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tony draper
31st Mar 2004, 07:31
Dear Me
"crimes of poverty" the twittering hand wringing luvvies on the media have come up with a new one, we are no longer allowed to call it mugging, burglery, car theft, shop lifting, they are now to be called "Crimes of poverty"


31st Mar 2004, 07:38
If you enjoy the first part of this poem Tony you may like to visit "Poor Magazine Online" for the whole thing and a raft of other neato info for the downtrodden!

Incarcerated for crimes of poverty- thatís being homeless, on welfare and poor in this
capitalist society

Born into poverty
3 generations of poor women
consumed by marginalization
3 generations of women destroyed by subjugation.
3 women Not resisting just existing.

me - child of a mixed race mama
she-orphaned as a child- tortured as a child
she-born of a another tortured woman beaten by a man...
a man who had a plan to use and abuse until there was no more left to have

auntie with no teeth..no soul
lost to dpression and cigarettes
bearing more tortured children more tortured women who did not eat - who did speak
who harm each other and themselves cause there are no more tears to grieve.

these womenís lives