? And where exactly has all the oil money gone ?

Tristar Freak
20th Nov 2001, 02:23
So most of the oil is English is it Send Clowns? That must make most of the oil in the Norwegian sector Belgian then. Next time you look at a map check where 55deg. North is, slightly higher than Watford Gap you'll find.

Tell you what Clown, when or if you get a job at Glasgow College of Nautical Studies, go into a pub in the Gorbals and try using that little line of logical reasoning.
Once you get out of hospital get back to us on what the locals had to say.

This months PPRuNe Award for Biggest Pillock goes to Send Clowns, in fact you might just get the PPRuNe Award and Bar for your contribution to the SFT threads as well.

Send Clowns
20th Nov 2001, 04:41
Frozen north wasn't supposed to be an insult, just a light-hearted description. Nothing wrong with frozen is there? Being linked to Blair, Brown, Cook and company is far more shameful than Scotland deserves. I like the place. Just think it's stupid that a country with more seats in parliament per capita and in which the leaders of our current government as well as the leader of the Lib-Dems originate, and if his name is an indication the leader of the opposition has roots complains about lack of political representation. Then someone whinges about being ripped off by a country that is subsidising his to sums of billions of pounds per annum.

I thought everyone knew that most of the oil would be English. Common knowledge in the oil industry.

And Freak, wait until the outcome of SFT before you throw petty insults. Since in common with almost everyone who made negative posts in that thread you appear to know nothing about the situation, I will continue to take the word of SFT directors and administrators over yours. Is that OK? Or do you think you have better information?

Why is it that anyone can have a crack at England, yet when I try to defend it (note I never attacked Scotland the way England was attacked, I just put up arguments against your attacks) then people get arsy? The Scots I know aren't so pathetic as to mount unjustified attacks on England in the first place. They don't cry into their beer at imagined injustice, but they certainly would defend their point of view with sense rather than attacking the debator.

We in England pay for your "pretendy parliament" (quoting a Scot there!) yet our laws on the issues you parliament controls are decided by the arrogant little sh*ts you send to Westminster. Who has a right to complain here? Who is under-represented?

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20th Nov 2001, 09:01

Stop taking yourself so seriously.
Man you are heading for a heart attack :eek:

Maybe a better name for you would be 'Mr. Angry' :mad:

20th Nov 2001, 09:27

The Haggisonastick reference is not so much a culinary delight but more a subtle reference to my favourite authour Terry Pratchet and my other non de plume CMOT McDibbler.

Tricky getting Haggis out here so it's Stovies tonight, yum yum :)

The Guvnor
20th Nov 2001, 14:34
I'd have thought in a place where sheep's eyes are considered a delicacy, sheep's stomachs stuffed with lamb mince and other bits'n'bobs would have gone down a treat - in pretty much the same way that Pipe bands have in that neck of the woods (especially Jordan and Palestine!) :D :D :D

Perhaps you ought to consider setting up a load of Al'HaggisonaStick fast food joints?

Oh, and Send Clowns Current Activity: METAR: EGPK 200750Z 22008KT 8000 -RA SCT009 BKN030 09/07 Q1023 ... nope, no icing there!

20th Nov 2001, 16:04
EGNT 201020Z 21001KT 9999 FEW025 08/06 Q1023

tony draper
20th Nov 2001, 16:50
Oh bugg*r, they're after Berwick again, send for Cumberland. ;)

21st Nov 2001, 01:53
Hey Send Clowns, Even if the oil was English, which I doubt, the pipelines come ashore in Scotland! :p
Not that I'm suggesting that the Scots tax the 'English' oil, of course :D

tony draper
21st Nov 2001, 02:27
If you Jocks do win your freedom, can you please move the border a tad south and take in us poor Geordies, Draper is half Scotish.
Ever since the Geordie founding fathers landed here, when they fled the sinking of Atlantis, we have never felt right being English.
PS, without us northerner lads to fight for them, militarily those southern fops will be a bust, and you will have no fear of them trying to retake Scotland and our oil. ;)

Send Clowns
21st Nov 2001, 02:45
Sirwa, you might contrast the light-hearted tone of my original post with the tone of the replies! :D :eek:

Indeed, bigears, if the Union split then it would be fair and proper for the jobs to remain in Scotland as well as large parts of the revenue. However, the only advantage I could see to a disasterous (for both countries) split in the Union would be that we would no longer be sending vast tax revenues north. :D

Actually I think this fiscal flow is entirely fair, as it has never made Scotland more prosperous than England so must be needed. Just can't stand Scots nationalists winging all the time, especially about political representation. This government lied that it had redressed the uneven representation - it increased it as Scotland, Wales and NI were already over-represented, and still no answer to the Westlothian Question.

Decent Scots get on with working for the good of the nation, by which I mean the UK, alongside English and neither bear the other ill will.

21st Nov 2001, 13:48
Mr Draper, please dont petition for Geordieland to become part of sweaty sock land, I couldnt bear it, the toon would have to play in that amateur football league that theyve got, and Newcastle is to cold for us blokes to wear skirts, (although the deep fried mars bars sound good.) They can keep the oil, as long as Geordies remain english. Up the toon.