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31st Mar 2004, 05:33
AMSTERDAM - Dutch dog owners can soon throw away their pooper-scoopers and plastic bags and instead walk their furry creatures to their very own toilet.

The developer of a new "doggy toilet", a small fenced-in patch of artificial grass, hopes the self-cleaning device will help rid towns of the mess left behind by man's best friend.

The first toilet is being tested in Zaltbommel, a small town in central Netherlands, but the developer has already been approached by government officials from as far away as London.

"This is only a pilot programme, but we hope to roll out 200 to 300 of these toilets in one year," Hans van de Pos, who has patented the device, told Reuters today.


a is dum
31st Mar 2004, 05:44
In Zaltbommel hein?
Has always been the center of Dutch revolutionary forces.
Ehhh........ and they also have a bridge over the river Bommel and the Bommelleruiterwaarden.
The pilotprogramme is run by the Flying Dutchman club in Zaltbommel.

it all happens here (http://www.internetgemeentegids.nl/asp/gem_index.asp?id=520&provincie=Gelderland)

Did Oliver B.Bommel come from Zaltbommel? :uhoh:

Anthony Carn
31st Mar 2004, 05:53
Dutch dog owners can soon throw away their pooper-scoopers and plastic bags........
UK dog owners never bothered in the first place. :mad:

Sort the problem at source, I say. :E

Cyclic Hotline
31st Mar 2004, 06:04
Yeah, what's wrong with grinding it up under the soles of your shoes and tracking it down the pavement?:yuk:

Been done that way for centuries!

Mind you, if I didn't have to pick up dog5hit, I might even get a dog again! ;)

31st Mar 2004, 07:45
I saw the title of this thread and wondered what sort of job someone had dreamed up for pilots - maybe hauling plastic ones out of Hong Kong - or maybe it was something to do with Michael O'Leary's new employment initiative...

Buster Hyman
31st Mar 2004, 11:11
I think it's 1 day early.


High Wing Drifter
31st Mar 2004, 12:48
We had one of those dog-bogs at the Lewes Priory, by the mini-golf back in...oooh...'76!

31st Mar 2004, 12:53
My first visit to the Netherlands (some 30 years ago) was memorable in that the streets of Utrecht were plastered with yellow signs showing the silhouette of a dog poohing on the pavement.

Underneath the sign was a sign saying 'In de Groot'!!!

a is dum
31st Mar 2004, 14:03
And "In de goot!" means "in the gutter!"

As if (even Dutch) dogs can read.:rolleyes: